Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Addendum to the higgs

In the previous posting I listed several math and logic examples of the disproof of mass. But here is something everyone who saw the collision pattern of all the results of CERN or other supercolliders. This should be obvious.

Why is it that 'massive' particles like Quarks do not arc towards the earth? They don't.

If 100% of your data shows this issue, then a 5 sigma deviation about higgs is useless.

Aaron Guerami

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So you found the Higgs???

Nobel prizes for everyone! Congratulations you managed to see the the entire magnetic field from 1 volt to 300+ Teravolts.

Have you solved the Basic Dimensional Analysis problem for mass? Mass is a one dimentional measure of an object's weight. Gravity is a two dimensional data structure that holds mass and distance. A Matrix cannot ever equal a vector * a vector, or a vector * a scalar. So I have serious problems with the concept of mass.

Let's evaluate a real object and what mathematically occurs when you reduce the natural three dimensional traits to the one dimensional concept of mass. When reducing the object from three dimensions to two, you lose x,y,z, size of the object. You lose I,j,k position of the object. You lose temperature data. You lose E/M data. You lose spectral identification data. You have effectively disregarded vital information about the object just to have mass. More importantly you have no manner of retaining that information or using it.

I know some recent reports proved that gold travelling through the particle accellators pass through the double slit test as waves not particles. I believe that was done at the LHC. I could be wrong as to where the test was done. But that alone kills the particle concept.

Now let's again look at that funny concept of gravity. The larger mass will always attract the less massive object at a rate of... So if an apple hits the ground something more massive then the earth is the only thing that can reverse the apple's direction.

Marketing in physics. I know we all need to get paid. Do the math. Don't just say we found the "GOD" particle. Show me the math that proves you found many particles in the Higg's range and how the attach.

Another thing. Particle accellerators are showing what happens after traumatic collisions of proton beams. This is a decay model. It does nothing to show interactions of bosons prior to the collision.

Archemedes disproved gravity by running naked yelling Eureka. It was not gravity that he discovered it was density!!! Using density you get to keep all your amazing data about an object. So good luck with the god thing. One more thing. Gravity requires omnisence,omnipresence, and omnipotence. Gravity requires that distance data travel instantanously from object to object. That exceeds the speed of light.

The Standard Vibration Model as described here is an expression model. There is a vital difference in those two concepts.