Sunday, September 6, 2015

First Axiom of the Standard Vibration Model: Dark Energy

Abstract: Dark Energy is the Aether that is Space.

Object Definitions:
  1. Dark Energy is described as a Rulesest. Symbol R
  2. R is discrete.
  3. A Rulesest R has a length of 1 Planck's Length in the x,y,z directions.  R is a 3 dimensional cube.
  4.  R is rigid.
  5.  R is where the mathematics of physics is done. Each force or field passing through the R provides data about the force or field. This is done through one of the Higgs fields.
  6.  Each force or field entering a R which interacts with other forces and fields the mathematics of the rules of those interactions are managed by the R .
  7. Regardless of interactions the forces or field loose their initial data given to the R as entropy and pass through to the next R.
  8. R does not store data on previous interactions.
Axiom: Dark Energy Rulesets are physical space where the mathematics of physics is done.
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