Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dimensional requirments and solutions forming the Standard Vibration Model

Every model has its basis proof. It is the basis in which the medium in which it operates.

Dark Energy Dimenaional Analysis:
1) In the first dimension there is only information.
1a) All Real Numbers from -1 to 1
1b) Includung all Rational, Irrational, Zero, and Null.
2) The second dimension is derived.
2a) Functions
2aa)There are only two root functions. All other functions are a manipulation of these two functions.
2aaa) addition
2aab) inverse
2b) Structures : The inverse of the concept of a number is a structure.
2ba) An individual strcucture is a boson.
2baa) Energy is transformed by boson to boson interaction.
2bab) Structures that loose their form, dissipate their information quickly.
3) The 3rd dimension is derived from the rules of the second dimension : Energy.
3a) Transform of information : Time
3aa) Interesting feature is that this concept removes uncertainty issues. Now a location in space can sum all the functions affecting a Dark Energy Ruleset at that point.
3b) Location Information : A location in space
3c) Result

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hydrogen and Helium

Hydrogen looks like elliptical galaxies. Helium looks like a spiral galaxies. Lithium looks like and reacts like an open cluster. Berylilium is similar to a closed cluster.

I know that is not scientific, nor poetic. But heah, I can be allowed some fuzzy logic poetic license in seeing the macro universe.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dark Matter holds no information

We have seen fantastic pictures of magnetic(gravitational) lensing.

My wonder would be to compare each pic from spacecraft at 10au in a polar orbit of the sun. What effects would the spacecraft position have on the information received over time?

In this model Dark Matter are gluons with null information. When Dark Matter interacts with W+/- bosons it starts to rotate, attract, and repel. Starting the process of Baryonic Density Matter.

It would also show how the Heliosphere interacts with Dark Matter, showing different views of interesting objects.

In thinking about replacing NASA jobs factories can be set through out the states. The requirements for the mission are being finalized.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am watching these videos.

This is here to remind myself where I am in the process.
I want to thank Rein Reinkort from Estonia. He has posed a problem that has helped extend my ideas on the purpose of neutrinos.

New Revolutions in Particle Physics: Basic Concepts

Friday, September 23, 2011

CERN webcast shows the speed of light is not a barrier

The OPERA experiment, which observes a neutrino beam from CERN 730 km away at Italy's INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory, will present new results in a seminar at CERN this afternoon at 16:00 CEST. The seminar will be webcast. Journalists wishing to ask questions may do so via twitter using the hash tag #nuquestions, or via the usual CERN communication channels.

This supports the Standard Vibration Model by showing that sub-atomic vibrations can and must vibrate past C. By showing different vibrations have a directional rate of x, we must consider the type of vibration, the information stored, the medium the vibration is travelling through and the impact of other vibrations upon the vibration.

This model needs the neutrino to exceed the speed of light to maintian the strength and integrity of the baryon and its relevent bosons. ------- Other articles of interest on this. Success or failure, for Einstein its all relative.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The loss of Michael Hart is very personal. The project he started really was the only real library I had available to me.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The path a Z Boson takes through a Baryon

The baryon needs to communicate a bit of information to itself that it received from it's electron. Then it needs to change itself based on that information. Then it needs to express its new self.

That is the simple logic.

A gluon is a string of tori. Each torus is connected to the next by a neutrino. I know, I have belittled the poor neutrino. Now I need three different types. The neutrino is the glue of the gluon. I will explain this later.

Again, a gluon is a string of tori.
A torus is a doughnut shape. A string of tori has a tube down the center. This is where the Z Boson continues throughout the baryon. It changes each torus and receives information from each torus.

"R and r are also known as the "major radius" and "minor radius"[1]

Back to those Neutrinos. In an UUD Baryon the Electron Neutrino wraps the two Up gluons like a ring. If the length of the gluons change, the Electron Neutrino maintains that only one torus of each gluon exits at a time. The Electron Neutrino is the gate between the Z boson and the gluon. Now the Z Boson is inside the Gluon. It probably travels in through one Up Gluon and through the down Gluon and out the other Up Gluon. From there the Z Boson travels to the Electron.

Now for the Tau Neutrino. This is where the W+/- Boson exits the Down Gluon at it's midpoint.

The Muon Neutrino connects each torus together.

This provides the conduit for information to transfer and change itself. The baryon will change its density, conductivity, capacitance, and rotation. Then it will express that information.

Friday, August 26, 2011

End of Higgs strengthens my resolve.

Posted on the Nature website.
"Higgs signal sinks from view."

This requires the model to maintain the observations and discoveries made at the labs. In my view there needs to be a reexamination of what is known and how they interact.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Errors, friction, three dimensions count in physics.

This article was written by Brian Palmer

I will add to this when I feel better.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fine structure in solar weather


This article was posted on Red Orbit

I am glad to see detail to yours and my models. Nice image.

This video shows the spiral nature of the solar weather.

This process is called the Parker Spiral

Credit Wikipedia


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Object oriented physics.

I know it sounds a bit weird. But the general structure of the universe described by the Standard Vibration model is that of an object oriented programming language like C++.

The Bosons are 3d data structures of differing types. Proceedures and functions are how Bosons interact. Chemistry shows inheritance and parent-child relationships.

