Thursday, December 30, 2010

Solution to the double slit and needle is found through out this blog

Credit Bill Gaede

I agree with everything except his attached rope concept. I don't know enough about that concept to discard it. From what I saw as an abstract, I was seriously confused by the rope. I understand how he got to that method. from what I can see is that his model is still an attractive model not an expressive model. How I see this is the fact he still has an observer in his model. But he has everything else correct.

With my model I can solve this in general. Through out the blog, I have explained a general detailed explanation of this. I have given a solid explanation as to how this occurs, using the slit and/or the needle. And to the explanations of the natural shapes we see. Between fields and the 3 rotating pieces of information, photon generation and reception from the electron. Along with the descriptions of photons travel through baryonic medium and non-baryonic medium, I have explained this already.

I do not know how to explain this in further detail without decimating peoples' jobs and work.  

I am also concerned that I am about to exceed a point of compensation. This fundamental understanding of physics will become viral. Yet, I don't think someone will just write me a $200m check. Sports players have made that kind of money. This model is worth many trillions of dollars. I gave it to the world for understanding and usage, and I would like very appropriate compensation for the work I have produced.

I have the ideas and technology to produce a small space program that will be profitable and amazing. It will create many jobs in many diverse fields for many decades. I want to reproduce it in many locations to increase it efficiency.

Thanks to Curt Youngs for sending me the video. I have told him that I would compensate him for his contributions and conversations. He is one of the only people in this world who has ever communicated with me at this level.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Entabulator,

Reluctantly I take a break. Enjoy


Monday, December 27, 2010


I am going to call all magnetospheres and heliospheres : magnetosphere.

A hydrogen element as a blackbody object produces a magnetosphere.
An iron magnet as a collection of blackbody objects produces a magnetosphere.
A spinning bowl of oatmeal as a collection of blackbody objects produces a small but detectable magnetosphere.
The earth as a composite of blackbody objects produces a magnetosphere.
The sun as a composite of blackbody object produces a magnetosphere.
The Milky Way Galaxy as a composite of blackbody objects produces a magnetosphere.
Large Galactic Cluster as a composite of blackbody objects produces a magnetosphere.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Papers I am reading for the season

First I want to thank Curt Youngs for sending me these links. I find most of what Curt sends me is very important, although I do not agree with everything the authors describe. I want to thank and credit him for 'pushing powerful papers on me to read'. Just Kidding. 

Then I want to thank the people who wrote the papers.  
Lane Davis **
Quantum Cold-Case Mysteries Revisited

Laurence Hecht *Partially read
Editorial - Should the Law of Gravity be Repealed?

A New Approach to the Ordering Principle of the Stable Isotopes

Peter Fred **
Is the Sun's Warmth Gravitationally Attractive

I am also reading more on the Zeeman effect. 

** I have read these papers, the others I am reading.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

NASA Shows Neptune's Magnetosphere

I would like to see the positions of the moons over time. This would show how objects move within the planet's magnetosphere.

The mechanics of this shape are described through out this blog. This picture also shows what I have described as an error in elliptical orbits. The primary focus of the ellipse is based on the interactions between planet's magnetosphere and the solar winds, plus several described variables.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I think there is a charge building in the atmosphere.
I see it building in the background on a unshielded CRT.

08:40 est : large discharge. CRT very light blue, White spike long duration (3 sec)
Personally I have had several seizures. I cannot type.
08:44 est : Charge building, I can feel it and I can see it on the CRT
08:47 est : Confusion
08:50 est : Normal (Dark constant background)
08:54 est Normal (Dark constant background)
09:05 est here comes another cluster. I feel and see the charge building. (Light blue background)
09:07 est CRT very light blue, White spikes short duration
09:15 est Several long duration white spikes (2-3 sec).
09:16 est Normal
09:20 est charge building
09:22 est charge building
09:25 est large white discharges.
09:32 est building charge
09:35 est Building charge
09:36 est seizure. I need to rest

There was a cluster of earthquakes in the Banda Sea
three, magnitude 5s, 5.4

I would like to examine the data of the magnetosphere during and before earthquakes. This data would compare with data from the sun on solar flares and space weather. I theorize that solar flares release Z bosons hitting the Earth's magnetosphere then discharging as an earthquake into the ground (grounding into the earth)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blackout in West Palm Beach

There was a massive power failure in West Palm Beach at the same time there was a 4.6 earthquake in the Virgin Islands.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why is it that comets have two tails?

I reserve the right to add pictures and content to support this concept.

One is a debris tail.
The other is a magnetic tail.

The debris tail is really a trail of ejecta from the comet that is not as dense as the primary body.

