Friday, December 5, 2008

Space is not a vacuum

The vacuum of (Solar System: added 8/22/09) space is a fallacy. Space is full of radiation, ions, baryonic matter, dark matter, W boson, and photons. In space the density of baryonic matter is low but not 0 per cm^3.

When the ISS is not in the shadow of the sun it is under constant bombardment from the sun. In this case density of photon-waves is quite high in the area close to the sun (150m km). The Photon-wave transmits the information on temperature, wave-length and frequency of the star at that distance. E=hv.

Since we have different classes of vibrations , they can have different densities in an area of space. The Earth is an area of space where baryonic matter density is quite high. Also the Earth emits photon-waves, and magnetism. Yet the space between Earth and Venus is mostly filled with photon-waves and magnetism emitted from the Sun.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gravity Anomaly Map of the Moon

This comes from The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA

Congratulations on such an excellent density map of Mascons on the Moon.

Gravity Anomaly detected by using 4-way Doppler observation data from the RSTAR (OKINA) (RSAT)-New finding in study on the Origin of Dichotomy for the Moon-
April 16, 2008 (JST)
Kyushu University
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

JAXA announced a new finding of a gravity anomaly for both the near side and far side of the Moon by using 4-way Doppler observation data from the RSTAR (OKINA) with the main orbiter, the KAGUYA.
1)Gravity Anomaly Map by the KAGUYA

2)Gravity Anomaly Map in prior to the KAGUYA

3)The Apollo basin(S36,W150)

Until now, the gravity anomaly of the far side of the Moon has not been understood well. The gravity anomaly, which was obscure before, has been clearly revealed through observations by the Kaguya mission. For instance, the gravity anomaly of a basin on the far side is found to be characterized by a negative anomaly in a ring like the Apollo basin. On the other hand, the gravity anomaly of the basin on the near side is uniformly positive over the region such as with the Mare Serenitatis. Thus, the clear difference in gravity anomaly on the near side and the far side has been newly discovered and this fact brings a different story about the structure of the underground and the history of the evolution of the far side and near side of the Moon.

The gravity anomaly map for many regions will be developed more precisely and show the difference of gravity anomaly between the near side and the far side by adding more observation data. The latest observation data by the Kaguya will play a key role to promote the study of the origin and the evolution of the Moon. In addition, highly accurate lunar gravity distribution data will be useful for future lunar explorers.

*Gravity anomaly: The lunar gravity field is not homogenous. Any region of the Moon with a higher than expected mass density will produce a gravity anomaly.

*Dichotomy of the Moon: Between the near side and the far side, clear asymmetry is called the "Dichotomy of the Moon" as in the thickness of the lunar crust and the distribution of the lunar Maria.
Gravity Anomaly Map at the Apollo basin

Gravity Anomaly Map at the Mare Serenitatis(N26,E19)

*RSAT/VRAD mission instrument team:
Kyushu University (RSAT Principle Investigator), NAOJ (VRAD: VLBI Satellite radio source Principle Investigator), Researchers from JAXA also participate as sub-PI or Co-I in the mission instrument team.

Current lunar gravity field models include large uncertainties on the far side of the Moon. For instance, the figure in the middle shows the current gravity distribution model for the Apollo basin by LP165P. The color of the figure shows strength of the gravity field in blue, green, yellow, and red, in that order. Red indicates a positive gravity anomaly related to either a topographic high or a dense material in the subsurface. In contrast, blue shows that a negative gravity anomaly related to a topographic low or less dense material. The gravity anomaly shown in the figure on the left hand side is processed by new data taken by the KAGUYA. The gravity anomaly in the Apollo basin is now identified as concentric rings of yellow, blue, and thin red from the center to outside.
*LP165P: Lunar gravity model developed by Konopliv et al.. incorporating tracking data from the Lunar Prospector spacecraft into a historical data set.

A new gravity anomaly map developed by the KAGUYA reveals that not only the Apollo basin, but many other basins on the far side of the Moon are characterized by a large negative gravity anomaly. Such a signature of far side gravity is distinguished from that on the near side. For example, the Mare Serenitatis, the representative basin on the near side, shows a strong positive (red color) gravity anomaly at the center of the basin (figure in the middle). The newly found difference of gravity anomaly on the near side and the far side gives us clues to important questions regarding the structure of the lunar interior and the formation of the far side and near side of the Moon. The gravity anomaly map will become more precise as more observation data is obtained by the KAGUYA. The latest observation data by the Kaguya will play a key role to promote a study of the origin and the evolution of the Moon. In addition, highly accurate lunar gravity distribution data will be used for future lunar explorations.

Four-way Doppler observation scheme

A schematic figure showing the principle of the four-way Doppler measurements of the Main Orbiter (KAGUYA) by using a relay satellite (OKINA). The uplink radio wave from the Usuda Deep Space Center (UDSC) is relayed to the Main Orbiter via the relay satellite (OKINA), which is returned to the UDSC via relay satellite (OKINA) again. Then the Doppler frequency is measured at the UDSC.
Copyright 2007 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Thanks to Curt Youngs for showing me this.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To every action there is NOT an equal and opposite reaction: Part 2

Israel Sadovnik: To every action there is NOT an equal and opposite reaction.
Because in QT " The third Newton's law " must submit to
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle .

This is the only resolution to the initial problem.

The universe is not symmetrical or static.

Information is processed before reacted to. Thus the loss of conservation is in time, thus the loss of time results in a loss of energy. For Example if Max hit Curt. It would take Curt a moment to realize that he was hit, from where he was hit, and how to hit back. These are all losses of energy. Curt's reaction would not be like a spring, but a new instance of hitting, once he collected his steel balls.

The real example is if a steel ball was floating in space and was hit by the pressure wave of an exploding star. It would not instantaneously move, it would move after the density of the ball was overcome by the energy of the wave. When the density of the ball was subtracted from the energy of the wave, the ball would move. So if the energy wave traveled a great distance, the ball may not move, but reflect the energy.

Near and far fields

Curt Youngs: Yes! At longer wave lengths an antenna is required. Now, radiation around the antenna develops a near field at the transmitter and the receiver. This near field is a standing wave. Within the standing wave, the electric and magnetic fields are at 90 degrees. In the far field, these fields are parallel to each other, and parallel to the propagation, so it is said.

Aaron: The reason, in my model, the near and far fields must be perpendicular to each other is that they are different vibrations. The far field I have described as the W boson and the near field is the Z boson. They have two different functions.

The W boson carries information directly from Gluon to Gluon. This is the far field. This field can travel large distances. The information it carries is voltage, current and charge plus a counter. When the W boson is received by another pro-spin Gluon, it is read as magnetism.

When the W boson is read by an anti-spin Gluon, it is read as pressure. It too is magnetism but non-baryonic Dark Matter uses this information differently. Dark Matter reacts to magnetism as a pressure and is repulsed by it. This causes a bubble in the Dark Matter allowing for Baryonic Specific Density (what use to be known as gravity).

The Z boson is the near field electric component of the Gluon's transmission of information. The Z boson excites the electron. This can have two outcomes. First is the releasing of a photon wave. Second is to excite the electron with charge, current, and voltage causing the near field.

As an antenna, an electron can move from atom to atom to continue to read information from the same wavelength. The longer the wavelength the further the electron travels up the field while reading. The electron reads one entire spin of the wavelength, gathering all the information from the photon wave. This information is converted to a z boson and returned to a gluon for processing. The gluon reacts to the information by expressing pressure, heat, and charge.

(Addendum) 5/10/09 - The W+/- and Z Bosons are nearly perpendicular to each other. The spin of the Baryon causes variation in position of each field. This is an equilibrium point.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Electron minimum/maximum read/write

The electron has a minimum and a maximum temperature, frequency, wave length that it can read or write. If any of these exceeded then the electron cannot read or write the information.

So if there are photon wave that have frequencies that are below the electron threshold, this means that the photon wave has travel too far and it temp is to low, or it has been modified by other fields that would extend the wave length.

For maximum temperatures electrons cannot exist. For example those black holes that I described

The temperature for the black body object referred to as a black hole exceeds 15000k. This temperature is to high for atoms to fully form. When the temperature drops below 5200k electrons can release photon waves.

