Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Poincaré Conjecture

The Poincaré Conjecture is incorrect. Here is why. The Poincaré Conjecture states that the sphere is the simplest shape in 3+ dimensions. A sphere requires that every point related to the surface of the sphere is exactly the same distance from the local origin of the sphere. This shape has never been found in nature. The simplest shape in nature is the wavefront or vibration. The simplest complex shape is the bubble or teardrop (bubble in motion through a medium).

There are 4 types of wavefronts found in the Baryonic nature. They are the Bosons; Photon, W+/- Boson, Z Boson and Gluon. Each Boson is a composite of 3 bits of information plus the rotation or spin of the wave. I explain this in the paper Structure of Baryons. We see this shape at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels. This is found as the magnetosphere around planets and in single baryon collisions.

The simplest  and only shape in Dark Matter nature is the 3 dimensional lattice of Anti-Gluons. The conjunction of anti-gluons is the anti-quark. Pressurization by baryonic magnetism against dark matter causes curves in the shape of the dark matter lattice. This interaction forms baryonic bubbles in dark matter.
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