The above pic comes from

Debris Tail
Magnetic Tail

Next I will add the Bow shock drawing.
(Nice Pics)

But the most important debris is the Bow-shock created by the motion through ' empty space". The Bow-shock is creating through interaction hydrogen and other simple elements and Dark Matter medium. 

I would suspect the bow-shock begins at the edge of the magnetosphere of the comet. I do remember a discussion that there is more material ejecta then the object can support. This would mean that the interaction with the Dark Matter medium creates Baryonic Matter.

And I think this is another example that Peter Duffet Smith was correct in suggesting the Moon follows the Earth (pg 139). 

I will spend some time setting up this problem. This will show that debris is ejected from an object in an elliptical orbit that follows the bow shock orbits the original object until other forces act upon it. I can say Newton made another mistake by placing the sun on a focus of the ellipse. 

This video does not exist at YouTube anymore
Fun Video

Mercury has a tail

Saturday, November 20, 2010

An optics experimentalist crusade

I want to thank Curt Youngs for sending me this to read.

On an Experimentus Crusis for Optics

This is a excellent paper. Transverse vs Longitudinal waves, the Malus effect, dis-harmonic vibrations are absorbed by the medium.

This paper was accepted for publish at the General Science Journal

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How is matter created?

In this model I describe how baryonic matter is created from dark matter. I feel this is a topic that I have not fully described to the extent the model requires.

Definitions in this model: (described in published papers)
Dark Matter: non-rotating gluons compressing together.
Baryonic Matter: Three rotating gluons spin to form a baryon.

Model Requirements:
The requirements for baryogenesis is that baryons are easily created by interactions within dark matter, and/or between baryons and dark matter.

General Baryogenesis:
As baryonic matter plows through the dark matter medium, the magnetic field of the baryon causes motion/rotation in the non-rotating gluons. The dark matter gluons start rotating and coalescing into Baryons.

The greater the baryonic density, the more interactions that create baryons from dark matter. This rate is variable. The W+/- Boson (magnetism) -- Dark Matter interaction is the most common but Z Bosons and Gluons can interact with DM. DM does not create an electron so it cannot interact with the photon.

We see the result of this process in pictures like this from the Fermi space telescope. I originally found this at Q SPACE

Credit: NASA

This is the baryon's commutative/composite shape as described in this model. This is the shape of helium. This shape shows properties of helium.

  • A noble gas. 
  • Its electrons are away from the nucleus along a plane.
    • This plane is perpendicular to the magnetic field.  
  • This is a stable spiral galaxy. It is not effected by (severely) another galaxy's magnetic field. 
  • They do not interact well with other atoms/galaxies.
    • Closed loop
  • High intensity core rotating.

Where as elliptical galaxies are more like hydrogen.

  • Can be highly charged

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mascons in fluids

I want to thank Curt Youngs for sending this to me.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gravity falls

Here is a great forum thread about the fallacy of gravity. Abovetopsecret
Thanks to Curt Youngs for sending me this.

I am glad to see more and more people finding problems with the current models of physics.
I am reading a paper "Turbulence and Vortex Dynamics", by Javier Jimenez.

I am writing a rough draft rewrite of this site. In more of a scientific paper format. I am further along than I thought I would be.

Thanks for being patient while I went through this difficult period.

Aaron Guerami

Friday, September 17, 2010

W+ 4 jet production

It is good to evaluate other models and systems. It helps to strengthen current models. This comes from Tommaso Dorigo at Science 2.0 W Plus Multijet Production Pinned Down

The original paper is

These are QCD papers on the 4 jet production of W+ Bosons.

QCD is the primary discussion of the Standard Model.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Small Space Science Program

I would like to see and develop an advanced computer science and space science innovation center and university built in West Palm Beach.

The concept is that the students will build their spacecraft, mission control, data integration and fulfill its lifetime mission. It should expand as progress demands.

Mission for years 1 and 2.
1) NEO identifier.
2) Solar and Stellar navigation development.
3) Array of telescopes between Earth and Mars.

Year 1,
Build and launch the prototypes. First small student integration.

Year 2,
1) Build and expand student development centers and mission control centers.
2) Build carbon fiber construction facilities.
3) Build factory system for student spacecraft manufacturing.

In 3 years,
Build and launch the first student built vehicles.

In 5 years,
1) Identify all resources in the Asteroid belt.
2) Create an array telescope between the orbits of Earth and Jupiter.
3) Design space resource facility
4) Design reusable launch vehicle system based on concepts of the Standard Vibration Model.

Year 6,
Shift Apophis orbit to a stable orbit using the concepts of the Standard Vibration Model.

