Friday, July 25, 2008

Dark Energy: a second try

Each bit of Dark Energy is rigid and consistent along with its neighbor as per Carroll. Every bit of Dark Energy is mass less, has no spin, and no charge. It only has state.

That state is always on. This proves existence. If this bit is off then no existence.

When the Dark Energy state is on, then the bit can store information as vibrations.

The Dark Energy has at least 4 dimensions within it's state. There are 3 spacial dimensions and 1 time dimension.

The other really interesting thing about Dark Energy is that it communicates information to its neighbor. This this the transfer of force information. This happens regardless of time or space.

The Dark Energy can have information on multiple vibrations in its domain or entering and leaving its domain. Though it follows the Pauli exclusion principle, no two identical fermions can occupy the domain.

Dark Energy is analog.

The purpose of the Dark Energy is to store, process, and communicate information onto and about the vibrations within it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dark Energy : Vacuum Energy

In the posting 'Introduction to new classifications of particles', I incorrectly described the Void as a particle. It does not have mass, just energy.

What I had described as the Void Particle was better described by Carroll as Dark Energy. He describes this as Vacuum Energy. Vacuum energy is Smoothly Distributed through the universe. It has Constant Density, being that it is not diluted by expansion in space/time. He also describes it as invisible to ordinary matter.

I would like to describe Dark/Vacuum Energy as above and to have no mass, no charge, no spin; just state. The Dark Energy reacts to all particles and energies through the state property which HOLDS information on the vibrations in the position at the time and the forces acting upon the vibration.

Dark Matter Impulse Engine : SciFi

So, if I had the opportunity to build this I would.

A space craft that could under thrust pierce the dark matter, could use magnetism to work like an impulse. A magnetic field could trap dark matter in a conic shape. It could be forced through a chamber by changing the magnetic field and exit as thrust. Dark matter has mass so this could work???