Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shielding of spacecraft from solar radiation

The way you shield a spacecraft from solar radiation is to build a series of permanent magnets around the craft. This will allow the craft to be magnetically protected from solar radiation. It is like a magnetosphere. Solar radiation for the most part will go around the magnetic field.

They just need to be far enough apart to allow for an envelope to protect the computer. This is how you protect a spacecraft from solar radiation. I will look for some citations to support this but it is just obvious. Many people have written about this. A good paper is Townsend where several strategies are reviewed.

It is probably best to use permanent magnets, but if you have a nuclear reactor then electro-magnets are better for variable shielding.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The ridiculous Higgs Boson

This was a comment from Magnus. I thought it was humorous enough to make a posting of it. Magnus is known as TheBigParadox on Youtube. I would encourage you to make as many animations as you can about these paradoxes. There are many.


Many speculate about what this Higgs particle is, whether the Cern experiments are sensible etc.

I made a short animation, it could continue. Maybe I will make a continuation.

The Higgs Particle Adventure.

Best regards,

I like the animation. It shows what ridiculous argument is necessary to even talk about the Higgs particle. The Higgs particle was developed when they tried to put what they saw together with what they believed.

Nothing works without gravity. That is what they believe. So there must be 4 forces ;Strong, weak, E/M and sometimes Gravity. Newton told us so.

But their work only shows 3 forces; strong, weak and E/M. They needed a system of reconciliation to keep gravity. In comes Higgs. If we had a new particle that does and does not exist when we need it to, then we can make the results that we think we are looking for. Thanks Higgs, we found the imaginary particle that produces the graviton on our chalk board. Newton proved that gravity exists, so there must be a graviton, thus there must be a Higgs Boson. Now that we have a Higgs Boson on the chalk board something magical happens here and look we now have a graviton. Tada. Newton is safe...

I explain in this blog how gravity has the appearance of working but is really density in action. Also it is not possible for CERN to produce a Black Hole in the sense that Newton/Einstein/Hawkins would describe. I have two articles on the topics of Black Holes that show evidence that these objects are Planck's Black Body radiators. The work at CERN is very important and cutting edge. I just disagree with the conclusions not their amazing work.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


This picture is from CERN. It is described as a picture of a particle impacting on tungsten.

I would like to describe it as a single set of vibrations that hit an object where the density of tungsten vibrations caused the initial set of vibrations to shatter into pieces of vibrations. These pieces start out as intense in frequency and as they spread away from the point of impact they dissipate their frequency while increasing their wavelength. They cannot reform into standard vibrations so they absorb into the dark energy. We see this dissipation in the triangular shape of the ejecta. I wish the distances traveled was shown.

Gravity is shown not to exist here. If these vibrations were under the effect of gravity, they would arc towards each other or towards the center of the earth.

These ejecta also show that the conservation of energy does not exist. These pieces of vibrations are absorbed into the dark energy.

This is an amazing picture. Thanks for releasing it to the public. Thank you, CERN, for all the work you have done.