Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Addendum to the higgs

In the previous posting I listed several math and logic examples of the disproof of mass. But here is something everyone who saw the collision pattern of all the results of CERN or other supercolliders. This should be obvious.

Why is it that 'massive' particles like Quarks do not arc towards the earth? They don't.

If 100% of your data shows this issue, then a 5 sigma deviation about higgs is useless.

Aaron Guerami


Anonymous said...

How about, for starters, the fact that the e/m, weak, and strong forces involved in a collision are almost 10^40 times stronger than gravitation?

Aaron said...

Thank you for reading my work.

Yet in the model of Gravitation, we don't see gravitation in the data. What we do see are the interactions of e/m,temp, weak, and strong forces form the density of the Baryon. Using the proven Bosons the Baryon expresses information to other bosons at known ratios. This expressed information is read by the receiving boson's baryon and alters the density of the receiving baryon.

Observation disproves gravity. Study Archemedes. He discovered density.

Anonymous said...

You're not going to see gravitation in collision data unless your instruments are something like a thousand billion billion billion billion times more sensitive than those required to detect e/m effects.