Thursday, September 18, 2008

Density gradient

Density gradient simple

E = emitter
O = atom preloaded photon
-p = photon heading left
p+ = photon heading right
-p+ = one photon heading left one right

B = atom accepting/releasing photon
( = extreme change in atom shape due to 2 photon exchange
| = reflective wall

1) |O O O O E
2) |O O O O -pE
3) |O O O O-p E
4) |O O O-pB -pE
5) |O O-pB O-p E
6) |O-pB O-pB -pE
7) |Bp+O-pB O-p E
8) |O-p(p+O-pB -pE
9) |Bp+O-p(p+O-p E

What I understood from the CERN video is that the moment a photon hits an electron it accepts the photon and fires a photon. Loading Theory is needed for this model. Eric Reiter

This does not show the effect of magnetism. It just shows how information directly affects the shape of the atom. Also this is only a linear example.
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