I describe information interaction in the posting draft problem 2

This model has to have a computational feel since it does use electro-magnetism to transmit and manipulate information.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Curosity, Hawkins

I have always been intrigued by the models generated by Professor Hawkins. Be it his genius or his overcoming his disability. Whenever I see him or hear the voice systhesis, I stop everything.

But this latest program called "Curosity", really does nothing to improve curosity and really just clutters the models.

1) The universe is not symmetrical or equal.
2) dividing by zero causes an asymptote.
3) Trigonometry is the basis of matter.
4) Gravity is a failure... Why, Helium balloons.

Many more are listed throughout this blog.

It almost feel as if you took Pope John Paul II advise.

Aaron Guerami

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Perception of a dimension is not REAL

This came to me from a Fermilab Today Newsletter. Dated 07-22-2011.
"Stricter bounds on extra dimensions

What looks like a one-dimensional world to a large creature might actually be two-dimensional at smaller scales.
One of the goals of the LHC is to search for evidence of extra dimensions— spatial directions such as length, breadth and height, but curled or curved in a way that hides their existence in everyday life. In a recent paper, CMS scientists presented new bounds on such a scenario.

Extra dimensions could hide from our perception by curling into tiny loops. A particle that drifts a microscopic distance in this new direction would circumnavigate the loop and arrive at its starting point almost immediately. The universe might have several microscopic dimensions in addition to the three large dimensions that we know well.

Collisions in the LHC could reveal new dimensions by creating particles that are small enough to fit inside them. High-energy colliders are often called microscopes because the energetic particles they make fill less space than low-energy particles, which allows them to probe the smallest structures in nature. If extra dimensions exist, then some energy would seem to disappear from view as particles traverse the tiny loops. In the CMS detector, this would look like an energy imbalance in the highest-energy collisions.

In this analysis, the scientists studied collisions resulting in a large energy imbalance. Their observations are consistent with the conventional three dimensions, so if a fourth, fifth or sixth dimension does exist, then it must be curled up even smaller than previously hypothesized. For example, if there are six new dimensions, then they can be no larger than about 20 femtometers, which is as small as an atomic nucleus. This is two times smaller than what was previously considered.

In a nice feat of recycling, the same experimental measurement applies to a completely different theory. Hypothetical particles without a well-defined mass, called unparticles, would produce similar patterns in the collision debris. Wasting not, the authors tightened the world's knowledge about unparticles as well."

—XXX Xxxxxxxx

In the Standard Vibration Model, there are only 3 dimensions. Time is managed by the individual Bosons using counters, be it waves or rotations. This time counter for each boson shows change when interacting with other bosons

Let's look at the anaology presented above. The chameleon obviously lives in 3d. It can move in x,y,z directions. It can jump, duck, go right or left, and forward and back; x,y,z.

Let's look at the ant. The ant in this model lives in a 2d world; x,y. This is absurd! I have seen ants crawl up my leg to bite me. So even the ant lives in 3d. A smart and lucky ant would see the predator and try to flee.

Even at the microscopic level animals that are on a slide move in 3d. Why? Because there is enough water between the two plates of glass to provide a space to move.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Students can participate in real time solar weather study

NASA and The Stanford Solar Center have produced a inexpensive tool for people to watch solar weather.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Star Forming Density

This is an interesting article by Jon Voisey called Star Forming Density - How Low Can You Go?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Very Large cracks found around the earth.

The earth is cracking
In the Standard Vibration Model, this effect is caused by the magnetosphere compression by CMEs.

These crack occur outside the earthquake epicenter, but they occur at the same time in different locations on the planet. Although most of the discharge of Z Bosons occurs at the epicenter, these cracks form when the magnetosphere releases the compression on the earth.

Friday, June 10, 2011

NASA finds magnetic bubbles at the edge of our solar system

Yeah, Vouager.

I could never praise the Voyager teams enough. The pictures from these marvels of technology made me want to see more. I wanted to understand.

Thanks for keeping those spacecraft going. They are responsible for ever more and more discoveries.

I have some questions, but I need some time to formulate them.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Transverse and longitudinal Zeeman Effect

These are some short Youtube videos on the Zeeman Effect.

That was interesting. This group shows their equipment and their longitudinal line split.

Now the transverse observations of the Zeeman effect.
Video 1
Video 2 With polarization.

These videos verify the rotational aspect of the photon and its interactions predicted and described in this Standard Vibration Model.

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Thinking in Treatment of Epilepsy

External stimulation treatment.

I found this on the MIT daily newsletter. It is nice to see neurologist across the nation using E/M externally to start new theories of treatment.

I would also think a Faraday Cage helmet where the magnetic field variations are pushed around the head, allowing for a more controlled enviornment. Yet far enough away from the treatment electrodes to allow a shielding around the mobile patient.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Distribution of Spiral galaxies

How typical are the satellites of the Milky Way? from Risa Wechsler on Vimeo.

Galaxies in Real and Simulated Universes from Risa Wechsler on Vimeo.

Formation of the Milky Way and its Neighbors from Risa Wechsler on Vimeo.

Credit NSF, SDSS

Excellent work in modeling then comparing to real data.