In conclusion a photon that has a wave length that is too long will have a temperature that is too low for the electron to read. Even the largest atoms cannot read a wave length that is larger than the atom electron path.

An antenna is a series of atoms that allow an electron to pass along the length of the antenna to read the long wave length. Some wave lengths are so long that they will pass around the solar system. These photon waves are so cold that they seem unnoticeable. But if you built an antenna large enough you would register them. They would be read.

If the temperature is too high, the electron cannot form.

Information Density and the Gluon

E = hv

Which says Energy = Planck's Constant h multiplied by the frequency of the vibration.

Now these are 19th century equations that have been purposefully discarded by einsteinians. Because they are difficult. Not a good reason.

Others density equations include (Planck)
u(v,T) = ((8(pi)hv^3)/(c^3))*(1/(e^(hv/kT)-1)

Wave length
u(λ,T) = ((8(pi)hc)/λ^5)*(1/e^(hc/λkT)-1)

u = spectra. The emitting Baryon leaves its identification on the spectra. Along the spectral line, where the temperature = 0, identifies the emitting baryon.

So here we have an exactly derived system of equations that show the vibration of energy over time through its frequency or wave length. There are other equations that show the vibration of energy over time through its charge or current. This is the basis of my model.

Now the sender and receiver of this energy is the gluon. Gluons communicate like this.
This is me,
All of this information is in the photonwave. The gluon produces the photonwave by exciting a z boson (near field) and vibrating the loaded electron. Then the electron discharges the photonwave.
I have a frequency of u(v,T)
I have a wave length of u(λ,T)
I have an intensity of u(λ,v,T)
and my identity is where the information is 0

A similar process occurs with the W boson. The gluon vibrates and discharges the w boson.
it says I am a far field W boson
(I am not as familiar with these equations)
I have a charge of
I have a inducted current of
I have voltage of

I will fill these W boson magnetism equations

Simple Counter

Both the photonwave and the W boson have counters. This is a simple mechanism that counts the number of spins since existence. So

Distance traveled = number of dark energy units or spins counted.

This counter tells the receiving atom the temperature loss in the photon wave and the pressure loss in the W boson since inception

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Gluon: The Master of Information

It is the Gluon that is the most important vibration in our universe. It communicates information to all other systems of vibrations as expressions. All information communication is essentially Gluon to Gluon communication. Each Gluon needs to communicate certain bits of information to other Gluons.

Gluons use certain vibrations to communicate different bits of information to other Gluons. The type of information determines the type of vibration used to communicate that information. The Bosons are the vibrations that transmit information. The Leptons and Quarks are expressions of the Gluon's information.

There are simple Gluon to Gluon communication through Quantumchromodynamics(QCD). The W+/- Boson communicates magnetism directly from Gluon to Gluon over a distance. The Photon communicates heat, pressure, and time to other Gluons through a more complicated system using both the Z Boson and the Electron. This system transmits information over great distances.

All Quarks store information for Gluons. The Strong Nuclear Force is the storage of Gluon information. Essentially a Quark is part of a Gluon and is the final expression of Gluon information.

All Leptons are responsible for secondary transmission of information for Gluons. The electron vibration loads information (described as Reiter Loading Theory) to be releasing the photon-wave as needed. The electron vibration now free of the photon-wave can accept a photon-wave and read the information from another Gluon.

Another important interaction the gluon is responsible for is the W boson communicates with dark matter. I postulate that the Gluon can have an anti-spin. This anti-spin Gluon causes expression of Dark Matter in a chain. The W boson provides magnetism information to the Dark Matter chain repelling it from the W boson. This is responsible for the bubble in Dark Matter causing Specific Baryonic Density (what was known as gravity).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Disproof of Gravity

The standard particle model has yet to find any sign of Gravity. This is most concerning since gravity is used by most modern equations. Great particle accelerators have hunted for any signs of gravity. None found!

But one simple experiment shows there is no gravity. The Helium Balloon. It rises. How is this possible? Classical Mechanics shows that Force equals the inverse of the Constant of Gravity multiplied by the Mass of Object 1 multiplied by the Mass of Object 2 divided by the Distance between the two masses raised to the second power. F=-GM1M2/r^2

In this equation the mass of the earth is so great that the helium balloon would have no choice but to be attracted to the earth. It would not rise.

We see in the experiment that the helium is rising to meet its level of density.

Density is the most important function in determining the position of an object. Density is the vibration intensity within a volume in relation to the density of the surrounding medium.

Addendum 5/27/09: From the General Science Journal forum

Anonymous, (who ever you are?)
In standard conditions of temperature and pressure (SCTP), 1 kg of He fills a volume of 5.6 m³.
This also means that the density of He in SCTP is 0.1786 kg/m³.

This is an elementary secondary school calculation based of the atomic mass of Helium (4.0026 gr/mol) and the volume occupied by a mole in SCTP (0.022414 m³/mol).

Air composition is roughly 20.9% O2 and 79.1% N2.
This implies a volume of 0.777 m³ for 1kg of air, and a density of 1.287 kg/m³.


So what you are saying is that lifting force is the differential between differing densities. Why does the balloon accelerate? Is there a terminal velocity for the balloon in SCTP?

If we were to create a box 500m in the y, 10m in both the x and z in reference to the ground. This box has door with a 500m on one side. We can open the door to introduce our SCTP. But we don't want other influences on our experiment. So we close the door. At the bottom of the box we have a mechanical device that will release the helium balloon as described above but including the density of the mylar balloon in our calculations.

What set of equations would accurately describe the balloon's voyage? Gravity suggests that the massive Earth would pull the balloon or any mass towards it. The balloon would never leave the ground. So any equation based on the axiom of gravity would not work. Mass does not accurately describe anything. So any equations based on mass will not work. Only density equations will work.

The Disproof of Gravity

Standard Vibration Model

I am changing the name of my model to the Standard Vibration Model. This model relies on Eric Reiter's conclusions of waves and the work of many physicists who identified different classes of vibrations. Though they thought they were particles.

For example many physicist referred to the photon as a wave/particle duality. Reiter shows that the particle in any form is not a particle at all.

I will show how all these vibrations interact.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reiter Waves

Eric S. Reiter at

I need to show that I am referencing this dynamic and powerful tool called Photon Violation Spectroscopy which disproves the particle nature of light. This tool destroys concepts laid out in Quantum Mechanics and leaves open entire concepts for re-evaluation.

Particle Violation Spectroscopy is another tool that Reiter designed and built to disprove the particle nature of particles. This tool shows the wave nature of particles. This destroys Classical and Quantum Mechanics concepts. I will be referencing the results of his experiments in my blog.

His inventions produce incredible results and must be reproduced. I am going to continue work on my blog, if only to continue my understanding of the universe. Kudos to Eric Reiter on building an experiment that shows the true nature of matter and energy, and recording this in such detail.

I will also be referring to Reiter's Loading Theory in my blog. This is an important concept that is also described at CERN. Reiter's Loading Theory is a more in depth explanation of the problem.

Monday, November 10, 2008

To every action there is NOT an equal and opposite reaction

To the simple eye, there is a simple law of conservation that tells us that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. This is simply not true.

Two cue balls on earth with minor external friction from the media (atmosphere) on a pool table. Ball one is stationary, Ball two is charging at the Ball one at a speed of 1km/hr. When they hit, Ball two imparts energy as vibration into Ball one. They actually hit more than once in this instantaneous collision. The vibration causes a reduction in velocity of both objects. Ball one is not traveling at any factor of Ball two's original velocity. Ball two does not go in an exact negative velocity in any factor of the original velocity.

The collision causes a release of energy we refer to as sound. This is not an equal or opposite reaction. This pressure wave did not exist in any state before the collision. This equates to a loss of energy.

There is also a release of heat. This did not exist before the collision. This also equates to a loss of energy

Part of Ball two is left on Ball one and reverse. The amount is determined the densities of the balls and the speed of the collision. This also equates to a loss of energy.

The problem with classical physics is the need to reduce the problem to its simplest form. Instead of looking at the actual problem in its complexities.

We need to know the density, temperature, and magnetic field of the media, balls, and platform so we can know how long the vibration of the balls can continue.

There is no way to determine all the losses of energy in this collision. We cannot add up all the resultant energies to get the original energy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Information in action and inaction

Energy is memes (information) in action. Whereas particles are that same memes in expression.

