Thursday, September 10, 2015

Second Axiom of the Standard Vibration Model: Matter

There is one type of vibration that has been found in the supercolliders that is all types of Matter. The Gluon.

Object Definitions
1: The Gluon is a data structure.
1a. When the Gluon holds Null data this is Dark Matter.
1b. When the Gluon vibrates nuclear data this is Baryonic Matter.

2. In Stasis. (Only for simplicity of understanding geometry) Three Glouns forms a triangle. We have the basis of trigonometry. Where the Gluons connect the excess length of Gluons are Quarks, balled up as unused length of Gluons. Quarks hold Null data.

2a. Rotation. 3 Gluons in rotation form a Baryon. Immediately we have advanced trigonometry. The Gluon rotation forms a cone.
2a1. Almost all Baryons rotate left, while a rare unstable version rotates right. This is found as Antimatter.

2b. Neutrinos support the 3 Gluon shape.
2b1. Tau. Tau connects 2 Gluons together at each of the three angles. This is a ring magnet. It increases or decreases the length of Gluons based on received information. Tau also maintains the vibration and rotation  of the Glouns.
2b2. Muon. The Muon is a bowl magnet on the opposite Gluon that emits the Baryon's W+/- Boson (Magnetism).
2b3. Electron: The Electron is the Input/Output device for the Baryon. The Electron is responsible for emitting the oscillators and returning information from oscillators through the Z Boson to the Gluons. The Electron is a Membrane magnet.

2c. The Oscillators:
2c1. The Photon. The Photon is a lateral vibration that transmits heat, spectra, frequency, wavelength, distance traveled.
2c2. The Phonon. The is the acoustic preload vibration of the Photon. Its the vibration let off longitudinally while the photon is being loaded into the Electron from the Z Boson.
2c3. The Magnon. The Magnon is the electromagnetic vibration that vibrates longitudinally while the Electron releases the lateral vibration Photon.

2d: The Bosons.
2d1. The Bosons are Emitted by the Gluon rotation.
2d2. W+/- is magnetism. It has a torus shape from the Muon to the Electron.
2d3. The Z Boson is electricity. The Z Boson is induced by the W+/- Boson to communicate information from other Baryon's vibrations. The geometry is that of a Birkeland current.

From 1 object Gluon, we now have derived all the forces and fields.
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