I need to add that ^CDM is a model of cosmology that stands on its own. Its use of gravity is a major difference. But I am glad to see major work on dark matter densities.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gamma Ray Bursts

This story comes from

The author Steve Nerlich states,
"Gamma ray bursts an artifact of the mathematics of General Relativity".

This is a direct failure of GR. It cannot understand or account for energy being released from what it deems the basis of it's model. GR ans SR are a derivitive of Gravity in two dimensions. With this issue GR and SR are not capable of describing energy as expressed as spectra, electricity, magnetism, or density. So the need to create theoretical nonsense to fix the math. If a model of physics includes; time travel, white holes, Black holes... then it needs to be reexamined.

The Einsteinians need to know that it is the elecrodynamics world which can account for these Gamma Rays. Thay are created in many labs throught the world.

It is from these labs that observation is destroying known theory.

The Standard Vibration Model expresses information from one baryon to another. This is the major difference between most models and this one. This model uses known observation to explain even minute issues like

Thursday, May 19, 2011

On CME effects on tectonic plates

When The STEREO and other spacecraft evlauating solar flares and other properties of the sun. We see the CMEs rupture and eject charged bits of information about the Sun's local inormation. It is known that these charged bits of information take several days to reach the Earth's Magnetosphere. It is known these impacts deform the magnetosphere during these events.

I was watching the Science Channel (Predicting Monster Earthquakes). A show on earthquakes. What was of great interest to me was the Dr. Freedom and Dr. Frund placed stone under extreme pressure was capable of storing large amounts of current under load.

Another thing I notice is the USGS always reports a depth of the earthquake. I evaluate this depth as the point current exceeds capacitance. The depth point of grounding is the electric discharge. Since the grounding current exceeds the capacitance a rupture occurs.

The Standard Vibration Model describes this event as a Z boson loop fracture. Charged bits of information is hurled perpendicular from the ex-loop towards the Earth. More exacting: towards the position the Earth will be in, during the time of impact. Those bits of information hit the magnetosphere. The Earth grounds the over-capactance of the magnetosphere to an appropriate capacitator and ruptures.

Jupiter sized planets floating in space without a star


Most interesting

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plasma bubbles feeds Coronal Mass Ejections.

This is another amazing picture of the Sun.

I found it at

Credit: Japan's Hinode Spacecraft, Lockheed Martin

Thursday, May 12, 2011

PME Porous Equation Model

The Porous Equation Model is a great read.

I am easily enjoying the standards of mathematical rigor and the simplicity in which the concepts are layed out and described. This will prove quite useful in this model. Thanks to the author and all the people who developed the concepts and applications found in this book.

Many thanks
Aaron Guerami

Thursday, May 5, 2011

So NASA proves Einstein was correct, hpppppt

Credit NASA



So the 3-d field cannot equal ever a vector * a scalar did not disturb you.

Let's Quote the press release.
"The experiment, launched in 2004, used four ultra-precise gyroscopes to measure the hypothesized geodetic effect, the warping of space and time around a gravitational body, and frame-dragging, the amount a spinning object pulls space and time with it as it rotates.

GP-B determined both effects with unprecedented precision by pointing at a single star, IM Pegasi, while in a polar orbit around Earth. If gravity did not affect space and time, GP-B's gyroscopes would point in the same direction forever while in orbit. But in confirmation of Einstein's theories, the gyroscopes experienced measurable, minute changes in the direction of their spin, while Earth's gravity pulled at them.

[Let's start here. A gyroscope will feel any effect from any boson. So if a star is near by and rotating. Then you will have a minute changes. The W+/- boson has attractive properties and repulsive properties. This would allow for minute change in angular velocity. The light changes notices can be attreibuted to the Zeeman Effect.]

The findings are online in the journal Physical Review Letters.

"Imagine the Earth as if it were immersed in honey. [ Really Honey, the earth has a rotating ionic atmosphere.] As the planet rotates, the honey around it would swirl, and it's the same with space and time," said Francis Everitt, GP-B principal investigator at Stanford University. "GP-B confirmed two of the most profound predictions of Einstein's universe, having far-reaching implications across astrophysics research. Likewise, the decades of technological innovation behind the mission will have a lasting legacy on Earth and in space." GP-B is one of the longest running projects in NASA history, with agency involvement starting in the fall of 1963 with initial funding to develop a relativity gyroscope experiment. Subsequent decades of development led to groundbreaking technologies to control environmental disturbances on spacecraft, such as aerodynamic drag, magnetic fields and thermal variations. The mission's star tracker and gyroscopes were the most precise ever designed and produced. GP-B completed its data collection operations and was decommissioned in December 2010. "The mission results will have a long-term impact on the work of theoretical physicists," said Bill Danchi, senior astrophysicist and program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Every future challenge to Einstein's theories of general relativity will have to seek more precise measurements than the remarkable work GP-B accomplished." Innovations enabled by GP-B have been used in GPS technologies that allow airplanes to land unaided. Additional GP-B technologies were applied to NASA's Cosmic Background Explorer mission, which accurately determined the universe's background radiation. That measurement is the underpinning of the big-bang theory, and led to the Nobel Prize for NASA physicist John Mather. The drag-free satellite concept pioneered by GP-B made a number of Earth-observing satellites possible, including NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment and the European Space Agency's Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer. These satellites provide the most precise measurements of the shape of the Earth, critical for precise navigation on land and sea, and understanding the relationship between ocean circulation and climate patterns. GP-B also advanced the frontiers of knowledge and provided a practical training ground for 100 doctoral students.

