Friday, September 19, 2008

E ≠ mc^2

I have problems with Einstein's equations. It is saying that the only main variables in Energy are mass and the speed of light. No time, temp, freq, wave length... Not even x,y,z.

Mass is a zero dimension point. Mass does not exist in 4 dimensions. Density exists in 4 dimensions.

And the speed of light. Where did he get this stuff? What about electromagnetism, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, radiation... He had to be aware of these. How could these systems be dismissed? Why do we have to have pretty equations? The universe is a violent and inhospitable place. Yet, we need simple pretty equations. e=mc^2, f=ma. f=gm1m2/r^2. These are too simple to explain complex interactions.

There is a major difference between symmetry and equilibrium. Simply, equilibrium occurs at the boundaries of two disparate systems, symmetry occurs in the mind.

There are so many variables in how the universe operates. Planck's black body spectral emissions. Maxwell's, Navier & Stokes, Peter Duffett-Smith... These are much better examples of thinking.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Density gradient

Density gradient simple

E = emitter
O = atom preloaded photon
-p = photon heading left
p+ = photon heading right
-p+ = one photon heading left one right

B = atom accepting/releasing photon
( = extreme change in atom shape due to 2 photon exchange
| = reflective wall

1) |O O O O E
2) |O O O O -pE
3) |O O O O-p E
4) |O O O-pB -pE
5) |O O-pB O-p E
6) |O-pB O-pB -pE
7) |Bp+O-pB O-p E
8) |O-p(p+O-pB -pE
9) |Bp+O-p(p+O-p E

What I understood from the CERN video is that the moment a photon hits an electron it accepts the photon and fires a photon. Loading Theory is needed for this model. Eric Reiter

This does not show the effect of magnetism. It just shows how information directly affects the shape of the atom. Also this is only a linear example.

Exact center of the Earth and it motion

Lets talks about how I see the exact center of the Earth and it motion.

Most excellent questions from Curt Youngs.
Does your theory explain why the plumb bob normally points to the center of the earth? (some times it is off a little bit, regardless of whose it is.) There seems to be a relation between gravity and inertia. Nobody has explained that very well, except in their own mind, well, maybe some that are not well known. Do you have some ideas about this?

Yes, I have thought on this. I think the plumb bob is pointing to where the center of the Earth was. I just ran out and got my plumb bob. I tied the bob in our moving car.

My wife drove us to McDonald's to get milkshakes(helps the tongue after a seizure). When the car was accelerating ~consistently it would point to where the center of the Earth was plus the car's acceleration as theta. The only severe changes occurred during gear shifts and bumps.

Does your theory explain why the plumb bob normally points to the center of the earth?
I think this effect is caused by the spin of the earth.

'some times it is off a little bit, regardless of whose it is.'
I think this relationship is the changing velocity of the Earth around the Sun. The longer the string the more accurate the measure. The change in theta is the velocity. The reason for the sometimes is the position in its orbit. Angular Velocity of the Earth is different at each clock point around the sun.

There even will be a slight error because of the Sun's velocity around the galaxy.

The Earth is spinning on its axis. The Earth is in Orbit around the Sun. The Sun is in orbit around the galaxy.

So. Lets change the plumb bob to a pulse laser. The laser is pointing to the center of the earth. There is this amazing vacuum tube that has been inserted to the center of the earth from my house. It won't crush, bend or melt. The tube is 1 meter in diameter. At the top of the tube the pulse laser is placed exactly in the center of the tube. There is a exact detector at the other end. The detector shows us the exact amount the laser is off the center of the earth.

When the laser pulses it travels 6,375 km and hits the detector. It does not hit the center of the detector. This error is caused by the motion of the earth around the sun. Where the earth was. It may take less than a sec to get to the center of the earth but the earth has moved around the sun in that time. The motion of the spin of the earth is removed by the vacuum tube.

This is another major issue I have with the n-body problem. Euler transformation kind of solves this issue but it doesn't. We always have an issue with where things were vs where they are now. Its a clock problem. Gravity, not well thought out.

I wrote this first on GSJ

Added 9/18/08
Ok. Lets forget about the laser. I just think it was a more stable example of the motion of the earth. The plumb bob is affected by gear changes, bumps and atmosphere. Just trying to remove a few variables.

Lets build a 1000m stand holding the plumb bob. The stand is held in a vacuum tube so the atmosphere is not relevant here. The spin of the Earth stabilized the bob to always point down. Let the bob hang there for several years. The bob would only show the error Curt is referring to.

If we were to do this experiment on Eros(an irregular shape strange spin) the bob would take time to stabilize. By adding the bob it would move the barycenter of Eros. The pattern drawn by the bob would be irregular but different than the original pattern when the bob was first added.

Its the spin of the earth that causes the stability.

The error is caused by the earth's position about the sun. The angular velocity of the earth changes for every position. This change is the error.

(Addendum:9/25/08) Curt Youngs - Mascons also affect the plumb bobs on Earth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Magnetism and information

The nature of the Boson is to transport information. This transference of information is done in waves. The W and Z carry; induced current, voltage, and magnetism as information (meme). Whereas; temp, wavelength and freq are the domain of the photon. The electron and gluon convert the Meme into W and Z boson magnetism.
The W and Z transport; induced current, voltage, and magnetism as meme information. One of the bosons(Z?) is responsible for writing to the gluon. The others W+ and W- are responsible for broadcasting magnetism.

my attempt at GSJ

I want to say that the photon carries more information that just time counter. A photon is vibrated by the electron so it has no charge and no mass. This way it can pass though interstellar space almost unimpeded (gravitational lensing: explained at the blog). A photon (sum of its wiggles and forward motion) moves at the speed of C. The photon only imparts its energy/memes when it vibrates another electron. This is where it converts information into Freq, temp and wave length. The electron converts this info into current, voltage, and magnetism and passed to the W and Z bosons where it now has mass. From the Z boson the current, voltage and magnetism are converted into color by the gluon and passed to the Quarks. The W bosons broadcast the meme as magnetism.

The process reverses. Quark to Gluon to W & Z bosons to electron to photon.

All forces travel in waves. The vibration may impart mass depending on the type of boson.

Its like a .txt file. the file can be read as a document or transmitted as a wave.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The hidden Higgs Boson

So, the LHC is looking for the Higg's Boson. Good luck. I am convinced that you will never find it on Earth.

In my previous writing I describe Dark Matter as a Massive particle that has an anti-spin and is charge repugnant. This particle find Baryons repugnant. The earth has a massive magnetic field. So we will only find Dark Matter in interstellar space. These particle will be massive.

The other reason I don't want to call this a Boson is that, in my opinion, bosons transport information. Information require a charge to impart energy. Dark matter reacts poorly to charge. It may be more like a mix between a lepton and a quark, but it is definitely not a boson.

The Higg's Boson is not necessary.