Photons waves hold 4 memes of information; Temp, freq, wave length and counter.
Magnetism waves hold 4 memes of information; Charge, current, voltage and counter.

Electrons reads and writes the photon wave
Gluons writes and reads the W+/- boson. (Far field)
Electrons and Gluon read and write the Z boson (Near field)

Quantumchromodynamics(QDC color) is the expression of all of those memes as Quarks and Dark Matter by Gluons.

QCD is also the primary interaction between magnetism and Dark Matter. Dark Matter particles react to W boson magnetism through the gluon between each Dark Matter particle. This far field interaction causes a bubble in the Dark Matter allowing for the interaction we know as density/buoyancy of Baryonic Matter. What use to be known as gravity.

p.s. still no graviton.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spacecraft Design

This is one of my designs to replace Hubble Space Telescope.

Schwartz from Sun Microsystems made $11,000,000 in bonuses for 2008.

Let's see what would happen if I took that $11,000,000 and applied it to a Space Program.

1) It would cost $2,000,000 to buy a launch vehicle from Orbital Sciences.
2) It would cost $2,000,000 to build a multi-telescope to replace Hubble. Hubble is scrap now. It cannot be fixed.
3) 1,000,000 plant and facilities
4) 6,000,000 could employ 20 people
5) Some money would be left over for whatever.

Since Hubble is toast, every University would need to buy time from us to maintain their Astronomy programs.

This is what I can do with Schwarz's bonus check. Imagine what I can do with real money.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Black Hole flares

Max Planck's Institute

There is baryonic matter exiting the equator of this object that is suppose to suck up all matter and energy. This matter is being ejected in flares. These flares occur at different temperatures, thus differing wavelengths. This is not Hawkins pseudo-matter or whatever. Its baryonic and in the Near Infrared range (740K - 5200K).

The video in the post below shows stars orbiting the Black Hole. Not being suck up or being spread out. They speed up and slow down, but this is due to orbital velocity changes during the orbit.

Matter is being ejected from the black hole. Under no circumstances should this occur in a Newton/Einstein/Hawkins universe.

I think the major variables here are the radial velocity of the object and the temp. Like the ice skater spinning; arms out slower, lower temp; arms in faster, higher temp. I predict that radial velocity and density will have more to do with the shape of the galaxy. Then we can plot the shapes of galaxies based on their black hole's radial velocity and temp.

Also if two black holes interact they can distort the surrounding galaxies. yet never actually accrete. There are many examples of two galaxies passing through one another and emerging on the other side, damaged but still spiral in nature. There are far fewer accretive galaxies than would be expected under gravity.

We dump the strange singularity for a squashed sphere. If the material is He or H it should be so pressurized that it is magnetic.

Gravity needs to be removed from the equation here to account for these ejections. When we agree that there is no graviton and the black hole is really a black body spectral radiator. Only then can we really explain how this material exists, how the stars do not get absorbed, and get rid of the singularity.

These black holes are emitting massive amounts of magnetism. In my model it is enough to bend a bubble in the dark matter to allow for part of the galaxy of baryonic matter. Every once in a while it ejects baryonic matter in the form of flares. These flares accrete into stars quickly. As the stars become more dense they travel further away from the spectral radiator(black hole)

It is almost inverse of the gravity model.

I have yet to find any issue that cannot be explained under this model. Gravity is what is causing so much mysticism in physics. It does not exist.

But for the most part everything is explained in Planck's spectral equations and a bunch of other stuff. The 19th century scientist got it right. They just did not have the data to put it all together. 20th Century marketing ruined it for all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What is it with the concept of aether, that is so repugnant? What are the rules that this breaking? I would think the concept of an aether would just be an extension of the atmosphere or any other media. These differences between baryonic magnetic material and the non baryonic dark matter allows for bubbles in the aether. This bubble would be where baryonic matter can interact with the rules of magnetism, e/m, density...

If there is to be an aether, it needs a mechanism in which the baryonic bubble is defined. In my opinion this is magnetism. Magnetism through the W+/- boson vibrates charge and force. I am beginning to think that this W boson is only read/written by the gluon. That the electron converts photons into z bosons to pass to the gluon.

This transfer of information tells the dark matter particle how much magnetic pressure is being applied and how much it needs to recoil. At its root, all force is information. Each force/boson holds information on itself, describing its originator. The Quark or Dark Matter equivalent expresses this information.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Chain Nature of Dark Matter

In understanding the nature of memes(information) transmission in baryonic particles it becomes easier to understand the the nature of memes transmission between baryonic particles and dark matter. Memes needs to be transmitted from the baryonic atom to the dark matter particle through magnetism. Dark matter ignores photons because they lack charge. Dark matter reacts to charge, all charges +/- in the same manner. Dark matter is repulsed by charge.

There are 2 known particles that can convert magnetism into memes(information). The electron and the gluon. We can rule out the electron as a particle of dark matter because it has charge. Also if electrons were in interstellar space, photons would never make it through the medium and we would not see other galaxies. The gluon is a more promising particle that could be part of the dark matter chain.

We know that the gluon converts magnetism into color using quantum chromodynamics (QCD). When dark matter is in the presence of magnetism the dark matter is repelled. The interaction between dark matter sub-atomic particles is stronger than the magnetism applied to it. Magnetism is not strong enough to break the normal bond between the gluon and the dark matter particle attached to it. Magnetism bends this bond.

The chain nature of dark matter becomes obvious when gluons are inserted between dark matter particles. These chains form fabrics and the more dense they become the harder is becomes for baryonic particles and photons to move through them. Pioneer 10 and 11 show this in their attempts to exit the solar system.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free falling bodies

So If I understand the problem correctly, would two objects of different density dropped in the ISS, fall at different rate?

The major force on the above problem is the angular velocities of the two objects are the same as the space station and all will maintain the same orbit around the Earth. These three objects are falling at different rates but the angular velocity is more significant in this setup of the problem. Density has little to do with orbital periods, velocity is more significant here.

I would like to change the feather to a ball of water. Each ball is 1 kg.

What we would need to do is reduce the angular velocity of the lead ball and the ice ball to 0 km/sec in relation to a point on the Earth's surface. When this occurs the two objects are now falling to maintain their density.

Here the lead ball would turn to liquid, pass through the atmosphere and splat in the ocean. There it would cool again to a solid and fall to the ocean floor. It would continue falling for many eons through the sand, mantle to the core of the Earth. This is where it would meet its level of disbursement.

Whereas the water would start as ice and become vapor quickly. As a vapor it would disperse/equalize with other water vapor at its density level. In the high level atmosphere is where it would meet its level of disbursement. As it cooled it would then rain. The water would never have an altitude less than the ocean floor.

I was reading a paper on multiple instruction multiple data computing systems. What I got from it was that this is a multiple force problem. These forces; density and thermodynamic work together to create the bounds of the problem. When is the object is at a level of disbursement?

We cannot remove one of the forces from the problem to simplify the problem, because we would no longer have a valid problem/solution. It needs both thermodynamics and density to do this.

Both balls would have other forces acting upon them. For example both would have hydrodynamic issues of turning into a teardrop shape during decent. But I don’t see this as a major force acting upon the problem. I could be wrong.

So I see a summation of forces acting upon an object to determine its altitude of disbursement. But I can definitively say there is no gravity in this problem.

Question: What about this video?

Answer: Cinci, again you bring up a good point. And something that is difficult to explain in my model, but I will give it a try. First, this video is not a empirical test of falling bodies. We don't know the time it took to fall. Nor can we tell if the two object did hit the ground at the same time. We would also need the distance traveled. This is a good example of two different objects traveling in a vacuum.

Here what we are seeing needs an explanation of the moon's forward velocity. Here the Astronauts are on the face of the moon. The face of the moon is like the front of a NASCAR car. The moons forward motion is so great that it hits the hammer and feather. Also the distances here are not great so we cannot see the difference in density of the two objects. If these objects were release at 1000km altitude from the moon, we would see a different result.

The equations for this are found in chemistry. It is called Specific Gravity. rather a misnomer, but we work with what we are given. It really is the density of the objects and the density of the medium that are the main forces here.