In 20 years,
1) Identify all resources in the solar system.
2) Develop a predictive model of resources.
3) Recover needed resources for future projects
4) Develop a stellar navigation model.
5) Create a solar system Internet. Reducing the amount of energy needed to return data.
6) Create large array telescopes in many spectra that are distributed through out the entire solar system.
7) It should hold 5000 students and employees.

Facilities and transportation to launch facilities already exist. There are several ports available to West Palm Beach.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Supermassive Black Hole : Ejecting Matter


Nice pictures. It is nice to see people examining supermassive black holes as objects that express energy.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Intermission videos

Some videos I found on you tube.

This one is done by photon2010.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Buoyancy - a comparison between Gravity and the Standard Vibration Model

This is the model of buoyancy using Newtonian Mechanics. It is easy to see how this simple model captures the community communal approval.  

Tomorrow I will show how the Standard Vibration Model does a better job of describing what is observed in atmospheric interactions without using gravity or mass. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The N-Body Problem":
Now, buoyancy.

Buoyancy does not fly in the face of gravity. Gravity, when acting on an object in isolation, holds. The theory of gravity says nothing more than this... that two masses, when considered in isolation, attract one another with some force. There might be other interactions adding additional forces, but somewhere in the big pile of forces acing on a mass is a contribution from gravity, and it conforms to a simple equation.

Buoyancy is a phenomenon that occurs in a large, complex system... A single solution to the simple 2-mass gravity law is not suffucicient in this situation, and nobody backing gravitational theory is saying that it is. But it does contribute in an important way. Allow me to attempt to explain...

If we consider the balloon and earth in complete isolation, it would accelerate downward at G*m-sub-earth/r-sub-earth-balloon^2, as expected.

But this isn't a two body system. There is a third player... air. And in this system, the three bodies are acting on each other. The gravitational force between air and the balloon can be neglected, since the balloon is so small in this instance and the air is so widely distributed (I hope we don't conflict on that assumption... but if we do, I'll happily defend it).

So let's start with the air. Being acted on by gravity, it is all trying to be pulled downward. This is creating pressure at all places within the air, at increasing values at lower altitudes, since there is more weight on top of the air at lower heights. This pressure is acting against gravity. It is the resistance of the air to being compressed into a singularity, primarily driven by kinetic forces of the matter being compressed. Everywhere there is a force pushing down (gravity) and everywhere there is a force pushing up resisting it. Thus we acheive equilibrium and a stable atmosphere.

Enter the balloon. Imagine, if you will, we identify the spherical surface, centered at the earth's origin, who's radius extends just to the bottom of the balloon. Thus, we can talk about the air beneath that altitude (which I'll call lower air), and the air above that altitude (higher air). So the lower air is all the air around the world beneath the altitude of the balloon, and higher air is the rest (which is where the balloon is). Everywhere over earth's surface, the lower air is pushing up at a certain force... the force required to hold the higher air bay... exactly the same force, but opposite in direction, as gravity is generating from the higher air. Without the balloon, it's a uniform equillibrium. But now, in one cylindrical column of higher air, there's a balloon... a balloon that is lighter than the surrounding air.

So now there's a particular place where the higher air is lighter. And so the lower air is no longer in equilibrium at that place. It's pushing up with the same force as all the rest of the lower air, but the air above it in that particular spot is pushing down with less force due to the lighter mass balloon. And so the net force, the combination of the upward pressure and the gravitationally-induced downward weight, is non-zero, and upward acceleration results.

This continues until a new equilibrium between air pressure and gravity is reached, which will occur when the balloon rises to a state of equi-density with it's surrounding.

And all of this was explained nicely with gravity as a key contributor.

End of Anonymous' description.  
The Standard Vibration Model

It is assumed that the reader has already read the papers 
The Structure of Baryons
Variables Involved in Baryonic Motion

NASA Heavy lift balloons
The interesting thing about these heavy lift balloons is that they are capable of carrying a 1000-kg instrument to approximately 33 km giving little or no day/night altitude variation and ultimately 100-day flights[1].

At launch these balloons are filled with helium to 5% of the volume of the balloon. Any more than that and the balloon would rupture during the ascent. As the balloon rises in the atmosphere the helium expands to fill 100% of the volume of the balloon. The balloons are corrugated allowing for this expansion.

This would require the expansion of the helium atoms during ascent. This would mean the length of the gluon between quarks is a shorter length before launch and a longer length at altitude. The distance between atoms remains the same allowing for a smooth expansion.

I am going to add a drawing here to explain the distance continuity between helium atoms.

Literally the helium expands. There is almost no leakage since the helium atoms are now larger than the holes in the balloon. They have to pop the balloon to return the payload back to Earth.


