Saturday, March 9, 2013

4 dimensions, I count at least five.

The usual definition to 4 dimensions is x,y,z plus time. I find this to be a little limiting.

I am changing the word dimension to tier. Tier works just as well if not better, thanks to the reader for the help. You are correct in the word dimension has a specific definition and it would be better to use another word to define the levels involved in this model. Thanks.

Each tier must have that many independent tools

1 tier: 1) Numbers: Number is the rule of data. A data object is defined by a Real Number or asymptote.

2 tier: A Dark Energy is the area where numbers transform. 1) Size of data. 2) Rules of transformations. A Dark Energy Ruleset.

3 tier: Space x,y,z but not motion or objects. Also can be defined as Dark Energy as a whole universe.

4 tier  Time is object in motion through Space. Rules of 1) Baryonic Matter and  Dark Matter are defined here. The rules of motion by 2) Baryonic Matter and Dark Matter through Dark Energy are defined here.

These rules begin the basic rules of chemistry. I would call The Corialis Effect, The Zeeman Effect, The Electron are tools which fit into the catagory of the rules of Baryonic Matter in motion.

5 tier: Consciousness is the collection of objects at the same time.
This tier ncorperates 1) cooperation, 2) neural networks, 3) randomization, 4) intelligence and memory and 5) organic chemistry.
Some objects learn to cooperate to survive, others to strive.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be confusing definitions of "dimension".

You are free to claim that consciousness is a "dimension" in so much as consciousness is an aspect of reality or being or what have you. But that's a completely different use of the word than saying that x, y, z, and t form an independent basis for parameterizing space-time.

I think it would be helpful to avoid mixing the two usages of the term, and avoid using "dimension" in the non-technical sense.

Aaron said...

Thank you for reading and commenting on my work.

This is a bottom up look at the dimensions needed to have an information/vibration based system.

For example in order to have a two dimensional data structure and rules, the first dimension of numbers must be defined.

This is the definition of Dark Energy as described in the paper The Structure of Dark Energy. It is located on the right panel of the blog.

Thanks again.
Aaron Guerami

Anonymous said...

I sort of understand what you're doing there, but using the word "dimension" in that context is inviting confusion.

Sure, a raw number is mathematically one dimensional (assuming you mean Reals, of course). But that does not make data structures two dimensional mathematically. The technical dimensionality of a data structure, and even a "number", can vary quite a bit.

Maybe use the word "layer" or "tier" or some such? Numbers can be layer 1 in your model, structures layer 2, etc. Not sure. Whatever you use, you'd be wise to separate mathematical dimensions from conceptual "dimensions", and the model you're building confuses the two.

Aaron Guerami said...

I agree the 5th dimension does not exist in this model. Things like consciousness can be modeled with electricity and organic biology.

So this model only requires 3 Dimensions over time. Time is regulated by bosonic interactions.