I know that is rather weak, but those density(specific gravity) solutions work in chemistry, why not in physics? We just need to evaluate the media. Not every media is water.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Black holes are Planck’s Black Body Radiators

Black holes are Planck’s Black Body Radiators
Planck’s Black Body Spectral Objects are all radiators. This includes the Black Hole.

A black hole is a spectral emitter just like any star, just the temperature is too high to emit photons, except through the asymptote at the poles. Photons ejected from the poles of the black hole are highly excited Gamma Rays.

Black holes rotate at high radial velocities. ~17 minutes. When a black hole reduces it’s radial velocity and it's temperature dips below 1013, it burps a baryonic star. When the black hole ejects the baryonic star, the black hole increases radial velocity and temp. Stars ejected from the black hole will orbit in a manner similar to Mercury’s orbit. Ejected baryonic matter cannot be reabsorbed by the black hole.

Here is the physical evidence of star motion around a black hole.

This link also shows material being ejected by a black hole over a 116 minute period.

A black hole ejects magnetism from every part of the sphere except the poles. This magnetism is so intense that it bends the dark matter to form the space for galaxies. With this notion, we can go from the sub-atomic level all the way to the Black hole with these equations. There are 4 equations; Frequency, Wave Length, Inducted Current, and Voltage. Frequency and Wave Length are listed below.

Video Max Planck's Institute

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Relativity of Time

The Relativity of Time

This is where I would like to fully explain the time layer of my model.

Meme: a fundamental bit of information.

I have described in this forum and on my blog how memes transfers from one atom to another. The communication of forces(bosons: W+, W-, and photons) occur in waves. The electron is the only sub-atomic particle that can communicate with another atom. It does this by packaging memes into bosons.

Let examine a single gold atom and the forces that will interact upon it.

The simple model: a single photon wave
Our gold atom has 79 electrons. A single photon wave is absorbed by one of the electrons. The memes absorbed (read) by the electron is temperature ,frequency, wavelength and number of spins it has taken since it was created by another electron. This memes is converted (write) to a Z boson and communicated to a gluon. The gluon converts the Z boson to color and that memes is expressed by the different quarks.

The same thing occurs with magnetism. The W+/- bosons are expressed/absorbed by gluons. The information they express are induced current, voltage, charge and number of spins it has taken since it was created by another gluon. From there it is expressed by the quarks.

Now lets complicate things. Our little atom is unfortunate enough to have been hit by a super-nova event horizon. A billion photons and a billion W+/- bosons hit our gold atom at the same time. There are only 79 electrons to read the photons. Our atom needs to absorb all the information. Those 79 electrons need to read a billion photon-waves now. That is 12,658,227.8481 photons per electron at now. That is a lot of memes that needs to be read now. It has to be read now, because there are more memes in the next now.

Our electron reads/writes information at the speed of C. It cannot read/write faster than C. Something must give. This is time. Clocks have different rates at different altitudes. This has been proven. It is not the density of baryons that account for this change in time. It is the density of memes that bends time. The higher the altitude the less information.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Death to Symmetry

The two rods problem is often brought up to explain time or relativity.

Einstein's basic assumption was symmetry. This is not shown in nature. This has nothing to do with belief or frame reference. The basis of Einstein's work is wrong in this, symmetry.

The basis of my model is that these two rods can not be equal in any regards. Here is why.

Even two gold atoms, in the middle of nowhere, with no outside influences can not be equal. Their electrons are not in the same positions, their quarks are at different lengths because of gluon interaction. The quarks express different color based on the interactions of each gold atom on each other.

This stems from Asymmetry.

Asymmetry stems from the interactions between the Strong Nuclear Force, The Weak Nuclear Force, Electromagnetism, Memes information, and the undefined position of electrons, protons, and neutrons. All of these interactions make it not possible for two identical atoms. Let alone two identical rods. Even the density of two gold atoms will be different, because they occupy different volumes based on strong nuclear forces.

addendum: 10/7/08
The Nobel prizes were awarded to 3 Asymmetrists. Yoichiro Nambu was a discover of Quantum Chromodynamics and considered a founder of string theory. Makoto Kobayashi's and Toshihide Maskawa's work is about violation and renormalization of weak nuclear force in gluons.

If you listen softly you can hear the crash of the religion of Einstein, Newton and Hawkins. Gravity is done for. So are those irrelevant equations that they teach as gospel.

addendum 4/27/09 : A high symmetry state is NOT symmetric.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Newton/Einstein fail under data
This is the page describing how NASA failed to protect our data. The Planetary Society came to the rescue.

"We would expect the two spacecraft to follow Newton's law of gravity," Dr. Turyshev said, "but they in fact fail to confirm Newton's law. If Newton is wrong, Einstein is wrong too."

Then we have the orbital issues of the Lunar Prospector.

Both of these paper are data based descriptions of how Newton's Law of Gravity is wrong. Since Newton is wrong then all model that are based on Newton's Model of Gravity are wrong.

If this does not convince you, then there is no evidence of a Graviton. None has ever been found. In Newton's model it would be the most abundant particle.

In my model gravity is the effect caused by the interaction of magnetism on the background dark matter. This allows for density, thermodynamics, plasmadynamics, E/M and other systems to take effect in the bubble caused by the interaction of magnetism and dark matter.

In the end, we are going to have an ugly equation that is filled with fractals and is a sum of all the systems.

We really need to clear the table and start over.
Aaron Guerami

Addendum 7/6/2009
General Relativity Shown to be Newtonian Gravitational Theory by Roger Anderton

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pioneer 10 & 11 Anomaly

Newton, Einstein Lost in Space? Hotz

Let me describe what happen here and how it is explained by this model. These two spacecraft hit the dense dark matter barrier. This is the edge of the baryonic radiation bubble.

Being that the spacecraft are baryonic in nature, they are experiencing resistance from the pressurized dark matter. They have a small magnetic field caused by the baryons that make up the spacecraft. That field creates a bubble in the dark matter. But that dark matter is pressurized by the baryonic radiation emitted from the Sun. This pressurization is what reduced the velocity and changed the trajectory. Their trajectories will continue to change and they will return to the solar system. The dense dark matter is the primary influence in this interaction.

In one of the previous postings I describe a Dark Matter engine that will provide thrust to exit the solar system.

Plasma in interstellar space?

I have several issues with Dark Matter having any electrons, ionized He or not. If dark matter turns out to be only protons (ionized H), then I guess I can be ok with that. But I don't think that is what is occurring here.

I need the photon wavefront to move unimpeded from galaxy to galaxy. With the exception of gravitational lensing. but even here we don't lose photons. They are bent or in the case of the Bullet Nebula they prove Reiter's point. They are split (4 times). But we don't lose them to electrons. If the interstellar media is charged particles other than protons (He-, He3, or He4), any electrons would absorb our photons. This is why we see ionized gas when excited by photons. We don't see the original memes here. We see the interaction of the secondary information, the ion releasing a new photon wave.

I agree with almost everything in the first paper

but, Pioneer 11 lost velocity while exiting the solar system.

In my model, I see solar systems like bubbles in the ocean. Bubbles can coalesce, bubbles can separate, but there is a difference between inside the bubble and outside the bubble. These are two disparate systems trying to maintain some equilibrium. Its the pressure outside the bubble pressing on the pressure inside the bubble. Solar system are not bubble shapes they are modified torus.

In the case of the solar system as a bubble, the two systems are (inside) Baryonic in nature and Non-Baryonic in nature (outside). Non-Baryonic particles (photons, free electrons, neutrinos and others) can flow between these two systems. Its the baryons that cannot leave the bubble.

Photo by enoeske on Picasa

We know that the interstellar media cannot be void.

Now for the missing matter, lets look at our friend Oort and his cloud. I think there is more matter here than previously described. Stellar Nucleosysthesis occurs here. Protons collide here and attract electrons. 3 Alphas can easily form a carbon ion. It starts sliding back towards the sun on the bent dark matter. In stellar lightning speed (a couple of million years) our carbon ion is now a small comet. This process reduces the need for Dark Matter to be heavily massive.

This above model only requires E/M and baryonic density, sprinkle some thermodynamic and others and it works. As arrogant as it sounds. I think my model is better than Newton, Einstein, and Hawkins put together (MOND). They require attraction through mass. G has never been found. I think CERN is starting to accept this.