[1] NASA Heavy Lift Balloon Program

The N-Body Problem

Anonymous said...

Mass is supposed to be dimensionless. It has nothing to do with volume. The job of density is to relate mass and volume to one another. It is not the responsibility of mass to do so on it's own.

F=ma is structured as it is because, experimentally, the acceleration of an object is uniquely determined by only the force being applied to it and it's mass, independent of volume.
If I have two spheres of differing density but identical mass, and applied an identical force, F=ma tells us that they'll both experience identical accelerations, and this is exactly what we see in experiment.

Your equation factors in volume. So F=da tells us that if one instead has twice the density of the other, it will experience half the acceleration. So according to F=da, if the two spheres weighed exactly the same, but one was twice as dense, meaning half the size, it would accelerate at half the rate. Or put another way, F=da means I can squish an object, without changing it's weight, and it will accelerate more slowly under equal load. Is this the behavior you're predicting? Have you been able to verify it?
So a balloon filled with 1kg of helium and a balloon filled with 1kg of lead will have experience identical accelerations. That does not occur. 
Or do you have another definition of density other than d = m / v? For instance, you say: "Density is the vibration intensity within a volume in relation to the density of the surrounding medium." It's relative? So the density of an object changes when it's surrounding density changes?


I do have an idea of what the complex density equation would look like but I lack the resources needed to provide the necessary data to substantiate the equation. I have created a general equation of baryonic density in the paper 'Variables involved in Baryonic Density'
Anonymous said...
Regarding constants, there is no problem there. G or c are perfectly valid constructs, and don't point to any sort of illegitimacy of the theory.

If anything, they're simply the product of an unfortunate choice of units. We arbitrarily chose grams and seconds and miles and furlongs and hogsheads and bushels and meters, and those arbitrary decisions are reflected in the constants.

If our units aligned better with the universe, the silly constants would drop out of the equations.

For instance, everyone's favorite e = m c^2, under a particular choice of units for mass, would simply become e = m, which is really much more to the point, isn't it? Energy is mass is exactly what the equation says. c^2 was just a constant, and has no effect on the behavior of the equation.
Constants are like perfect solids. They don't exist in the universe. It is not possible to have a natural sphere. I explain this in many postings throughout the blog. 
And the law of gravity, under a particular choice of units for mass, would become F = m1 m2 / r^2, which states exactly the idea intended, that each mass increases the effect linearly, and the distance decreases it quadratically.

And you might argue that I'm just hiding the constant in the unit, and yes! I am! But there's nothing wrong with that. The unit itself was arbitrary to begin with. The constant just scales the equation to fit the units of the universe, but the structure of the equation--it's behavior over the domain--stays the same.

If the equation is fundamentally wrong, there could be no constant that would result in correct behavior. The constant can't make an invalid equation valid, it can only scale the resultant units.

Anonymous said...
Regarding multi-body... Gravity works just fine for N bodies. It's simply:

F-sub-i = G * m-sub-i * Sigma-sub-j [ ( m-sub-j / r-sub-ij ^ 2 ) * r-hat-sub-ij ]

where i and j range over 1..N, and r-hat-sub-ij is the normal vector pointing from i to j (I sincerely apologize for the phonetic syntax... not sure if your blog supports math markup). Or in other words, the force on each body is the superposition of the law of gravitation applied to each other body. There is no trickery here, and interestingly, to solve for a body, all I have to do is sum the mass/distance-scaled vectors to each body, then apply my mass.

This is the best solution to the N-Body Problem I have seen. 

The hat is an iterative process. It is a mathematical way of describing the mean after all the summations are completed iteratively. I agree that there is no trickery here. You would have one solution to a many iteration problem. This will help me in describing multiple bosons interacting in one ruleset. Thank you for that. 

But that is not the real problem with gravity. Gravity does not allow for the interactions of magnetism, electricity, temperature or density. Each of these forces does affect the motion of an object. Each of these forces are (in this model) associated with a specific boson. This model does not need, and works well without; gravity or the higgs boson. In my opinion the higgs is an attempt to protect gravity by validating mass. Gravity describes a force that has not been found. Gravity is also 1 dimensional, it cannot be dimensionless. It is a scalar, it has a number. 

We have found the planets are ordered by density.

Thanks for reading my work. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Equality is highly overrated part 2

Anonymous said...

Calculus seems analog, not digital. It is the mathematics of limits. The entire foundation of calculus is the study of what happens when we take something discrete and push the intervals to the infinitesimal.

DNA seems digital, not analog. There are a finite number of bases arranged in a finite number of pairs. In what way is that analog?

