Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The path a Z Boson takes through a Baryon

The baryon needs to communicate a bit of information to itself that it received from it's electron. Then it needs to change itself based on that information. Then it needs to express its new self.

That is the simple logic.

A gluon is a string of tori. Each torus is connected to the next by a neutrino. I know, I have belittled the poor neutrino. Now I need three different types. The neutrino is the glue of the gluon. I will explain this later.

Again, a gluon is a string of tori.
A torus is a doughnut shape. A string of tori has a tube down the center. This is where the Z Boson continues throughout the baryon. It changes each torus and receives information from each torus.

"R and r are also known as the "major radius" and "minor radius"[1]

Back to those Neutrinos. In an UUD Baryon the Electron Neutrino wraps the two Up gluons like a ring. If the length of the gluons change, the Electron Neutrino maintains that only one torus of each gluon exits at a time. The Electron Neutrino is the gate between the Z boson and the gluon. Now the Z Boson is inside the Gluon. It probably travels in through one Up Gluon and through the down Gluon and out the other Up Gluon. From there the Z Boson travels to the Electron.

Now for the Tau Neutrino. This is where the W+/- Boson exits the Down Gluon at it's midpoint.

The Muon Neutrino connects each torus together.

This provides the conduit for information to transfer and change itself. The baryon will change its density, conductivity, capacitance, and rotation. Then it will express that information.