Friday, August 26, 2011

End of Higgs strengthens my resolve.

Posted on the Nature website.
"Higgs signal sinks from view."

This requires the model to maintain the observations and discoveries made at the labs. In my view there needs to be a reexamination of what is known and how they interact.


Anonymous said...

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Aaron said...

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Anonymous said...

End of Higgs? That's a little sensationalist, isn't it? After all, we've still yet to collect enough data to identify the particle in the actual energy range that we believe it most likely to exist in...

Aaron said...

It might be. But the team at the labs have published papers that reduce the range it could be found to <1%.

So I did not release this information. I just pointed it out a week later.


Anonymous said...

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Aaron said...

Thanks, if you have any questions or comments please comment on any posting.

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