Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hydrogen and Helium

Hydrogen looks like elliptical galaxies. Helium looks like a spiral galaxies. Lithium looks like and reacts like an open cluster. Berylilium is similar to a closed cluster.

I know that is not scientific, nor poetic. But heah, I can be allowed some fuzzy logic poetic license in seeing the macro universe.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dark Matter holds no information

We have seen fantastic pictures of magnetic(gravitational) lensing.

My wonder would be to compare each pic from spacecraft at 10au in a polar orbit of the sun. What effects would the spacecraft position have on the information received over time?

In this model Dark Matter are gluons with null information. When Dark Matter interacts with W+/- bosons it starts to rotate, attract, and repel. Starting the process of Baryonic Density Matter.

It would also show how the Heliosphere interacts with Dark Matter, showing different views of interesting objects.

In thinking about replacing NASA jobs factories can be set through out the states. The requirements for the mission are being finalized.