Thursday, June 11, 2009

Split Photons

In the presence of magnetic field, spectral lines that are normally at a single wavelength become split into two or three components. Here observations of spectral lines inside a sunspot (split lines) and in the surrounding solar surface (single line) are shown.
Image credit: NOAO.
From Heidi Korhonen at


This is amazing. Here we see a split spectra due to magnetism. In great magnetic fields, photons bend or in this case split. Since this is a spectral line, I would say that this is evidence of 3 pieces of information contained in the wave.

addendum 07/22/2009
This is called the Zeeman Effect. It is caused by a strong magnetic field effecting the information of the photon. I also notice that when the strong magnetic field dissipates the photon information returns to itself and continues on in a slightly changed direction. This slight change can account for Non-Gravitational Lensing of light in galactic clusters.
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