Friday, January 16, 2009

Harmonic Vibrations in Dark Energy

I have been asking myself about the nature of Dark Energy. How is energy/data transferred through a Dark Energy space? How does a photon's vibration data change over time? What happens if a Dark Energy space is occupied by another boson? What shape would be required to transfer information? Does the gluon preform the necessary calculations or does the Dark Energy preform these calculations?

This model's axiom is that Dark Energy is a computational engine.

Each Dark Energy space is called a Ruleset.

Each Ruleset can only be occupied by one Boson at a time. (almost)
:A Photon cannot enter a Ruleset that is occupied by any other Boson (except Z Boson).
:Whereas, the W Boson can move a Photon wave, 2 antispin-Gluon harmony(Dark Matter), or a Z Boson out of a Ruleset.
:Gluons absorb W Bosons and Z Bosons in a 3 Gluon harmony (Baryon).
:Gluons are repelled by a W Boson in a 2 antispin-Gluon harmony (Dark Matter).
:A Ruleset can be void of data.

The Ruleset is rigid and does not interact with its neighbor. A Ruleset is a cube of 3 dimensional space and a counter. Each Space is defined by the rules of the data of its Boson. A Ruleset domain is exactly the width of one Boson.

A Ruleset is a computational engine in that it adds one unit to the counter and removes one unit from the Boson's data. The Ruleset also maintains information on direction of the boson.

Table of information
Boson.| Gluon....| W Boson..| Z Boson..| Photon
info.....| Color.....| Current.....|Charge.......| Frequency
info.....| Charge..| Charge......|Electron data..| Wave Length
info.....| Width....| Voltage.....|Photon data...| Temperature

The Boson dissipates at a greater rate if it breaks the rules of the Ruleset. This is disharmony. Disharmony occurs in a particle accelerator (vibration accelerators).

addendum 5/30/09
I made a mistake in my axioms. I presumed that charge was necessary to convert electrical data. Charge is not intensity.

Table of information
Boson.| Gluon....| W Boson..| Z Boson..| Photon
info.....| Color.....| Current.....|Current.......| Frequency
info.....| Voltage..| Charge......|Electron data..| Wave Length
info.....| Length....| Voltage.....|Photon data...| Temperature

There that is better. Why the change? Current is the intensity of the vibration. Voltage is the strength of the emitter.