[I am not dismissing the experimental physics. I am pissed that the theorist did not extend their data to other models. Is this failure the last thing NASA wants to be known for?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tesla's radioactive decay.

This is a great article on the sun's effect on radioactive decay. Credit:ZPenergy

This model falls under the third model of aether described in that article.

Oh yeah, That Tesla guy keeps getting proved correct.


changes in density?

Great article from Cosmos.

It is going to take some time to recover from the last set. I will continue my writting of mathematics of bosons within dark energy rulesets. Future postings will try to keep me on that tract for you and me.

Must be hard to read about observational reality throught rose colored glasses.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Large charge in atmosphere?

Over the last couple of days I have been experiensing general pressure/ charge throughout my body. This associated with a very light blue to white unshielded CRT. This makes me think I am going to have a massive seizure today. I have had them all week. I think we are building in charge. I think we are building to another large earthquake.

I need to check space weather for CMEs. But right now I am exhausted. This need not happen. I also need to start measuring the duration of my seizures.

0625 est
0628 end

Goinh to sleep.

Panama 08:19 loc 6.1

Monday, April 25, 2011

Theories of everything

On top of all the natural physics. The requirements of a 'Theory of Everything' should be its ability to predict and explain how thought can manipulate bosons from large observed, manmade structures, to natural pheonemea? Why is math needed. How is information manipulated.
You think. That exists.

This very long blog does that.

Aaron Guerami

So that means from boson to thought. Boson to fields...
This model needs to include dark matter and dark energy. But not in an Einstein solution. Flat universe. What a joke.


At 7:03est I was thrown from my bed
At 14:00est I was capable of communication. At a resturant.
I think there was an earthquake.
It was a bad day.
6.2 Sulawesi.

~20:00 est seizure. Tonga maybe. It was not as strong and I went to bed.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Star Formation Linked to Sonic Booms

credit ESA :

Great picture of densities crashing into each other creating stronger heat, magnetism, electricity, and density fields in the process.

Star Formation through known processes

Friday, April 15, 2011

Heliosphere points towards Scorpius

National Geographic reports heliosphere points towards Scorpius

the people at IBEX did a great job in creating that map. Cheers

The clarity of time

In the Standard Vibration Model time is local to the individual boson.

This means there is no Universal Clock. This also means all functions, interactions, and equations are under the domain of bounded series and order of operations. This is Leibnetz Calculus not Newtonian.

With Newtonian calculus you are plotting the next discrete point. Digital
With Bounded seried you are adding/manipulating the series. Analog

Add to this, in reality, All numbers are Real. Integers only exist in the minds of men.

I want to thank Clayton Allen for the discussion on series.

Aaron Guerami

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gluon length state

In a previous posting I show detonation occurs when Gluon Length <= 0. Deflagration occurs when the length and temperature information ->

Flame occurs when two of the three gluons untangle. This disassociation of information causes flame plasma and the release of temperature at the distance of the frequency. The information released from the gluon disperses as plasma until it tangles with an ion from the colder medium. CO

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Solar Weather effects Earth's tectonics

It has been difficult to focus on one topic when so many catastrophic issues facing us. I have been writting on the effect of CMEs on planets. We see a direct effect on the Earth's Magnetosphere and Tectonic effects caused by solar events.

Credit: NASA

This is the CME that caused the 9.0 Japan earthquake and tsuanmi. This video shows the event three times and then shows a bar graph. It is also interesting that an object is in orbit infront of the Sun. As the final CME explodes the object is moved drastically out of orbit.

The CME is a charged electric field, a large composite of Z bosons. This event travels at the speed of Charge (electricity) in the medium of the space. We see these events 2-3 days before the charge event hits the magnetosphere. Thus it is not possible for electricty or charge to travel at C.

The CMEC travels until it hits a W+/- boson field that is capable of storing capacitance and intensiy of the Z boson field. This process is described in the papers and postings through out this blog.

When these CMEs hit the Earth's Magnetosphere, it deforms the longitudinal field of the W+/- boson magnetosphere. The intensity absorbsion is affected by the angle of impact and charge of the object.


Another interesting thing is that Japan was not facing the Sun during the CME impact. The epicenter is the point where tension is released. This means more tension was added to the plate system in different areas to cause this release of tension where the epicenter occured.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Precious People

Om mani padme hum

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Participate in Particle Physics Research

Reminds me of how powerful BOINC is. Dristributed computing is far more interesting than cloud computing.

The two concepts are inverse of each other. Distributed computing encourages competition in processing power and collaboration in programming efficiencies. Many people and resources working on a standardized solution to the complicated problem.

Whereas Cloud Computing is opaque and monitored. It just seems the cloud is the ideology we have been trying to avoid while building networks. Each cloud can have its own rules behind the firewall. This reduces the chance data will be usable from one cloud to another.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Order of operations, 1st iteration

Dark Energy shows an order of operations in Boson mechanics, energy, and information systems.

I have had a back of napkin, epiphany. There is an order of operations involved in physics interactions.