Oh, the reason we don't find He3 on earth, at all, ever, is because of the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere forces the He3 around the earth and deposits it on the moon. Dr Schmitt of Apollo 17 found this ion in ~abundance on the moon. He3 when excited produces tremendous amounts of electricity. With no deuterium.

Thanks to Curt Youngs

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Density gradient : Vibration

Density gradient vibration

E = emitter
O = atom preloaded photon
-p = photon vibration heading left
p+ = photon vibration heading right
-p+ = one photon vibration heading left one right

B = atom accepting/releasing vibration photon
( = extreme change in atom shape due to 2 photon vibration
| = reflective wall

1) |O O O O E
2) |O O O O -pE
3) |O O O O-p E
4) |O O O-pB -pE
5) |O O-pB O-p E
6) |O-pB O-pB -pE
7) |Bp+O-pB O-p E
8) |O-p(p+O-pB -pE
9) |Bp+O-p(p+O-p E

I still like calling the process a photon, although it is obvious it is not a particle. I think it will cause less confusion if we change the process not the name.

Eric Reiter is responsible for this change with his experiment. This vibration allows for more information to be passed through the bandwidth in this process.

It should have been obvious to me in this chart by PBS Nova and Fermilab,

A photon has no mass.
It is only a vibration.

Friday, September 19, 2008

E ≠ mc^2

I have problems with Einstein's equations. It is saying that the only main variables in Energy are mass and the speed of light. No time, temp, freq, wave length... Not even x,y,z.

Mass is a zero dimension point. Mass does not exist in 4 dimensions. Density exists in 4 dimensions.

And the speed of light. Where did he get this stuff? What about electromagnetism, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, radiation... He had to be aware of these. How could these systems be dismissed? Why do we have to have pretty equations? The universe is a violent and inhospitable place. Yet, we need simple pretty equations. e=mc^2, f=ma. f=gm1m2/r^2. These are too simple to explain complex interactions.

There is a major difference between symmetry and equilibrium. Simply, equilibrium occurs at the boundaries of two disparate systems, symmetry occurs in the mind.

There are so many variables in how the universe operates. Planck's black body spectral emissions. Maxwell's, Navier & Stokes, Peter Duffett-Smith... These are much better examples of thinking.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Density gradient

Density gradient simple

E = emitter
O = atom preloaded photon
-p = photon heading left
p+ = photon heading right
-p+ = one photon heading left one right

B = atom accepting/releasing photon
( = extreme change in atom shape due to 2 photon exchange
| = reflective wall

1) |O O O O E
2) |O O O O -pE
3) |O O O O-p E
4) |O O O-pB -pE
5) |O O-pB O-p E
6) |O-pB O-pB -pE
7) |Bp+O-pB O-p E
8) |O-p(p+O-pB -pE
9) |Bp+O-p(p+O-p E

What I understood from the CERN video is that the moment a photon hits an electron it accepts the photon and fires a photon. Loading Theory is needed for this model. Eric Reiter

This does not show the effect of magnetism. It just shows how information directly affects the shape of the atom. Also this is only a linear example.

Exact center of the Earth and it motion

Lets talks about how I see the exact center of the Earth and it motion.

Most excellent questions from Curt Youngs.
Does your theory explain why the plumb bob normally points to the center of the earth? (some times it is off a little bit, regardless of whose it is.) There seems to be a relation between gravity and inertia. Nobody has explained that very well, except in their own mind, well, maybe some that are not well known. Do you have some ideas about this?

Yes, I have thought on this. I think the plumb bob is pointing to where the center of the Earth was. I just ran out and got my plumb bob. I tied the bob in our moving car.

My wife drove us to McDonald's to get milkshakes(helps the tongue after a seizure). When the car was accelerating ~consistently it would point to where the center of the Earth was plus the car's acceleration as theta. The only severe changes occurred during gear shifts and bumps.

Does your theory explain why the plumb bob normally points to the center of the earth?
I think this effect is caused by the spin of the earth.

'some times it is off a little bit, regardless of whose it is.'
I think this relationship is the changing velocity of the Earth around the Sun. The longer the string the more accurate the measure. The change in theta is the velocity. The reason for the sometimes is the position in its orbit. Angular Velocity of the Earth is different at each clock point around the sun.

There even will be a slight error because of the Sun's velocity around the galaxy.

The Earth is spinning on its axis. The Earth is in Orbit around the Sun. The Sun is in orbit around the galaxy.

So. Lets change the plumb bob to a pulse laser. The laser is pointing to the center of the earth. There is this amazing vacuum tube that has been inserted to the center of the earth from my house. It won't crush, bend or melt. The tube is 1 meter in diameter. At the top of the tube the pulse laser is placed exactly in the center of the tube. There is a exact detector at the other end. The detector shows us the exact amount the laser is off the center of the earth.

When the laser pulses it travels 6,375 km and hits the detector. It does not hit the center of the detector. This error is caused by the motion of the earth around the sun. Where the earth was. It may take less than a sec to get to the center of the earth but the earth has moved around the sun in that time. The motion of the spin of the earth is removed by the vacuum tube.

This is another major issue I have with the n-body problem. Euler transformation kind of solves this issue but it doesn't. We always have an issue with where things were vs where they are now. Its a clock problem. Gravity, not well thought out.

I wrote this first on GSJ

Added 9/18/08
Ok. Lets forget about the laser. I just think it was a more stable example of the motion of the earth. The plumb bob is affected by gear changes, bumps and atmosphere. Just trying to remove a few variables.

Lets build a 1000m stand holding the plumb bob. The stand is held in a vacuum tube so the atmosphere is not relevant here. The spin of the Earth stabilized the bob to always point down. Let the bob hang there for several years. The bob would only show the error Curt is referring to.

If we were to do this experiment on Eros(an irregular shape strange spin) the bob would take time to stabilize. By adding the bob it would move the barycenter of Eros. The pattern drawn by the bob would be irregular but different than the original pattern when the bob was first added.

Its the spin of the earth that causes the stability.

The error is caused by the earth's position about the sun. The angular velocity of the earth changes for every position. This change is the error.

(Addendum:9/25/08) Curt Youngs - Mascons also affect the plumb bobs on Earth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Magnetism and information

The nature of the Boson is to transport information. This transference of information is done in waves. The W and Z carry; induced current, voltage, and magnetism as information (meme). Whereas; temp, wavelength and freq are the domain of the photon. The electron and gluon convert the Meme into W and Z boson magnetism.
The W and Z transport; induced current, voltage, and magnetism as meme information. One of the bosons(Z?) is responsible for writing to the gluon. The others W+ and W- are responsible for broadcasting magnetism.

my attempt at GSJ

I want to say that the photon carries more information that just time counter. A photon is vibrated by the electron so it has no charge and no mass. This way it can pass though interstellar space almost unimpeded (gravitational lensing: explained at the blog). A photon (sum of its wiggles and forward motion) moves at the speed of C. The photon only imparts its energy/memes when it vibrates another electron. This is where it converts information into Freq, temp and wave length. The electron converts this info into current, voltage, and magnetism and passed to the W and Z bosons where it now has mass. From the Z boson the current, voltage and magnetism are converted into color by the gluon and passed to the Quarks. The W bosons broadcast the meme as magnetism.

The process reverses. Quark to Gluon to W & Z bosons to electron to photon.

All forces travel in waves. The vibration may impart mass depending on the type of boson.

Its like a .txt file. the file can be read as a document or transmitted as a wave.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The hidden Higgs Boson

So, the LHC is looking for the Higg's Boson. Good luck. I am convinced that you will never find it on Earth.

In my previous writing I describe Dark Matter as a Massive particle that has an anti-spin and is charge repugnant. This particle find Baryons repugnant. The earth has a massive magnetic field. So we will only find Dark Matter in interstellar space. These particle will be massive.

The other reason I don't want to call this a Boson is that, in my opinion, bosons transport information. Information require a charge to impart energy. Dark matter reacts poorly to charge. It may be more like a mix between a lepton and a quark, but it is definitely not a boson.

The Higg's Boson is not necessary.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't ask the epileptic for the time

For disclosure purposes, I am the epileptic. This is my experience of time. I also ask everyone who is unfortunate enough to be around me when I have one, what they experience? This is the usual response.

