Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Relativity of Time

The Relativity of Time

This is where I would like to fully explain the time layer of my model.

Meme: a fundamental bit of information.

I have described in this forum and on my blog how memes transfers from one atom to another. The communication of forces(bosons: W+, W-, and photons) occur in waves. The electron is the only sub-atomic particle that can communicate with another atom. It does this by packaging memes into bosons.

Let examine a single gold atom and the forces that will interact upon it.

The simple model: a single photon wave
Our gold atom has 79 electrons. A single photon wave is absorbed by one of the electrons. The memes absorbed (read) by the electron is temperature ,frequency, wavelength and number of spins it has taken since it was created by another electron. This memes is converted (write) to a Z boson and communicated to a gluon. The gluon converts the Z boson to color and that memes is expressed by the different quarks.

The same thing occurs with magnetism. The W+/- bosons are expressed/absorbed by gluons. The information they express are induced current, voltage, charge and number of spins it has taken since it was created by another gluon. From there it is expressed by the quarks.

Now lets complicate things. Our little atom is unfortunate enough to have been hit by a super-nova event horizon. A billion photons and a billion W+/- bosons hit our gold atom at the same time. There are only 79 electrons to read the photons. Our atom needs to absorb all the information. Those 79 electrons need to read a billion photon-waves now. That is 12,658,227.8481 photons per electron at now. That is a lot of memes that needs to be read now. It has to be read now, because there are more memes in the next now.

Our electron reads/writes information at the speed of C. It cannot read/write faster than C. Something must give. This is time. Clocks have different rates at different altitudes. This has been proven. It is not the density of baryons that account for this change in time. It is the density of memes that bends time. The higher the altitude the less information.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Death to Symmetry

The two rods problem is often brought up to explain time or relativity.

Einstein's basic assumption was symmetry. This is not shown in nature. This has nothing to do with belief or frame reference. The basis of Einstein's work is wrong in this, symmetry.

The basis of my model is that these two rods can not be equal in any regards. Here is why.

Even two gold atoms, in the middle of nowhere, with no outside influences can not be equal. Their electrons are not in the same positions, their quarks are at different lengths because of gluon interaction. The quarks express different color based on the interactions of each gold atom on each other.

This stems from Asymmetry.

Asymmetry stems from the interactions between the Strong Nuclear Force, The Weak Nuclear Force, Electromagnetism, Memes information, and the undefined position of electrons, protons, and neutrons. All of these interactions make it not possible for two identical atoms. Let alone two identical rods. Even the density of two gold atoms will be different, because they occupy different volumes based on strong nuclear forces.

addendum: 10/7/08
The Nobel prizes were awarded to 3 Asymmetrists. Yoichiro Nambu was a discover of Quantum Chromodynamics and considered a founder of string theory. Makoto Kobayashi's and Toshihide Maskawa's work is about violation and renormalization of weak nuclear force in gluons.

If you listen softly you can hear the crash of the religion of Einstein, Newton and Hawkins. Gravity is done for. So are those irrelevant equations that they teach as gospel.

addendum 4/27/09 : A high symmetry state is NOT symmetric.