Gluon -> Gluon = density
Gluon -> Z Boson = electrodynamics
Z Boson -> electron = plasmadynamics
Electron -> photon = photo-electric effect
Electron -> W+/- Boson = magnetodynamics
W+/- boson -> photon = Zeeman Effect
Photon -> electron = thermodynamics, the Compton Effect
W+/- boson -> electron = magnetodynamics

It is the effects caused by asymptotes that show this logical behavior. This allows for the effect to occur. The inverse of a vortex is a torus. This shows a relation in the model to describe the inverse nature of magnetism and electricity.

I found a nice site with definitions. The Laws List

Monday, January 31, 2011

Le Sage's Theory of Gravitation

Had I known about Le Sage and Fatio's work, I would have attempted to support their idea. Their model is great for pre-modern physics experiments. I am surprised that this model is not the basic model taught and expounded upon in later studies. I doubt I would have ever studied the Zeeman effect and from there Bosons, if I had read this paper. I would have never come to understand the relationship between information, expressive bosons and baryons. I would have never understood the medium for mathematics involved during interactions in Dark Energy. I started with the pictures from CERN and Gravitational Lensing.

The Standard Vibration Model is not an expounding of Le Sage's gravitation model. It is an information model. It explains how that information is translated into existence and energy fields.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Solar Observatories

This is another important video, it shows an object hitting the sun and the effects.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arctowski Medal of the National Academy of Sciences

Congratulations to Jack Harvey at the National Solar Observatory for being awarded the Arctowski Medal.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Data showing connections between magnetosphere and earthquakes

Good data blog

Magnetosphere Simulation Images and Earthquakes (26): 2011/1/16T01:02 to 2011/1/18T13:00
They did a wonderful job showing the relationship of how earthquakes occur as described in this model.

Scroll down there are a lot of pictures corresponding to earthquake data.
There is a lot of data on the site/
Good job.

Monday, January 10, 2011

ESA Solar winds

Credit: ESA

Nice. I think it a great depiction of interaction between planets of differing magnetic fields.

In this model Z Boson are emitted from the Sun as a lightning strike. The Earth's rotating magnetic field compresses and is altered by Z Boson strike. If the Z Boson strike is intense enough it will cause an earthquake. The earthquake occurs at the Earth's weakest crust at the intensity depth of the Z Boson strike.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Solar inner Corona

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Repost of Draft problem 2

There are many relevant comments listed on the original posting. 
I hope this helps those who were having issues with the display of original posting.
Aaron Guerami

To do this I need to build the description of the photon,

The photon is an analog of information about the emitting baryon. This data structure called the photon holds information on the emitting baryon's nature.

The information contained in a photon transmits the temperature of the emitting baryon.

A bit of information is called a meme. Fractals are used to reduce the complex information to smaller, more discrete variables. Three memes rotating, producing 4 bits of information.

Level of information.
Lever 4 data is raw information. All higher level dataset is a derivative of the level 4 data.
Level 4 data is 4 bit
Level 3 dataset is 16 bits
Level 2 dataset is 64 bits
Level 1 dataset is 256 bits

3 Level 4 datasets + rotation = 1 Level 3 rotating dataset.
3 Level 3 datasets + rotation = 1 Level 2 rotating dataset
3 Level 2 datasets + rotation = 1 Level 1 rotating dataset
3 Level 1 datasets + rotation = 1 photon.

4 dimensions of information in 4 dimensions of space.

Wave Length: u(λ,T) = ((8(pi)hc)/λ^5)*(1/e^(hc/λkT)-1)
Planck's Equations are quite useful. The reason they work so well is they are not influenced by gravity. By using Max Planck wave length equations, we can derive the temperature and frequency of the wave length.
The wavelength of a photon is the information about the photon.

The memes of the (L1)wave length are;
(L2) the wave length

(L2)the radius of the wave length to the midpoint of rotation at the largest area of the cone.

(L2) the velocity of the spin
(L2)previous position ((L3)x,y,z).

Frequency: u(v,T) = ((8(pi)hv^3)/(c^3))*(1/(e^(hv/kT)-1)
The frequency of the photon is the intensity of the emitting baryon.
The memes of the (L1) Frequency are
(L2) angular momentum of each meme.
(L2) The frequency or vibration of each meme.
(L2) Spin Velocity (speed and direction) of each meme.
(L2) Previous Spin Velocity.

The Spectra of the photon is the identification of the emitting baryon. By evaluating what is missing in the spectra, the receiving baryon can identify the part the molecule the emitting baryon was. Spectra also describes the identity and intensity from the emitting baryon of every magnetic field the photon passes through.

u = spectra. The emitting Baryon leaves its identification on the spectra. Along the spectral line, where the temperature = 0, identifies the emitting baryon and the history of photon and W+/- Boson interactions. Spectra is the temperature.

The spin of the photon is the counter of the photon.


Lets look at this through a filter. What happens to the photons when I place a filter on my telescope?

The filter absorbs or reflects photons. It also allows some photons to pass through, but altered.

The Spectra of a photon is the identification of the emitting baryon and the history of what magnetic fields the photon has passed through.

Polishing a mirror. The interaction of the photon and electron.