The purpose of a Neural Network is to process more memes than the basic memes of baryonic information. The brain is an optimized information system.

A seizure occurs when the brain no longer processes information in its usual optimal network. It only processes the baryonic information to the density of organic compounds. The difference between the normal memes information processing when I am functioning and the amount of information being processed when my neural network is not processing, is the information called me. The is no difference in the amount of baryons involved, those baryons are no longer processing optimally( above the normal amount for a baryon).

When I have a seizure. I have asymptotes in time. Time ends at T0 and starts again in the next available moment. That can be 30 seconds later. So for me T0 and T0+30 occur one after another. For me the experience of time accelerates during the event or 30 seconds occurred while I was not processing complex information. At this time my body is only processing information about the baryons that compose my body.

When I have a seizure and there is a unfortunate person to witness the event. They will always report to me that the experience of time for them slowed down. What took 30 seconds according to the clock, to them lasted several minutes. It is as if they are processing more information during that same 30 seconds. Since the Speed of Light may or may not be constant, The information system needs to slow down time to process the larger load in the same time frame.

When I have a seizure and there is a person in another building completely unaware of the event will experience time on their norm.

This is not the only observation that helps me show the relationship between time and information. It just is the most obvious.

Time is independent of baryonic matter. Time is independent of information. Both information and baryonic matter interact within time as a clock.

A clock (trying to remove the metaphysical time and be discrete) is different at different distances from baryons. A clock on the earth, a clock in heliocentric orbit between earth and mars, and a clock in heliocentric orbit between the Earth an Venus. The clock on the earth will be the fastest, followed by the one closest to the sun. The further away from baryons the slower the clock. The clock approaches zero the further away from baryonic matter.

UNFORTUNATELY this is not testable to zero. It is not possible to have a detector and an absence of memes. This should tell the mathematicians that the density of memes(change - baryon, it is really the information) is in the divisor of their equations.

I want to thank Harry H. Ricker III. You can find his amazing papers at

He has a draft paper on time that I am enjoying now. Just amazing.

The clock in me is different by baryonic structure than the clock in you, or the dog, or the cookoo clock. They are all clocks. They all express/experience time just different based on density of baryons and the density of memes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Taking a Hammer to Symmetry


“Consistency is the enemy of enterprise, just as symmetry is the enemy of art.”
George Bernard Shaw

Symmetry is akin to religion in science. 'The Universe is perfect, God is perfect, God made a perfect intellect in man, Thus God made a symmetrical universe.'

Where do we find symmetry? Let's look to the atom. "Three quarks for Muster Mark! "(Joyce). When you have 3 of anything you have stability not symmetry. Now there can be 1 of 8 gluons for any 2 of Muster Mark's quarks. Now we have enormous combination of differences in gluon/quark pairing. Add to that gluon length, color changes and the amount of different expressions a baryon can have is chemistry and everything defined by chemistry.

Just a note, on this blog I will be referring to T quark as Truth and the B quark as Beauty. I feel top and bottom are too close in wording with up and down and may cause confusion in descriptions. Their expressions will be referred to as Truthiness and Beautiness.

So I don't find symmetry in atoms. If I were to hire a crew to drop a billion bags of sand. Each bag of sand has exactly the same number of grains of sand in them. 1 billion counted by a computer(ha ha). Each bag is dropped from the same height. Every bag would have a different disbursement. This asymmetry stems from the asymmetrical baryon.

I would love to see an example of symmetry in the universe.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Memes Definition

I strongly disagree with definition of a meme. I do not think they are looking at the fundamental interactions of information. I think there are great sets of complexities that rise between basic information transformation in the atom and complex neural networks, but they use the same process and particles. A complex neural network is just a group of information efficient atoms.

Attempt at a definition of Memes
A meme is a fundamental vibration of information that describes the Quark it represents.
All of the Boson forces transmit meme information. All of the Quarks express memes information. A Meme is a dataset.
A single meme wavefront exists as 4 dimensions
Photon meme wave hold Temperature, Frequency, and Wave Length. plus the number of spins since creation.
Magnetic meme wave hold Induced current, Voltage, and Charge. plus the number of spins since creation.
A meme does manipulate baryonic matter during it life cycle. A meme attempts to manipulate baryonic matter more efficiently.
The density of the meme wavefront within the space causes distortions in time and spacial space.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gravity is based on density and magnetism

Improved Gravity Field of the Moon from Lunar Prospector
A. S. Konopliv, A. B. Binder, L. L. Hood, A. B. Kucinskas, W. L. Sjogren, J. G. Williams

This is evidence of my argument. Here is a picture of the topography (top) and gravitational field (bottom) as shown from orbital error correction.

Although I would state we are seeing an increase of gravity in this area due to the change in density of baryonic material and it's magnetic field. This magnetic field change pushes against the dark matter in this area causing the changes in orbit.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun with He: Logic Problem

So I had some fun with Pb. Now that it is in the center of the Earth, the magnetosphere is just a touch stronger.

Lets look at that He balloon. We are going to use the large rubber red balloon and fill it with 5kg of He. Naturally it also has some natural air gasses in the balloon before we filled it. Those sink to the bottom. We let them out and tie off the balloon.

Now I let go of the balloon. As it rises, more radiation from the Sun hits the balloon. This allows He to escape and continue its ascent. When the helium inside the balloon has less mass then the rubber balloon, the balloon will sink. But the He continues to rise to the level of its density.

If we change the material of the balloon to Mylar it would be months or years before the Helium could escape. I know, there is a birthday balloon around here that is older than some of my birds.

This floating Mylar balloon should not occur. It has a mass of 5kg + the mass of the balloon. Yet it rises. It can only rise the average of the densities.

This should not happen with gravity. The balloon has mass. Its mass is less than the earth. So it should drop to the ground at Gm1m2/r^2. This is not what the data shows. The balloon rises. Sorry guys. There is no Graviton.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun with Pb: Logic Problem

Pb (Lead)
Melting point 327.46 °C
Boiling point 1749 °C
Density 11.34  g/cm^3
Density of magma ~3.33 g/cm^3
Temp of Magma 700C - 1600C

If I dropped a 50 kg lead weight into the mouth of an active volcano like Mt. Kilauea. It would rapidly turn into a liquid and sink. It is not sinking, the Pb is equalizing to its density. It will continue to displace other molecules until it is surrounded by molecules of similar density.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dark Energy: a second try

Each bit of Dark Energy is rigid and consistent along with its neighbor as per Carroll. Every bit of Dark Energy is mass less, has no spin, and no charge. It only has state.

That state is always on. This proves existence. If this bit is off then no existence.

When the Dark Energy state is on, then the bit can store information as vibrations.

The Dark Energy has at least 4 dimensions within it's state. There are 3 spacial dimensions and 1 time dimension.

The other really interesting thing about Dark Energy is that it communicates information to its neighbor. This this the transfer of force information. This happens regardless of time or space.

The Dark Energy can have information on multiple vibrations in its domain or entering and leaving its domain. Though it follows the Pauli exclusion principle, no two identical fermions can occupy the domain.

Dark Energy is analog.

The purpose of the Dark Energy is to store, process, and communicate information onto and about the vibrations within it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dark Energy : Vacuum Energy

In the posting 'Introduction to new classifications of particles', I incorrectly described the Void as a particle. It does not have mass, just energy.

What I had described as the Void Particle was better described by Carroll as Dark Energy. He describes this as Vacuum Energy. Vacuum energy is Smoothly Distributed through the universe. It has Constant Density, being that it is not diluted by expansion in space/time. He also describes it as invisible to ordinary matter.

I would like to describe Dark/Vacuum Energy as above and to have no mass, no charge, no spin; just state. The Dark Energy reacts to all particles and energies through the state property which HOLDS information on the vibrations in the position at the time and the forces acting upon the vibration.

Dark Matter Impulse Engine : SciFi

So, if I had the opportunity to build this I would.

A space craft that could under thrust pierce the dark matter, could use magnetism to work like an impulse. A magnetic field could trap dark matter in a conic shape. It could be forced through a chamber by changing the magnetic field and exit as thrust. Dark matter has mass so this could work???


Friday, July 18, 2008

The balloon and the lead ball: logic problem

Two objects of the same mass (1 kg), a lead ball and a helium balloon, released at the same time will not hit the earth at the same time. Gravity is based on density.