And as to equality, you offered some examples of how everyday things aren't equal, but can you offer any concrete examples of where physics goes wrong in assuming equality when it shouldn't?

I will again start from the bottom and work to the top. Concrete examples are easy to find. 

The most simple example of everyday things are not equal is Einstein's work. 

Energy (a field) cannot equal a scalar * a vector squared. When you square a vector your result will be a vector. Multiplying a vector by a scalar again leaves a vector. Thus E does not equal mc^2, ever.
Newton's Gravity cannot produce results for n bodies. The reason this occurs is because mass is a one dimensional object. One dimensional objects cannot represent any 3 dimensional object. There is just not enough information in mass to describe how gravity and magnetism interact. 
Fourier's Law of heat conduction.
Fourier's Law states that heat flows always travel from hot to cold. If you take a steel bar and bend it into a square u shape, then place one end into liquid nitrogen and the torch the other end to the exact temperature change in the positive direction, you will see that cold flows to hot and hot flows to cold. You will see the frost on the bar exceed the midpoint of the bar. This problem has more to do with capacitance and conductivity of the baryons.
Lets look at that DNA problem. The data in DNA is digital. The motion of that data from molecule to molecule is analog. Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog conversion is required for motion of data. Until that last statement is fundamentally understood it will be impossible to describe the structure, motion and interactions of Z bosons. This is even true for computers. For a processor to send data to RAM it needs to send the data through a series of conversions to get the data to the memory and reverse the conversion to return the data back to the processor.

I am not prepared to describe Z boson analog motion any more than I already have in this blog. I am tired of being paid to be a disabled epileptic. $13500 per year is not enough to live on. I cannot afford to seek the treatment I need. I can barely run one computer let alone my whole system. I would like to produce experiments that prove what I am saying is true/false, but I lack the resources to build these simple systems or to be of benefit to society. 
If we understood fractals and non-linear equations we would see that calculus does not describe interactions. Calculus requires a universal time clock, this is not found in the universe. dt binds the equation to a standard time. This is not to say Calculus is not useful, it is just not useful in describing interactions of analog or non-related data. I really should have never brought up the issue with calculus, this discussion will only bring up disdain in readers.

Thanks for reading my work.
Aaron Guerami 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Draft problem 2

To do this I need to build the description of the photon,

The photon is an analog of information about the emitting baryon. This data structure called the photon holds information on the emitting baryon's nature.

The information contained in a photon transmits the temperature of the emitting baryon.

A bit of information is called a meme. Fractals are used to reduce the complex information to smaller, more discrete variables. Three memes rotating, producing 4 bits of information.

Level of information.
Lever 4 data is raw information. All higher level dataset is a derivative of the level 4 data.
Level 4 data is 4 bit
Level 3 dataset is 16 bits
Level 2 dataset is 64 bits
Level 1 dataset is 256 bits

3 Level 4 datasets + rotation = 1 Level 3 rotating dataset.
3 Level 3 datasets + rotation = 1 Level 2 rotating dataset
3 Level 2 datasets + rotation = 1 Level 1 rotating dataset
3 Level 1 datasets + rotation = 1 photon.

4 dimensions of information in 4 dimensions of space.

Wave Length: u(λ,T) = ((8(pi)hc)/λ^5)*(1/e^(hc/λkT)-1)
Planck's Equations are quite useful. The reason they work so well is they are not influenced by gravity. By using Max Planck wave length equations, we can derive the temperature and frequency of the wave length.
The wavelength of a photon is the information about the photon.

The memes of the (L1)wave length are;
(L2) the wave length

(L2)the radius of the wave length to the midpoint of rotation at the largest area of the cone.

(L2) the velocity of the spin
(L2)previous position ((L3)x,y,z).

Frequency: u(v,T) = ((8(pi)hv^3)/(c^3))*(1/(e^(hv/kT)-1)
The frequency of the photon is the intensity of the emitting baryon.
The memes of the (L1) Frequency are
(L2) angular momentum of each meme.
(L2) The frequency or vibration of each meme.
(L2) Spin Velocity (speed and direction) of each meme.
(L2) Previous Spin Velocity.

The Spectra of the photon is the identification of the emitting baryon. By evaluating what is missing in the spectra, the receiving baryon can identify the part the molecule the emitting baryon was. Spectra also describes the identity and intensity from the emitting baryon of every magnetic field the photon passes through. 

u = spectra. The emitting Baryon leaves its identification on the spectra. Along the spectral line, where the temperature = 0, identifies the emitting baryon and the history of photon and W+/- Boson interactions. Spectra is the temperature.

The spin of the photon is the counter of the photon. 


Lets look at this through a filter. What happens to the photons when I place a filter on my telescope?

