Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hydrogen and Helium

Hydrogen looks like elliptical galaxies. Helium looks like a spiral galaxies. Lithium looks like and reacts like an open cluster. Berylilium is similar to a closed cluster.

I know that is not scientific, nor poetic. But heah, I can be allowed some fuzzy logic poetic license in seeing the macro universe.


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Aaron said...

Please, just post your ideas on topics where it is relevant to you. I will answer it as I can.


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Anonymous said...

given its said they/scientists proved that Hydrogen and Helium are the only two elements existing at the time of the so called big bang, and in your interest in "the very small" i enjoyed your descriptions :) when you consider this "You don't even know what "big" is"

the mind boggles as i read your linked "Disproof of Gravity"

presupposing this could be true...
as a layman, i always wondered how you an ordinary person not some global Inc might get from the Stratosphere to outer space with gravity in your way.

the latest teenagers to get to the Stratosphere are these kids and their lego man http://www.space.com/14397-teens-lego-man-space-stratosphere.html

as can be seen there in the context of your paper the lowest density material gasses rises so far and no more.

however if you were able to step or thrust lego man somehow that small distance from that stratosphere into real outer space, (i forget how far exactly that distance is) then you are in the vacuum of space.

now suppose you manage that so your lego man is in exactly the same spot above the ground but not yet so high as to be in Geostationary orbit still moving through the universe like everything else, you still fall down again pretty soon unless you also use constant thrust in a clockwise direction and so not Geostationary any more.

what is your explanation in layman's terms for a layman's perceived gravitational effect in space with nothing i can see related to any other interacts.

now suppose you could take "lego man", calculate all the forces in the universe so as to cancel out all motion, and find the spot in the vacuum of space where the earth and moon will pass in 24 hours and place "lego man" there now so in effect not being effected by anything with the universe....

once the earth/moon mass get there will or wont they effect "lego man" and make him once again fall to earth as he occupies the exact same spot his did when first stepping in the vacuum of space earlier, just another part of the universe....

i suppose he would fall.


Anonymous said...

opp's i forgot the "You don't even know what "big" is" link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7geP5ev0VI

the "the macro universe." is rather subjective when you consider the above video....

i wonder if one day today's "macro universe" will be considered the same size as earth relatively speaking as they discover ever more smaller parts to this current "macro universe" :)


Aaron said...

Thank you pip for reading my work.


Wow that is what I am saying. We have no idea of our enviornment or how it works. We are just beginning to get it together.


Aaron said...

In order to move Legoman Balloonist from 33km to 300+km LEO, you would need thrust.

This needs is own posting.