Sunday, February 1, 2009


This picture is from CERN. It is described as a picture of a particle impacting on tungsten.

I would like to describe it as a single set of vibrations that hit an object where the density of tungsten vibrations caused the initial set of vibrations to shatter into pieces of vibrations. These pieces start out as intense in frequency and as they spread away from the point of impact they dissipate their frequency while increasing their wavelength. They cannot reform into standard vibrations so they absorb into the dark energy. We see this dissipation in the triangular shape of the ejecta. I wish the distances traveled was shown.

Gravity is shown not to exist here. If these vibrations were under the effect of gravity, they would arc towards each other or towards the center of the earth.

These ejecta also show that the conservation of energy does not exist. These pieces of vibrations are absorbed into the dark energy.

This is an amazing picture. Thanks for releasing it to the public. Thank you, CERN, for all the work you have done.
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