The filter absorbs or reflects photons. It also allows some photons to pass through, but altered.

The Spectra of a photon is the identification of the emitting baryon and the history of what magnetic fields the photon has passed through.

Polishing a mirror. The interaction of the photon and electron.

Polishing a mirror is smoothing the glass molecules and moving almost all the electrons on one side of the glass to the next layers of the glass. The uncharged mirror then can reflect the photon.

It is important to understand that a photon must be absorbed and created by an electron. The electron is the interaction of the Z Boson and the W+/- Boson.

Move to new posting

Photons in motion through Dark Energy. 
1) the photons motion in general
2) Dark Energy
3) Interactions
   a) W+/- Boson
   b) baryons without electrons
4) Electron emission
5) Electron absorption 

Problem 2
2) The perception of it being slower when passing through a non-vacuum is due to the time lost to photons being absorbed and re-emitted by the matter it is passing through.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Disproof of the Constance of the Speed of Light

This came to me as a comment on 'The Speed of Light is a Variable'
Anonymous said...

The velocity of light is a constant. The perception of it being slower when passing through a non-vacuum is due to the time lost to photons being absorbed and re-emitted by the matter it is passing through. During those times when the photon (or any massless particle) exists as an independent particle, it travels at exactly C. Refer to the field of quantum electrodynamics for details.

I am going to discuss each point. 
1) The velocity of light is a constant.

The velocity of light changes in the presence of a magnetic field. This is the Zeeman Effect. 

Credit: NOAO

That is a change in velocity of light in the presence of a magnetic field.
There are equations that describe the Zeeman Effect. 
But, that is the halting of the rotation of the photon's data over a distance created by a magnetic field.

A photon always passes through a medium. There is no possible way to create a magnetic vacuum in our galactic cluster. Everything between the Earth and the Magnetosphere is in a magnetic field. Everything between the Sun and the Heliosphere is in a magnetic field. This even extends to galaxies. As we see in this picture.

Caption: This is a false color image of the central region of a galaxy group in X-rays. The jet of matter blown out of the central black hole can be clearly identified by its radio luminosity (overlaid, purple-blue).

Credit: Image: S. Giodini/A. Finoguenov/MPE

Photons from those visible background galaxies are impacted by the magnetic field of galaxies closer to us. These massive magnetic field show that gravitational lensing has nothing to do with gravity.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Thought

Thought is the byproduct of the interaction of the Z Boson and Chemistry.

Thought is the self organization of Baryons. Thought can organize and manipulate Bosons.

Thought can organize Bosons into complex systems. Thought can organize the density of Baryons. Thought can manipulate and organize Photons, Z Bosons and W+/- Bosons.

Thought is seen to exist in inorganic chemistry as crystalline structure. Thought in inorganic chemistry cannot extend beyond inorganic chemistry. Thought in inorganic chemistry is the organization of Baryons to efficiently transmit information. For example water passing though minerals uses Z Bosons to break the bonds of previously existing baryonic structures to create new more efficient structures.

Thought in inorganic chemistry must exist in order for there to be a more efficient version in organic chemistry.

Thought in organic chemistry can create non-similar or byproduct processes. Thought in organic chemistry can store Thought. Thought in Organics are self-replicating. Thought in organic chemistry can become self-aware.  Thought can create interactions of bosons that can extend beyond Organic Chemistry.

Complexity in organic chemistry breaks down to simpler component when Thought fails efficiency.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lunar Librations

Credit NASA

Credit Mesic,Astronomie.CZ

There are many of these on youtube.
Thanks for your work everyone.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Z Boson and mass

I know this is a preprint. I know this is your understanding of the motion of electricity. I have a few questions. I love the fact that this document is pictures instead of text so questions cannot be asked. You cannot copy an area of text and question it. So I will retype the information.

On page two, you have defined the mass of a Z-Boson to 

That is a very specific number to be a new constant. That is not the direct problem I have with this. You are measuring mass in voltage.

Since you are measuring the cross section of the Z-Boson as  of which we both agree.

Call me crazy, and I know you will, but intensity of electricity is always measured in Amperes. Thus the intensity of a Z-Boson can never be measured as mass.

Using Ohm's law we can determine the current(intensity) of a Z-Boson, which is variable not constant.

