Friday, June 22, 2012

Order of Operations in Reality

I have thought on this subject for some time. The question I asked for some time now is which boson might have priority in the equations of density, movement, and energy influncing a baryon?

After much reflection, the equations cannot have an order of operations for the influence of bosons upon a baryon. The equation for motion reads the current position of a baryon is equal to the previous position plus the changes in temperature, magnetism, electricity upon the baryon. This shows that the order of operations occur within the Dark Energy Ruleset at the same time.

This allows the order of operations to be one dimentional in aspect for the ruleset to evaluate two dimensional structures. Read, Calculate, Write.

It is the Bosons themselves that express order of operations. The W+/- Boson attracts or repels both the Z Boson and the Photon to the Electron. These are all secondary derived interactions. It is at this point that the Electron divides informaton up to be expressed by the expression bosons.

It is worth a note that a Gluon cannot occupy the same ruleset as the other bosons. The W+/-, Z and Photon are all converted by the electron before being introduced to the Baryon's Gluons.