Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Distribution of Spiral galaxies

How typical are the satellites of the Milky Way? from Risa Wechsler on Vimeo.

Galaxies in Real and Simulated Universes from Risa Wechsler on Vimeo.

Formation of the Milky Way and its Neighbors from Risa Wechsler on Vimeo.

Credit NSF, SDSS

Excellent work in modeling then comparing to real data.

I need to add that ^CDM is a model of cosmology that stands on its own. Its use of gravity is a major difference. But I am glad to see major work on dark matter densities.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gamma Ray Bursts

This story comes from universetoday.com

The author Steve Nerlich states,
"Gamma ray bursts an artifact of the mathematics of General Relativity".

This is a direct failure of GR. It cannot understand or account for energy being released from what it deems the basis of it's model. GR ans SR are a derivitive of Gravity in two dimensions. With this issue GR and SR are not capable of describing energy as expressed as spectra, electricity, magnetism, or density. So the need to create theoretical nonsense to fix the math. If a model of physics includes; time travel, white holes, Black holes... then it needs to be reexamined.

The Einsteinians need to know that it is the elecrodynamics world which can account for these Gamma Rays. Thay are created in many labs throught the world.

It is from these labs that observation is destroying known theory.

The Standard Vibration Model expresses information from one baryon to another. This is the major difference between most models and this one. This model uses known observation to explain even minute issues like