Polishing a mirror is smoothing the glass molecules and moving almost all the electrons on one side of the glass to the next layers of the glass. The uncharged mirror then can reflect the photon.

It is important to understand that a photon must be absorbed and created by an electron. The electron is the interaction of the Z Boson and the W+/- Boson.

Move to new posting

Photons in motion through Dark Energy.
1) the photons motion in general
2) Dark Energy
3) Interactions
a) W+/- Boson
b) baryons without electrons
4) Electron emission
5) Electron absorption

Problem 2
2) The perception of it being slower when passing through a non-vacuum is due to the time lost to photons being absorbed and re-emitted by the matter it is passing through.

Anonymous said...

So... lots of questions, but I'll withhold them all until you complete your write-up.

But one aspect in particular is bugging me... why the discretization via fixed sized values? It seems so arbitrary and limiting. For example, you define the "previous position" as a set of 3 16-bit spacial values... that's incredibly limiting. You're saying that each dimension of space only contains 65536 possible positions, and that there are only 281 trillion total positions in space a photon can be in at any point in time? Why? And in what way does that aid your theory in producing results?

And what about time? What does "previous" mean in your context? When exactly did the "previous position" apply? A second ago? A half second ago? A quarter second ago? One "counter" interval ago?

I don't understand how you can use the word "analog" so often, but have a theory that represents everything digitally.
Hi, Thanks for the comment.

I am going to start backwards and work towards the first point.

Yes, the data is digital. But the motion of the data is very analog. Electronics requires an Analog to Digital converter to convert real data to digital data.

Analog is a 3+1 dimensional set of data in motion. Whereas digital data is very 2 dimensional. Even 3 dimensional digital data is a series of sets of 2 dimensional digital datasets which are converted into 3 dimensions. Then usually displayed in 2 dimensions.

The previous position is the last Dark Energy position the photon traveled through. Dark Energy in this theory is where the math is done in each and every position. I call these discrete Dark Energy positions 'Rulesets'.

Since the speed of light is variable, we can see that there are many possible partial and complete + partial rotations a photon can have while travelling though a ruleset.

Time is local to the photon travelling. A baryon rotates, so its time is local to the baryon.

It is not necessary for bosons and baryons to run on an Universal Timeclock.

Yes, the sizes of the datasets are arbitrary. It is limiting. But this is the first theory that even attempts to describe data in this manner.

I have never hear the number of positions a photon can have in space at any point in time. I realize my data sets are small compared to the actual data involved. 4^16 might be more realistic to explain a 4th level data point.

Since this is only the second iteration of this model I expect these minor issues can be easily managed. In the first iteration of this model (most of the blog), I don't actually try and describe the information in detail. For the photon I describe the information as only temperature, wave length, frequency and counter.

Please ask as many questions as you want. This kind of conversation helps me recover. The quicker I recover the quicker I can add new issues to this model.

Many Thanks
Aaron Guerami

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't matter if you're data size was hyper-exponential, it's still finite, and don't see anything to suggest, in the standard model or in yours, that space has any finite aspect, but is instead nonenumerably infinite in all dimensions, in which case, any attempt to discretize it is flawed from the start.

Digital is NOT a model of reality to begin with. Digital models are inherently abstract, and say nothing whatsoever about the universe around us. They come about from purely mathematicaly manipulation in the form of numerical constructs, which themselves are universal abstractions, independent of and unyielding to any aspect of our physical universe.

And as an abstract model of information, "digital" can be of any (finite) number of (finite) dimensions. The digital representation of a 3D cube is 3 dimensional, period. Yes, the 2D rendering of a 3D cube is 2D, but you don't have to render it. You could just calculate with it, or convert it to a data file for transmission, or use it to model cubic routing calculations through a distributed network, or what have you. The cube is abstract, and genuinely 3D. And likewise, other digital constructs can be genuinely N dimensional in their construction.

Although I would accept the argument that all digital data is 1 dimensional, owing to the fact that any N dimensional digital data set can be represented by a single number. But inherently 2D? Don't think so.

Coming back to the point, to ascribe to a particle a digital packet of information is making (what seems to me anyway) an unexplained leap.

Also, I went and read some of your material on Dark Matter... some things are a little clearer now. But another point there, somewhat relating back to this conversation: you break up the universe into cube-structured regions, and base the counter interaction with these regions. Again, you've discretized the universe.

(Just to check my assumptions, it seems rulesets are fixed regions of space through which vibrations traverse, and in doing so, their local clock, in the form of the counter, is incremented. Ignore the following if that's not true.)

As a consequence, the "counter" will increment at different rates based soley on the direction of travel of a "vibration", and independent of it's velocity, which is unintuitive.

Just for giggles, let's define each ruleset's region as a 1 unit by 1 unit by 1 unit space (where "unit" is arbitrary... I think you have it as a boson width).

So when traveling exactly parallel one of the axes at a velocity of, say, 1 unit per second, for, say, 10 seconds, you'll travel 10 units.

But let's say you travel at a 45 degree angle through a plane (which itself is perpendicular to one of the axes), now, the cubic regions are longer than they were before, since the diagonal of a square is longer than the width (by a ratio of Sqrt[2]). So now, at the same velocity of 1 unit per second, and over the same duration of 10 seconds, you'll only traverse 10/(1*Sqrt[2]) units total, or ~7.07 units. Similar logic if you travel diagonal to all three axes.

