Saturday, October 24, 2015

Disproof of Mass

Objects require certain rules that must be obeyed.

First the object must exist.
Second mass is defined as the result of force / acceleration.
Third mass is defined as a 1 dimensional point in space. It is a scalar.
With that there is observational proof that mass does not exist. The Gravitons does not exist. It has never been found. It would have been one of the first forces discovered.

This 4 minute video shows that an object with weight that exists has no acceleration when forces are applied.

This video shows extreme force being placed upon the iron rod yet there are many points in the video where the acceleration is zero. Since dividing by zero is undefined, all the points in time where the force on the object creates no movement in the object.

This means mass can be undefined. Mass that is undefined does not exist.

Objects move according to density. Here we see a badmittion shuttlecock in motion in a vacuum. Notice it changes direction over time.

It is not possible to have a result that is undefined, or does not exist in the vibrations found at the supercolliders. Thus all equations using mass fail.

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