Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Memes Definition

I strongly disagree with definition of a meme. I do not think they are looking at the fundamental interactions of information. I think there are great sets of complexities that rise between basic information transformation in the atom and complex neural networks, but they use the same process and particles. A complex neural network is just a group of information efficient atoms.

Attempt at a definition of Memes
A meme is a fundamental vibration of information that describes the Quark it represents.
All of the Boson forces transmit meme information. All of the Quarks express memes information. A Meme is a dataset.
A single meme wavefront exists as 4 dimensions
Photon meme wave hold Temperature, Frequency, and Wave Length. plus the number of spins since creation.
Magnetic meme wave hold Induced current, Voltage, and Charge. plus the number of spins since creation.
A meme does manipulate baryonic matter during it life cycle. A meme attempts to manipulate baryonic matter more efficiently.
The density of the meme wavefront within the space causes distortions in time and spacial space.
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