Sunday, June 28, 2009

Non-existence of Neutrinos

There is a great paper for dissidents of modern cosmology.
by David de Hilster

Neutrino & Balancing Equations
• Subatomic physics cannot balance energy without the neutrino –
• Relativistic kinematic equations used in particle accelerators prove
the neutrino exists – FALSE
• The neutrino must be there to take away the magic energy
introduced in mainstream physics – TRUE
• Use non-relativistic equations, no neutrino is needed (see Carezani
et. al)
• Not simple without the neutrino but then again, we have little idea of
what really is happening at the end of particle accelerators so a
massive overhaul is needed
• Smashing particles
– Is that the correct way to find parts?
– If you smash enough parts, you can find anything
• Neutrinos have NEVER been detected directly


Now I have always had an issue with vibrations called neutrinos. For all the reasons above and more listed in the .pdf. They seem to me to be pieces of existing vibrations. Broken gluons are my favorite possibility for this vibration. But like all dis-harmonic vibrations they must be absorbed into the dark energy.

They exist because someone's math needed to fit the experiment. Since we don't know what these are, scientist made them up to fit the experiment.

This paper goes into great detail describing nuclear without neutrinos. It is an easy read.

Neutrino Evidence Research
• Extensive research on neutrino non-existence
including examples of nuclear-nuclear collisions
described without the neutrino
• Neutrino evidence research is almost nonexistent
• Dissidents do not know the origin, history, or
evidence for the neutrino
• Why do they accept the neutrino without
knowing these things?


There are several other papers referenced in the pdf that help define this.

Another cosomological concept trashed.