Why is it that you measure electricity as mass? At best that does not make sense with what is known.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NGC 3603 Interesting cluster

Credit: NASA, ESA and Wolfgang Brandner (MPIA), Boyke Rochau (MPIA) and Andrea Stolte (University of Cologne)"The cluster, formally known as the NGC 3603 Young Cluster, is about 20 000 light-years from the Sun which makes these measurements extraordinarily difficult."
This is 17 light-years across. This picture cast severe doubts on Newtonian mechanics and Kepler orbits. I need to think more about that distance and number of stars in the cluster.
Another great paper on NGC 3603
Galactic Starburst NGC 3603 from XRay to Radio

A. F. J. Moffat ,1 M. F. Corcoran ,2,3 I. R. Stevens ,4 G. Skalkowski ,1 S. V. Marchenko ,1,5 A. Mücke ,1,6 A. Ptak ,7B. S. Koribalski ,8 L. Brenneman ,3 R. Mushotzky ,3 J. M. Pittard ,9 A. M. T. Pollock ,10 and W. Brandner 11
The Astrophysical Journal, 573:191-198, 2002 July 1
© 2002. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A.
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This picture was taken on 

2007 October 5 

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Geo-magnetic induced current

I am glad to see more interest in this phenomena.  geo-magnatically induced current

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Equality is highly overrated

Equality only exist in integer math. We use this integer equality to measure identity not equality. This is one quart of milk. This is another quart of milk. Together they are two quarts of milk.

All things are different. There is always a distinct variable that will show difference in objects that would normally pass an identity proof, symmetry proof. There is always some level of variability between two seemingly identical objects.

Seemingly identical objects measured as Real Numbers, will always show difference. Minutia is required in identifying objects measured in Real Numbers. One quart of milk will never equal another quart of milk. Quart (a) != Quart (b). Two quarts of milk cannot weigh the same. Two quarts of milk cannot occupy the same space. two quarts of milk will have different volumes because of rates of spoilage. The two quarts of milk will have different temperatures. The two quarts of milk will have different histories. The two quarts of milk have different values based on location.   

All of those variables are required to make a quart of milk. You cannot have a quart of milk without a rate of spoilage. Even frozen there is a point in time when the milk breaks down or is no longer functional as the abstraction milk. This is true for all real objects and their cumulative abstractions.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The problem with spheres.


Thanks for reading and commenting on my work.
Sherlock said...

Yeh, and if the detection events are at the same time, they have to be equal distance from the main event.
You said: No, they will never be equal distance from the original event.
Aaron, If the original event is at the center of a sphere, every observer on the surface of the sphere will see the event at the same time. The time the event is observed is determined by the distance from the event. The observers on the surface of the sphere are all equal distance from the event and therefore will see the event at the same time. It can't be any other way unless the speed of light varies within the volume of the sphere.


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There are several problems with perfect geometry shapes. The main and most obvious problem with a sphere is that it cannot exist in reality. There is no example of a perfect sphere in reality. The Earth is not a sphere. The Sun is not a sphere and galaxies are definitely not spheres. 

The requirement of a sphere is that every surface point is equidistant from the center of the sphere. This is not only unlikely but impossible.  The simple baryon is a rotating triangle with several boson emanating from the baryon. The Z Boson connects the baryon to the lepton electron. The Lepton electron expresses the W+/- Boson perpendicular to the Z Boson. The lepton electron expresses the photon opposite from the Z Boson. The area near the electron will look like this. 

This area around the electron is not symmetrical. This disproves the symmetry required for a sphere.

There are other problems with photons reaching the surface at the same time. So lets disregard the above disproof and say we found an object where all surface points are equidistant from the center event. The event occurs and photons emit outward from the center point towards the surface. Every point between the center and the surface is of a different density.

Photons are the force that transfers heat. Temperature travels through differing densities at different rates. The medium will have different magnetic fields for each point. These magnetic fields will change the speed and direction of each photon. This is shown by the Zeeman Effect.

In conclusion it is not possible for photons to travel from a center event to the surface detectors at the same rate.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Buoyancy is the difference between two or more densities. The greater the difference the faster the motion.

NASA cannot charge citizens for papers

NASA Goddard is posting to IOP. Really, NASA cannot set up its own FTP server.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Study of Mathematics: Analog vs. Digital

I agree with what Prof. Benjamin is saying. It is not necessary for people to understand limits and functions, but it is necessary for people to understand probability and statistics.

It is necessary for scientist to understand that we live in an analog world. Our tools are functional. Thus they are digital and cannot describe nature.

The reason our Neural Networks work the way the they do is because our brain/culture are analog computers. The data they work with is analog. We use algorithms like Monte Carlo systems to convert analog information into digital data.

We know very little about analog systems. We know very little about converting analog information into digital systems. Yes, we can collect analog information on a digital CCD chip to create a picture. But we cannot reverse the process.

This is because of calculus. Sorry Newton. What is the probability an electron will change charge if the surrounding baryons forms a Copper atom? What is the probability an electron will change charge if the surrounding baryons forms a Carbon atom? These are analog questions.

