Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why is it that comets have two tails?

I reserve the right to add pictures and content to support this concept.

One is a debris tail.
The other is a magnetic tail.

The debris tail is really a trail of ejecta from the comet that is not as dense as the primary body.

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Debris Tail
Magnetic Tail

Next I will add the Bow shock drawing.
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But the most important debris is the Bow-shock created by the motion through ' empty space". The Bow-shock is creating through interaction hydrogen and other simple elements and Dark Matter medium. 

I would suspect the bow-shock begins at the edge of the magnetosphere of the comet. I do remember a discussion that there is more material ejecta then the object can support. This would mean that the interaction with the Dark Matter medium creates Baryonic Matter.

And I think this is another example that Peter Duffet Smith was correct in suggesting the Moon follows the Earth (pg 139). 

I will spend some time setting up this problem. This will show that debris is ejected from an object in an elliptical orbit that follows the bow shock orbits the original object until other forces act upon it. I can say Newton made another mistake by placing the sun on a focus of the ellipse. 

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