So at the same velocity and for the same duration, your counter increments 10 times in one direction, but only 7 in another, and still less in others.

Of course, the alternate explanation is that vibrations "jump" from cube to cube, rather than continuously flow through space defined by their union. In which case, you now have a new problem. At the same velocity and for the same duration, your counter will now stay the same, but you will have actually traveled different distances dependent on the direction of travel, since moving along the diagonals will allow you to jump farther in a single unit than moving along the axes.

Either way, the basic equation "velocity = distance / time" doesn't hold, and the discretization still seems arbitrary and in conflict with the physical universe.
Hi, Thanks for the comment. I want to take the time to read your postings then formulate some solutions or re-evaluate some problems.

I know the dark energy solution is the most difficult part of all this.

I think there are many current solutions in physics that are ridiculous at best. This is an attempt to evaluate a better solution to these problems. Really, I hear about time travel more then I hear about charge.

If the model used can be solved with a byproduct of time travel or an infinite number of dimensions or multiverse, well then the solution is not correct.

I chose the discrete data model with the analog movement because that is what we see in reality. In order for discrete data to transmit/receive it must involve DAC and ADC conversions. The model of physics must include these processes as the foundation of the manner in which it operates.

I am going to think about the motion. Being that cube have their own problems and spheres have theirs,,, well I have some thinking to do.

Thanks again for reading my work.
Aaron Guerami

I spend some time reading and thinking about your comment.

Every model has some form of arbitrary unit. SR and GR use the Cosmological Constant. Gravity changes frequently. The absolute constant of the speed of light changes constantly.

Einstein's Space-Time is 2 dimensional. It is a plane, flat. The third dimension is the effect of 1 dimensional mass on the plane.

Dark Energy in this model does not have a clock. Time is local to the boson travelling though the ruleset. So the boson may rotate partially or in positive real numbers through the ruleset. The ruleset does not impact the boson's rotation.

The distance from the origin of a ruleset to X(n),Y(n),Z(n) is always farther then X(0),Y(0),Z(n). But that is the reason this model is set in this manner. This really shows that space is really not relevant to the boson. It is the interaction of bosons that create the change in bosons. Not the space in which they travel.

Digital data is 2 dimensional. The requirement of digital data is the construct and the data. The construct must exist before holding data. The data can be null, but the construct still exists.

I have shown in the previous posting a photon that is not rotating. By that picture we can toss the equation Velocity = distance/time. There are many models that we currently use that need reexamination.

Jumping from ruleset to ruleset is a problem that I will continue to evaluate. At this point I find the storage of the current position as the previous position through out the ruleset does hold some merit.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

No problem, I'll give you time to digest.

I think my main problem (with respect to the discretization stuff) is well summarized by your last comment: "I chose the discrete data model with the analog movement because that is what we see in reality."

My mind is somewhat willing to bend on discretization to some degree, what with quanta being well established. But on fixed-bit-width finite values? Eh...

And regarding time, you previously mentioned "Time is local to the photon traveling.", so it seems like you may be subject to the same relativistic effects of clock locality that SR is subject to, so I'm not so sure you've avoided the time travel issue, but I'd have to hear more.

And regarding square vs cube, that's not really the whole issue. With spheres, you'd have the sphere packing issue (dead space). And with either, you also have the issue of the vibration traveling off center or at odd angles, such that it may experience more or less counter changes... imagine a vibration traveling diagonally through a 2d grid through the square centerpoints, vs one also traveling diagonally, but offset from the center points. The latter would experience twice as many counters as the former. In fact the one traveling through the center points is a degenerate case, with the vast majority experiencing double time. Same problem with any manner of shapes, provided they're aligned along some vector.

I'm picking at these little model issues because they're foundational, and thus impact the rest of your work if they're not sensible. But stepping back, where are the results? For instance, you dig up Planck's equation... he established his black-body law while trying to theoretically model the results of experiment, and once completed, had an equation that was able to do so. And altough perhaps his explanation was lacking, the work was picked up and extended into a complete theory.

But I don't see that here.

Not trying to be condescending, by the way. You're probably familiar with much of this, and you obviously have given it a lot of though that I haven't had the luxury of, but I just want to make sure I state things clearly and don't assume too much.

Anonymous said...

RE arbitary units: That constant is a correction factor to make up for what seems to be an ever present energy level, and introducing it enabled theoretical results to match experiment. It was brought in to the theory for a reason, and as such isn't quite arbitrary. Your reduction of all parameters to finite domain doesn't seem to have been introduced to achieve any positive effect or to increase the accuracy of any calculations.

RE distance: Yes, X(n),Y(n),Z(n) is farther from the origin in a flat geometry than X(0),Y(0),Z(n), but that wasn't the point. My point was simply that the number of rulesets the particle will pass through is the same, even though one is further away, which seemed an inconsistency worth mentioning. 0,0,0->1,1,1->2,2,2->3,3,3 is the same number of rulesets as 0,0,0->0,0,1->0,0,2->0,0,3, yet the first is 4.24 units long in space, while the latter only 3. Is that desirable?

