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Introduction to new classifications of particles.


This chapter gives a brief introduction to the Standard Model v2008. Each particle will be defined and each inferred relationship will be introduced.

Baryonic matter: Has mass, charge, state, spin/vibration
Non-baryonic Dark matter: has mass, state, anti-spin, charge adverse.
Non-baryonic Memes matter: (all the bosons, information)
Non-baryonic Dark Energy: Has no mass, no charge, and no spin; just state.

Dark Matter reacts to Baryons through charge causing the effect called magnetism. (addendum(11,1,08): It is easy to explain Dark Matter particles as massive, non-spining, chargeless particles that are connected in chains by gluons. The gluons read the magnetic properties and bend to the pressure described by the W boson.)

Memes Matter reacts to Baryons through efficient energy processing. Dark Energy holds Dark matter, Memes matter and Baryonic matter as an information system.

I developed these concepts while trying to explain certain phenomena. I have been working on various forms of this for the last 30 years.

Baryonic matter is everybody's favorite. It is ice cream, it is people, it is rock, it is well everything that we refer to as matter. Baryonic Matter has a specific definition. Simply, it all matter that has some form of Baryons. That cleared it up. Baryons are made of 3 quarks. Baryons are all things that have heavy mass. Anything that has a proton or a neutron has Baryons.

There are some excellent pages on WIKI that helped me understand this.

List of Baryons

Definition of Baryons

Its almost easier to define what does not have Baryons in its composition in the pantheon of sub-atomic particles . The electron, photon, and neutrinos. There may be more but that's not relevant now.

So what were the problems that made me think of this.

The electron causes the most problems. That little electron has been the bane of many physicist. It has mass, but it is not used in some calculations because its really, really small or not there at all. Even worse, you cannot predict its position or direction at any given time.

Where is the graviton? We have yet to really describe gravity. Why is there no graviton? In a previous post here I have described some of the issue I have with the moon. Also on this blog are some wonderful pic of galaxies that are being pulled apart by something that is not Baryonic matter.

Why do Natural Neural Networks form? What causes organic chemistry? Why is it that when Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen are placed together they form a mixture? But if you shock that mixture, you get protein chains. Memes as a particle describe this process.

Why is there a vacuum in space? This is weird. How does a particle re-fill the vacuum? Why is a Vacuum so important? It shows that there is an on/off. This is called state. When the vacuum is state off there is no information in that vacuum. When the vacuum state is on there is information in that vacuum.

I can understand the need for electrons and proton, but what about that neutron.
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