Thursday, June 11, 2009

Split Photons

In the presence of magnetic field, spectral lines that are normally at a single wavelength become split into two or three components. Here observations of spectral lines inside a sunspot (split lines) and in the surrounding solar surface (single line) are shown.
Image credit: NOAO.
From Heidi Korhonen at


This is amazing. Here we see a split spectra due to magnetism. In great magnetic fields, photons bend or in this case split. Since this is a spectral line, I would say that this is evidence of 3 pieces of information contained in the wave.

addendum 07/22/2009
This is called the Zeeman Effect. It is caused by a strong magnetic field effecting the information of the photon. I also notice that when the strong magnetic field dissipates the photon information returns to itself and continues on in a slightly changed direction. This slight change can account for Non-Gravitational Lensing of light in galactic clusters.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Solar System is Ordered by Density

Each of the planets in the solar system are ordered by the density of the material they consist in the cores.

The very dense metal cores make up the inner planets.

The gas giants and ice giants have light metals and metallic hydrogen cores.

Outside that are the ice clouds.

Addendum 6/30/09

I have published a paper on this topic with data at General Science Journal

Sunday, June 7, 2009

DNA and Z Boson Information

This comes from GSJ forum. This stems from a discussion on consciousness and matter. It started as a discussion on time. We diverged.

Consciousness is not necessary for matter. Matter has rules. What is interesting about consciousness is that it forms only in carbon and silicon, that we know of. I would say that consciousness is only the effect of information efficient carbon structures.

The Neural Network is necessary to produce the efficiency needed to store and process information in carbon. Other structures either store or process information.

This is the process of DNA. DNA is a carbon structure that is efficient at processing information but not storage. An electron starts at one side of the structure and changes the information it stores as it passes along the structure. Like an antenna that changes the information as it receives and transmits the information along the chain. Proteins are produced through this process. The proteins store this information, until it's information is used by other carbon structures.

The Z Boson is most responsible for this process. It processes the information until it is finished with the chain. It hands of the electron to another Z Boson, processing the information in the Gluons. Like an antenna, that changes the information along its length.

This process is far more complex than motion or clocks. It is not so simple to jump from matter to consciousness. Consciousness is a virtualization of information.


Not only must models of the universe explain; the motion of matter, descriptions of electricity and magnetism, they must explain the jump to Organic Chemistry. It is fundamental to any model of the universe to describe how we work. It is vital that the rules maintain consistency through all the variations of information. This model of information can make that consistency challenge.

The new model of information will be the basis for the study of Organic Computational Science. This will be the understanding of the principles of information in organic structures.