The lead weight is falling to its density level. If left alone it would over billions of years fall to the center of the earth.

The balloon is rising to its density level.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Specific strange Gravity

I have never setup a problem like this before. I want to show the pressure on the water from the gas bubble.

I was thinking of lava tubes in the ocean at shallow depths. When C and S gasses are released from the surface their temperature instantly raises the temp of the H2O to several thousand degrees. So all particles inside the bubble are gasses; our carbon is >3550°C. Specific gravity within the bubble causes the particles to layer and cool according to density. When the Carbon temp drops below 3550°C it exits the gas bubble and floats in the ocean. Likewise when the Sulfur temp drops below 115.21°C it exits the gas bubble and falls. The sulfur falls because it is more dense than the H2O or Carbon. Some of our H2O bubble manages to cool to 105°C at the surface causing bubbles. The H2O is still a gas when entering the atmosphere and instantly cools to the air temperature. The H2O condenses to a liquid drop eight feet above sea level and is hit by a wave.

This is an example of temperature assisted density driven specific gravity. But here the particles are not falling to meet the more massive earth. They are rising to their level of density.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The face of the moon

Pic link

Why does the one face of the moon always point to the earth? I think it is because that side of the moon is more dense and is falling faster than the back side.

I am going to think about that!!!

Sun's effect called Gravity

Everything in the solar system falls towards the sun. Baryonic radiation from the sun causes the dark matter to be pushed back. All the baryonic matter that is maintaining a correct angular momentum will maintain its current solar orbit minus the minor friction caused by the dark matter. This is like a marble in a bowl with the system in space.

Even on the earth. The baryonic effect of the earth does cause a deep run into the dark matter. The earth spins. This effect at the bottom of the earth's baryonic bowl effect on the dark matter will cause everything around the earth to fall towards the earth. If I move 3km/h I will still fall towards the earth. If I move 11.186 km/s then I have achieved enough angular momentum to fall away from the earth but now towards the sun.

This includes the moon. The moon is in equilibrium between falling towards the earth and falling towards the sun. The tides show this.

If a marble was shot from the earth, it would need to increase momentum to 42.1 km/sec to pierce the denser dark matter at 1au. If the marble were to try to escape the sun's baryonic effect on dark matter at a distance of ~10au, I would need to increase momentum to >~10 km/sec to pierce the dark matter. This shows that there is a distinct pressure field on the dark matter from the baryonic radiation.

This general shape of the effect of baryonic matter on dark matter as a squashed spheroid/torus shows a physical reason for different angular momentum at different points in the elliptical orbit.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Lunar Issue

I have been thinking about how Density(gravity) affects the Earth. We know that the tides are caused by the moon's Density(gravitational) effect on the Earth. The tidal period is 12h 25.2m, 1/2 of a tidal day.

An intuitive knowledge of physics, states that if the moon is closest to the Earth every other 12h 25.2m then we would see a high tide at those intervals. This means that the moon falls towards the sun every other 12h 25.2m also.

I think the sun and the earth are interacting on the moon. This can only occur if the moon is trailing the earth. With the earth moving around the sun, the earth's magnetic field creates a teardrop shape in the dark matter. As the dark matter is returning to equilibrium against the sun's alpha particles, the moon would be trailing in the tail of this teardrop. This 12h 25.2m period is the time it takes to move from one side of the tail to the other.

The moon does not actually orbit the cross-section of the teardrop tail in a elliptical orbit. It never goes above the focus that is on the plane with the sun.(well it goes slightly above the focus). There are 2 focii that account for this behavior. One is on the sun side of the tail furthest from the earth. The other is on the opposite side of the sun but is closest to the earth. This path is the lunar tidal period.

The moon moves kinda like a snowboarder in a 1/2 pipe run. This is inline with Peter Duffett-Smith's description of the lunar orbit of the sun.

"A celestial observer viewing the solar system from a great distance would not, however see the Moon making loops in space about the Earth. Rather, he would describe the situation by saying that the Moon is in orbit around the Sun, as is the Earth, and that the effect of the Earth's influence is to make the Moon's orbit wiggle a little as the relative positions of the Earth and Moon change. This is because the Sun's Gravitation force on the Moon is much greater than that of the Earth, even though the latter is nearer. "

Addendum: 4/29/09 : Predictions. I have been asked to make some predictions in my model. But this is a big one. The Moon follows the Earth as described above.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Symmetric form: Logic problem

Symmetry is not natural in the universe. There are always differences.

For example a star has a great solar flare at T(n). A tremendous amount of energy has been released at one point on the star. Symmetry demands that a solar flare of equal strength and opposite direction is required at T(n). This is not natural.

Symmetry is a construct used to simplify multi-variable systems. Einstein and others only had their intuition to create these great thories, symmerty made these intuitions almost explainable. We barely know now how orbits function and they are not exactly as Newton, Einstein and others suggest. But, if it was not for their work we would still be living in caves. Symmetry is necessary to make the intuitive jump from 'the particles want to be together', to 'there is an observable process in particle dynamics'.

Symmetry has no physical evidence.

These are systems where certain variables do not induce a massive change to the overall system, yet do affect small variances to the system.

We know the earth does not have a symmetrical curvature of space/time. It is squashed and some areas have more pertubations than others. These variations occur when the density directly under the spacecraft changes. Traveling over an ocean has one curvature of space/time, whereas a massive mountain range has more density, thus a different curvature of space/time. These variations need to be incorperated in orbit design, else you lose the satellite.

Asymmetry occurs from the inablity to predict electron position. Nature is asymmertical.

The removal of symmetry allows discussuion on the effect of the shape of the earth at rest and at motion on the curvature of space/time.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Curvature of Space/Time

The curvature of space is a function of the density of baryons, the magnetic field, and radioactive particles emitted from the baryonic object. Really it is just the pressurization of dark matter against the baryonic matter's magnetism.

The magnetic field planets/planetoids:
Many of the planets have a magnetic field. This field is called the magnetosphere. Any of the spinning massive bodies has magnetism if it has a warm metalic core. These magnetic fields repel dark matter at a much greater rate than the baryons alone.

The non-magnetic field planet/planetoids:
The general density of an object's baryons has magnetism. This inherit magnetism causes dark matter to repel. But not nearly as much as the magnetic field. The lunar surface shows differentials in gravity to the topology [Cite:A. S. Konopliv].

The massive gas giants have cores that are magnetic. The magnetic field has been examined by NASA and others. The curvature of the space/time around Jupiter is far greater than the mass of the planet alone.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A day in the life of an Alpha Particle.

Here I am going to describe the importance Alpha Particles play in the interaction between dark matter and baryonic matter. We will theoretically follow a few particles from when they are emitted from the star to their end of life.

Our star has been burning for a few years now since it winked into existence. Nothing has really changed.

An Alpha particle is emitted from 15 degrees off the south pole of the star. It travels with all the other particles in a straight line to just past .1 au and it starts hitting resistance from the other alpha particles that have previously encountered the dark matter. These particles form a river of alpha particles that includes all the particles from 0>n>15deg. This river goes in a straight line until it again hits resistance from dark matter.

Alpha particle triptych
Degree from pole Theta:: Distance traveled before hitting resistance from dark matter
0>θ>15:: >.1 au
θ = 55:: ~.4 au
θ = 75:: ~.75 au
θ = 80:: ~1 au
θ = 85:: ~2 au
θ = 87:: ~3 au
θ = 88:: ~40 au
θ = 88.1:: ~100 au
θ = 89:: ~20000 au
θ = 89.5:: ~50000 au

This data is for explanation purposes only.
Testing is required for validation.
This torus shape surrounds the star. This is not a standard torus. It looks like M104. This galaxy has a bulbous core, but the galaxy extends along the equator. Our star exhibits similar properties. Our star is bulbous in the inner planetary core, which extends to just past 3 au. Its equatorial region extends past the ice clouds 50000+ au.

Particles emitted closer to the poles encounter dark matter resistance earlier and start changing direction to the outline of the torus towards the equator. This causes a river effect of charge particles along the baryonic side of the barrier between the dark matter and the baryonic matter.

