Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Discrepencies in symmetry

This post is in response to US/LHC Blog.

"A particle is a particle is a particle!" This is not true.
1)The electron is not in the same place at any different time.
2)The fields emanating from a vibration is always different.
3) the Baryon's spin causes differences at each time.
Thus a particle is not a particle is not a particle!
This idea stems from the religion of the Higg's Boson. Marketed as the God particle with this belief The universe is perfect and perfect requires god. God makes particles using the Higg's Boson. Here is an example of belief in cosmology.

It is not possible for any object to be symmetrical. Let me repeat that, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ANY OBJECT TO BE SYMMETRICAL!!! No object can be a sphere. Circles are two dimensional, thus cannot exist in nature. Most importantly, no object can be a sphere.

GOCE has produced data that shows the southern half of the Earth is concave in the Atlantic, Indian and Arctic oceans. This area is not convex which is required for a sphere.
This is the link to ESA/GOCE. This has a video showing the Earth's density in specific detail. This video shows the spinning planet is not a sphere. It has different densities at different latitudes and longitudes. The spinning Earth is so deformed it changes the spacecraft orbit.

I will continue this thought later. I have had a seizure and need to sleep. 12:30p

During my recovery today I had visualizations that will help add to this evaluation of symmetry.

Not only does the planet suffer from asymmetry, but our brains use asymmetry. A neural network is an error correction system. It optimizes information through error correction.

It is not possible for sub atomic vibrations to show symmetry. Asymmetry is a requirement for a baryon's existence. It has proven difficult for scientist to produce symmetrical molecules. The reason for this difficulty is a baryon is composed of three vibrating Gluons.

Two gluons meet to form a quark. This intertwining of gluons allow for storage of information. Kind of like RAM.

Although I will not quit using 8π in calculations this is only because we don't have a suitable replacement yet. An example is the photon radiation of the Sun. If evaluated by wavelength then U(λ,T)= (8πhc/λ^5)*(1/e^(hc/λT)-1) cannot account for changes on the surface of the Sun; Sun spots, solar flares...

This article shows Neutrino oscillation. This oscillation shows vibration in sub atomic particles. Oscillation is by default not symmetrical.