Saturday, April 30, 2011

Large charge in atmosphere?

Over the last couple of days I have been experiensing general pressure/ charge throughout my body. This associated with a very light blue to white unshielded CRT. This makes me think I am going to have a massive seizure today. I have had them all week. I think we are building in charge. I think we are building to another large earthquake.

I need to check space weather for CMEs. But right now I am exhausted. This need not happen. I also need to start measuring the duration of my seizures.

0625 est
0628 end

Goinh to sleep.

Panama 08:19 loc 6.1

Monday, April 25, 2011

Theories of everything

On top of all the natural physics. The requirements of a 'Theory of Everything' should be its ability to predict and explain how thought can manipulate bosons from large observed, manmade structures, to natural pheonemea? Why is math needed. How is information manipulated.
You think. That exists.

This very long blog does that.

Aaron Guerami

So that means from boson to thought. Boson to fields...
This model needs to include dark matter and dark energy. But not in an Einstein solution. Flat universe. What a joke.


At 7:03est I was thrown from my bed
At 14:00est I was capable of communication. At a resturant.
I think there was an earthquake.
It was a bad day.
6.2 Sulawesi.

~20:00 est seizure. Tonga maybe. It was not as strong and I went to bed.