An Alpha particle emitted from near the pole of the star (<~1 degree) will almost immediately encounter dark matter. There is an asymptotic behavior to the star’s emission of baryonic radiation. The star exhausts high energy non-baryonic sub-atomic particles from the other side of the asymptote closest to the pole.

Our alpha particles die when they crash into hydrogen or helium gas between 20000 and 50000+ au. The interesting thing here is, there is a possibility of Neucleosynthesis here in the outer region of our solar system. As Alpha particles collide with H or He they become heavier elements. For example three Alpha particles can fuse together to form a nucleus of a Carbon-12 ion(Stellar Nucleosynthesis). Free electrons would be attracted to complete the atom. These heavier particles fall again back towards the sun based on their density and angular momentum.

Other particles; Beta, Gamma, photons, are all examples of non-baryonic matter and pierce through the dark matter.

(7/30/08)addendum:: This pattern of alpha distribution will also account for mercury's orbit. Mercury will never fall into the sun because alphas push dark matter down away from the sun, at the asymptote. Thus the planet cannot fall up into the sun.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Continuance of the universe

With a multi-particle (vibration) model we no longer have a singular event for the big bang. The big bang becomes a baryonic event in a dark matter universe. Space/Time exists before and after the big bang through the Dark Energy and existence occurs through the interactions between dark matter, baryonic matter and memes matter.

Effectively the big bang becomes a repeatable process.

Friday, June 27, 2008

First attempt at a description of Gravity.

Peter Duffett-Smith's amazing paragraph.

"A celestial observer viewing the solar system from a great distance would not, however see the Moon making loops in space about the Earth. Rather, he would describe the situation by saying that the Moon is in orbit around the Sun, as is the Earth, and that the effect of the Earth's influence is to make the Moon's orbit wiggle a little as the relative positions of the Earth and Moon change. This is because the Sun's Gravitation force on the Moon is much greater than that of the Earth, even though the latter is nearer. "

I would like to use this paragraph to describe gravity.

"This is because the Sun's Gravitation force on the Moon is much greater than that of the Earth, even though the latter is nearer". The Sun is an absolutely massive radiation emitter. Its primary radiation strength extends to beyond Mars, Its secondary fields extend past planets into the ice fields beyond Pluto. These areas of radiation are well defined.

At this point lets consider our star has no orbiting debris. Also our star does not exist before time T0. Time exists before T0 but the Baryonic matter star does not exist. We have a Riemannian manifold in Hilbert space. This is a massive space. Each point in the space is filled with a Dark Energy. The Dark Energy contains information on the Dark Matter particle that fills the Dark Energy space.

Upon time reaches T0 our Baryon filled star winks into existence inside our space as a manifold. As the baryonic radiation emissions of the star expands to it maximum, Dark Matter particles are pushed back, repelled by the existence of Baryons. Within days Dark Matter particles have been pushed back past ~3 au. Now Dark Matter particles have mass. Our baryon radiation from the star has traveled far enough that there is enough distance between them to no longer be strong enough to push the now pressurized Dark Matter particles. Dark matter particles start to push back on the baryons. We get an equilibrium between dark and baryonic matter. There are some areas of Void between the Dark and Baryonic particles. This is important.

Now between the star’s edge and the edge of the Dark matter is 3 au. This area is Void except for odd bits of baryonic radiation. Each bit of baryonic radiation has its own magnetic field and charge. Non-baryonic radiation (photons, free electrons) pass through the non-baryonic dark matter. This is why we can see galaxies through the soup of non-baryonic dark matter.

So in our space we have the star emitting its baryonic radiation and its non-baryonic radiation in the form of photons and others. Folks on the planet orbiting the neighboring star will see our existence in a few years.

N-body problem and the Moon

The Earth Moon Sun gravitational relationship is a n-body problem. It is not a series of 2 body problems. This problem has stumped me since I was 11. I did not realize then that this was considered an impossible problem to solve. What really frustrates me is that the universe solves this problem so effortlessly. Its like an elegant ballet.

The general 2 body problem is F = -m1m2G / r^2

The problem I have with many n-body attempts continue the linear solution. Solve one set of 2 body problems and continue this until particle positions/velocities/... all have been solve. The problem here is that it never works.

Here is the reason why. Most of the solutions always return to a series of 2-d problems. The universe is at least 4-d. And Gravity is a function of density.

The best/most correct/closest solution I have found is that by Peter Duffet-Smith. His book "Practical Astronomy with your Calculator" has follow me most of my life. In this book he describes the moon's orbit.
"A celestial observer viewing the solar system from a great distance would not, however see the Moon making loops in space about the Earth. Rather, he would describe the situation by saying that the Moon is in orbit around the Sun, as is the Earth, and that the effect of the Earth's influence is to make the Moon's orbit wiggle a little as the relative positions of the Earth and Moon change. This is because the Sun's Gravitation force on the Moon is much greater than that of the Earth, even though the latter is nearer. "

This is a brilliant book. He should get a Nobel Prize just for that paragraph. And he is correct. Please buy his book. He even has great calculations to prove his theory. He needs to be planted firmly in the lexicon of great physicists.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A logic problem about gravity

If a star system has the cumulitive mass x. x = the star's mass + all planets mass + all the junk that spins around the star.

If we look at that star's gravitational field 1 day before the star explodes. We would see a high g number. If we look at the star 1 day after the star explodes we will see that the area that was the star now has a smaller gravitational field or g. The mass has been spread over the entire area, but its the same amount of mass.

Gravity is a function of density.

Introduction to new classifications of particles.


This chapter gives a brief introduction to the Standard Model v2008. Each particle will be defined and each inferred relationship will be introduced.

Baryonic matter: Has mass, charge, state, spin/vibration
Non-baryonic Dark matter: has mass, state, anti-spin, charge adverse.
Non-baryonic Memes matter: (all the bosons, information)
Non-baryonic Dark Energy: Has no mass, no charge, and no spin; just state.

Dark Matter reacts to Baryons through charge causing the effect called magnetism. (addendum(11,1,08): It is easy to explain Dark Matter particles as massive, non-spining, chargeless particles that are connected in chains by gluons. The gluons read the magnetic properties and bend to the pressure described by the W boson.)

Memes Matter reacts to Baryons through efficient energy processing. Dark Energy holds Dark matter, Memes matter and Baryonic matter as an information system.

I developed these concepts while trying to explain certain phenomena. I have been working on various forms of this for the last 30 years.

Baryonic matter is everybody's favorite. It is ice cream, it is people, it is rock, it is well everything that we refer to as matter. Baryonic Matter has a specific definition. Simply, it all matter that has some form of Baryons. That cleared it up. Baryons are made of 3 quarks. Baryons are all things that have heavy mass. Anything that has a proton or a neutron has Baryons.

There are some excellent pages on WIKI that helped me understand this.

List of Baryons

Definition of Baryons

Its almost easier to define what does not have Baryons in its composition in the pantheon of sub-atomic particles . The electron, photon, and neutrinos. There may be more but that's not relevant now.

So what were the problems that made me think of this.

The electron causes the most problems. That little electron has been the bane of many physicist. It has mass, but it is not used in some calculations because its really, really small or not there at all. Even worse, you cannot predict its position or direction at any given time.

Where is the graviton? We have yet to really describe gravity. Why is there no graviton? In a previous post here I have described some of the issue I have with the moon. Also on this blog are some wonderful pic of galaxies that are being pulled apart by something that is not Baryonic matter.

Why do Natural Neural Networks form? What causes organic chemistry? Why is it that when Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen are placed together they form a mixture? But if you shock that mixture, you get protein chains. Memes as a particle describe this process.

Why is there a vacuum in space? This is weird. How does a particle re-fill the vacuum? Why is a Vacuum so important? It shows that there is an on/off. This is called state. When the vacuum is state off there is no information in that vacuum. When the vacuum state is on there is information in that vacuum.

I can understand the need for electrons and proton, but what about that neutron.
Pic by Derek

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lunar orbit precession issue

If the moon orbits the earth every 28 days, the effect of gravity would cause tremendous precession on the night sky. Every 14 days the sky would move forward and every 14 days it would move backwards. Because the masses of the objects are such the precession would be more than noticeable. The two massive objects would be in jeopardy of collision.

I know how the moon moves with the earth. I just need to get it out. I have an idea on how to describe it.

I will have it out in a couple of days.