Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tesla transverse and longitudinal electric waves

Please see for the biggest collection of old, rare and hard to find groundbreaking alternative energy and medical material. Tesla transverse and longitudinal electric waves another a lab demonstration with Eric Dollard, Tom Brown and Peter Lindemann. Specially focusing on Tesla's longitudinal electricity. This is a great practical demonstration on forgotten Tesla longitudinal electricity technologies.

Youtube has some great videos also.


This is important. In the Standard Vibration Model, this is the interaction between the W+/-Boson and the Z Boson which forms the lepton, electron. This vibration lepton electron causes the oscillation photon. Since the information of the Z Boson is the inverse of that of the W+/-Boson the asymptote where the inversion occurs is the vibration lepton electron. 

The tri-oscillation photon vibrates the lepton electron providing information to the baryon about another baryon conductivity and capacitance. Oops, this should say the photon provides information on temperature and pressure not conductivity and capacitance. It is the Z and W+/- Bosons that provide information on conductivity and capacitance. 

Thanks to Curt Youngs for sending it to me. Who says 'They are saying that in the longitude waves, the magnetic and dielectric fields are parallel. The frequency goes up because the speed of the waves are faster than c. They are emitted radially, which means that from the spherical  point of view there is a contraction and expansion of the expanding sphere wave front.

This is very similar to the far field, where the electric and magnetic fields are parallel. '
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