Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Perception of a dimension is not REAL

This came to me from a Fermilab Today Newsletter. Dated 07-22-2011.
"Stricter bounds on extra dimensions

What looks like a one-dimensional world to a large creature might actually be two-dimensional at smaller scales.
One of the goals of the LHC is to search for evidence of extra dimensions— spatial directions such as length, breadth and height, but curled or curved in a way that hides their existence in everyday life. In a recent paper, CMS scientists presented new bounds on such a scenario.

Extra dimensions could hide from our perception by curling into tiny loops. A particle that drifts a microscopic distance in this new direction would circumnavigate the loop and arrive at its starting point almost immediately. The universe might have several microscopic dimensions in addition to the three large dimensions that we know well.

Collisions in the LHC could reveal new dimensions by creating particles that are small enough to fit inside them. High-energy colliders are often called microscopes because the energetic particles they make fill less space than low-energy particles, which allows them to probe the smallest structures in nature. If extra dimensions exist, then some energy would seem to disappear from view as particles traverse the tiny loops. In the CMS detector, this would look like an energy imbalance in the highest-energy collisions.

In this analysis, the scientists studied collisions resulting in a large energy imbalance. Their observations are consistent with the conventional three dimensions, so if a fourth, fifth or sixth dimension does exist, then it must be curled up even smaller than previously hypothesized. For example, if there are six new dimensions, then they can be no larger than about 20 femtometers, which is as small as an atomic nucleus. This is two times smaller than what was previously considered.

In a nice feat of recycling, the same experimental measurement applies to a completely different theory. Hypothetical particles without a well-defined mass, called unparticles, would produce similar patterns in the collision debris. Wasting not, the authors tightened the world's knowledge about unparticles as well."

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In the Standard Vibration Model, there are only 3 dimensions. Time is managed by the individual Bosons using counters, be it waves or rotations. This time counter for each boson shows change when interacting with other bosons

Let's look at the anaology presented above. The chameleon obviously lives in 3d. It can move in x,y,z directions. It can jump, duck, go right or left, and forward and back; x,y,z.

Let's look at the ant. The ant in this model lives in a 2d world; x,y. This is absurd! I have seen ants crawl up my leg to bite me. So even the ant lives in 3d. A smart and lucky ant would see the predator and try to flee.

Even at the microscopic level animals that are on a slide move in 3d. Why? Because there is enough water between the two plates of glass to provide a space to move.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Students can participate in real time solar weather study

NASA and The Stanford Solar Center have produced a inexpensive tool for people to watch solar weather.