Monday, April 25, 2011

Theories of everything

On top of all the natural physics. The requirements of a 'Theory of Everything' should be its ability to predict and explain how thought can manipulate bosons from large observed, manmade structures, to natural pheonemea? Why is math needed. How is information manipulated.
You think. That exists.

This very long blog does that.

Aaron Guerami

So that means from boson to thought. Boson to fields...
This model needs to include dark matter and dark energy. But not in an Einstein solution. Flat universe. What a joke.


Anonymous said...

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Aaron said...


Thank you for reading my work. It is hosted on Google tools.

If you have any question in any language, using Google Translate I will understand. You need not
express yourself well in English. I will understand.

All responses will be in English.

Aaron said...

Wholesale has left a new comment on your post "Theories of everything":

Michio Kaku says that the universe may just appear flat because it is so wide, like a puny insect standing on the earth, that even if it goes on walking for miles, it won't feel the earth's curvature.

To wholesale:
I accidently pushed the wrong button on my UI and nearly lost this posting.

I am going to take a minute to calm down since I recovered it.

Thanks for your comment and for reading my work.


Aaron said...

Dear Wholesale,

The Science of Physics is about the is-ness of nature. Appearance is the belief that perspective has any effect upon the physics.

Physics and perspective/belief are two different antithetical line of thinking.