Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why are we still talking about the Higg`s Boson?

You have found a result that lies on the E/M scale. If it is found on the E/M scale then it must be Electricity or Magnetic. Your rules define this.

The rules of gravity create the problems that point out that gravity as a concept cannot exist.

1) Hydrogen and Helium are not affected by gravity. Thus their masses push against larger masses.

2) Data about mass exceeds the speed of light. The speed of gravity must be instantaneous to exist.

3) Gravity has no provisions for E/M. Equations of gravity do not involve E/M.

About the process. Something happens at 7tv that may support an anomalous event. But it is important to note that this event does not occur on all tests at 7tv. The hunt for the glue that bind mass to gravity would be everywhere since it is the most important concept of current physics. Every result would show events at 7tv.

Peer Review. People. If the model does not change it is either correct or being funded.