RE digital data: Interesting viewpoint. First, I could argue that analog data is also 2D in that sense. Simple waves are given structure by saying they are all solutions to a sin(b x + c), and the content would be all real-valued 3-tuples (a, b, c) represented in physicality as actual waves, which isn't much different to representing digital waves as finite n-bit 3-tuples (a, b, c) to be interpreted as having the same structure, and represented in physicality as a sequence of 3n bits. Both the analong and digital version would be called 3-D, interpreting each to have 3 free independent variables. I don't see the difference.

RE photon rotating: I've been purposefully not referring to the constancy of C issue yet :) But I would be curious to see how you would redefine velocity...

And it looks like my previous post is missing... strange.
Hi Thanks again for the great conversation.

I don't really like the discrete data model with analog movement, but that is what we have to work with.

I through out the notion of spheres a long time ago (many rotations). For all the reasons you mention.

Personally I don't think Plank's equation is entirely correct. It just does not use gravity. In my main set of equations I wrote in the papers 'Structure of a baryon' and 'Variables involved in Baryonic motion' allow for existing equations and work to be used until something better is established. the black body equation is based on a sphere. But he needed to have some arbitrary shape. I understand.

Lets look at the photon and time again. A photon is 3 dependent data structures rotating around a midpoint. The direction of the midpoint is the direction of the photon.

The wavelength is composed of 3 data structures rotating around a midpoint.

I am changing the second statement in this. The original statement did not communicate the idea correctly.

The memes of the (L1)wave length are;
(L2) the wave length
(L2)the midpoint of the wave length
(L2) the velocity of the spin
(L2)previous position ((L3)x,y,z).


The memes of the (L1)wave length are;
(L2) the wave length
(L2)the radius of the wave length to the midpoint of rotation at the largest area of the cone.
(L2) the velocity of the spin
(L2)previous position ((L3)x,y,z).

Wave lengths are not straight lines, they are vibrating also. This is frequency. It is closely related to wavelength. Temp is also calculated from these two data sets.

I just had a minor seizure so I will need to rest.

It is the magnetic field that affects the photon's time not dark energy. Dark eneergy is just a place to do the math. time is local to the boson. one boson does not care about another boson's time.

let say one high energy gamma ray and a radio wave hit the ruleset at the point in the observers quasi understanding of local time.

Sorry, lost the idea. need to go.

Other comments are on the original posting but are not necessary to move to this. If you wish to read those comments 

I hope that is more helpful then trying to solve the possible pointer error.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Models and data

Models do not create raw data, raw data creates models.

For example if your model of climate change includes E=mc^2, then you must include the crazy things created by E=mc^2. Your model will have flat space, gravity, zero point dimensions, observers, time travel, symmetry... You lose known effects like Electricity and magnetism, temperature, spectra, three dimensional density, asymmetry...

If your model is not based on observable data, but derived data then there will be huge errors. We see these errors in ballistics, buoyancy, wave dynamics.

Here is an observable. CME hit the earth and compress the magnetosphere (W+/- Boson). The magnetosphere compresses the earth. At that point a perpendicular electric discharge (Z Boson) deep in the earth is released into the atmosphere. Heat is generated at the event site.

All of this is observable in general. The specific information to complete the general theory is how intense does the CME need to be to produce a 7 or 8 magnitude earthquake. We have all the tools in space and on the ground to conduct this experiment.

This general model includes density, electricity, magnetism, temperature. This model show the basics of baryonic motion.
δDn= δDp +(∆δM+∆δE+∆δT)
This model is fully explained in my published papers on the right side of the blog.

Aaron Guerami

Stealthy CME

This image combines all of STEREO's wavelengths into one three-dimensional photograph. A NASA photo

Lightning Offers Early Warnings Of Volcanic Ash

Pilots receive first successful warning of volcanic activity based on lightning.

Dec 17, 2010
By Emilie Lorditch
Inside Science News Service

Monday, January 3, 2011

Certain Types of Epilepsy and Solar Flares

I have many types of seizures. I am lucky, I do not have a focus of where the seizures always begin. My seizure happen all over my brain.

The worst types of seizures I have occur when observed massive solar flares explode from the sun and hit the earth. Those flares compress the magnetosphere. These compression have already been shown to cause earthquakes on the earth.


With this compression of the earth's magnetosphere pushes the electrical fields in the neural network from their neurons. This shuts down the brain. The body reacts by sending signals back to the medulla oblongata. This low level neural network is more robust. With every autonomic contraction the body is trying to send low level input data back to the brain. This slow recovery is necessary.

Experimental test
A Faraday cage helmet would do a better job the all the medications available. Inside the Faraday cage I would like magnetic field detectors and eeg systems.

I know:
If an input device like the tongue is bitten, then the overwhelming information directly affects the brain causing the seizure to strengthen and repeat. If I have a dual bite guard in my mouth, I tend not to bite my tongue and care givers can have access to put ativan through the breathing hole.. Thus reducing the recovery time.  
Here is the first study that I found that confirms this

Saturn plasma shows internal changes in magnetosphere

This animation based on data obtained by NASA's Cassini Spacecraft shows how the "explosions" of hot plasma on the night side (orange and white) periodically inflate Saturn's magnetic field (white lines).

Credit NASA, Johns Hopkins University APL, JPL

Just another thing we have no idea how it works.