To even setup an analog question, one needs 16 bits of information per baryon emission, minimum. To change a baryon, each affecting boson produces 4 bits of information. This is the many to one relationship. Thus the universe is analog not functional.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Universal instant

An instant is not viable in the universe.

The area of the universe we occupy is asymmetrical.

I want to look at this picture again.

Caption: This is a false color image of the central region of a galaxy group in X-rays. The jet of matter blown out of the central black hole can be clearly identified by its radio luminosity (overlaid, purple-blue).

Credit: Image: S. Giodini/A. Finoguenov/MPE

96% of the material of the visible universe is theoretical Dark Matter. We can actually see it through interactions with magnetism. A couple postings down there is a great picture of a spiral galaxy radiating large amounts of magnetism and electricity. But where there should be magnetism there is only dark. In this area Dark Matter is far more pressurized then the baryonic matter.

There is something big in the Dark Matter sense in that picture. We see the equilibrium of the W+/- Bosons against the Anti-Gluons. It is closer to the actual galaxy

Just because we can take pictures and save them does not mean the universe has a global clock.

For a photon, time is the number of rotations taken during the trip from emitter to receiver. Magnetic fields affect the rotation of photons. Thus all time is local (to the receiving baryon).

For a baryon the axial rotation is time. Three gluons form a triangle. That triangle spins on the opposite quark.

Time for a Baryon is not relevant to a photon. But for the receiving Baryon the time the photon existed is relevant to the temperature calculation.
Another thing about that picture. It is twice a ground based atomic explosion. Two mushroom clouds.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Super-massive Black Holes in the Standard Vibration Model

The current model states there is a super-massive black hole in the center of the galaxy. This black hole sucks in surrounding objects along the 2d plane and ejects ultra high energy gamma rays out the poles. There is a possibility of being sucked through and ending up in a neighboring universe. This is what is being taught.

What we are seeing is not what is being taught.

1) The black holes in the center of all galaxies are Planck's black body radiator. They are ultra-dense stars.

2) The black hole is an ultra-dense fusion reactor. That means it is crushing together elements that we think are dense(Uranium, Plutonium,...) and producing more dense elements.    

3) Black holes emit enormous amounts of magnetism, W+/- Bosons. We see this magnetic field extend way beyond the limit of visible stars within in the galaxy.

4) Black holes emit Z boson discharges. electric discharges.

5) Each star has the same variables that a black hole has. The star is just less intense.

Microwaving a Tornado

Dr. Eastlund proposes a simple system to dissipate the equilibrium required for tornado stability.

Essentially he is proposing heating areas of the tornado with microwave dish on emergency vehicles. This proposal will increase the temperature of an area of the tornado by pointing many microwave emitters at one area of the cyclone. This rapid change in temperature will cause the cyclone's equilibrium to collapse.

This idea should be seriously be considered by States. These can be built by local emergency vehicle manufacturers.


Thanks to Curt

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Black holes eject material

Caption: This is a false color image of the central region of a galaxy group in X-rays. The jet of matter blown out of the central black hole can be clearly identified by its radio luminosity (overlaid, purple-blue).

Credit: Image: S. Giodini/A. Finoguenov/MPE
That is the center of that galaxy. That not so tiny visible galaxy is the center of that object.

The purple represents the Z Boson jets. I can also see a purple area Away from the jets. This is lightning, or a Z Boson discharge.

The red area represents the W +/- Boson. Magnetism. The W+/- Boson is perpendicular in shape to the Z Boson. One is the inverse of the other.

The radiation from the core of the galaxy extends way beyond the visual spectrum. 10^100 times or more. This is the set of shapes described. We can see the interactions changing the perfect model.

We also see asymmetric negative pressure dark matter is affecting the galaxy through magnetism. The right side of the magnetic field of this galaxy is being pressurized.

I would like to know. What galaxy is this? Are their other pictures of this galaxy. Are there other galaxies that are imaged in this manner? Is the bar of that barred spiral galaxy in line or perpendicular to the Z Boson jets?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Vortex

The shape that I previously described as the tube should be described as the Vortex. The Z Boson travels in a vortex pattern. This is why we see lightning in vortices.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The sun is not as described.

The Surface of the Sun

Huge questions.

The current model of the sun is that it is hydrogen and metallic helium. This is wrong.

We are seeing very dense materials in the sun. The sun has a liquid surface of iron. That is the surface. That means the solid/plasma core is even more dense. Could it be a heavy radioactive material like Uranium is the core of the sun?

This would not surprise me. This model has pointed me in this direction.

This brings forth many questions.