Monday, March 2, 2009

Time is not relative to speed of the object.

Here is another area where Einstein did not have enough information to create an adequate model of Physics.

Time is not relevant to Leptons or Quarks. Although they have a spin, it is not necessary for them to maintain a count. They have 1/2 and 1/3 spins respectively. For example, an Electron that is receiving information from a Photon adjusts its spin rate to the spin of the Photon. By doing this the Electron can now read the data from the Photon.

The 4 Boson's make time. All Bosons have a spin of one. Three of the Bosons express time by counting the number of spins they have travelled since their emission from another Gluon. This count is read by a Lepton or another Gluon. The Gluon reads data on spin and converts to the attached Quarks as pressure.

There is a hierarchy of of interactions between Bosons. This allows for consistent transfer of information. For example a Photon cannot transmit it's information directly to a Gluon. The Photon's information needs to be converted into a Z Boson first then to information that a Gluon can read.

Quarks, being the expressions of Gluons, only need to know the information about now. Whereas Gluons need to provide the information on now. Every now, the Gluon reads and expresses information on it's attached Quarks. This process is (magnetism, pressure (W Boson)), (electricity, data(spectra, heat, pressure) (Z Boson)), (spectra, heat, pressure (Photon)). Every now, the Gluon stores information to its attached Quark (Baryonic density, heat, pressure, spectra, magnetism, electricity (Quark)). Every now, a Quarks passes their information to both their attached Gluons to be expressed as a Z Boson and a W Boson. Since there are two Quarks to every Gluon, the Gluon must calculate/average information from both Quarks.

The speed of time is relative to baryonic density. A satellite's clock and a clock on the ground run at different rates. Like a satellite's orbital position over areas of differing densities, a satellite clock's rate changes based on the density of the ground below it. The speed of time is not relative to the speed of the object.

Time as we understand it, Past, Present, and Future is the result of a collection of molecules in a complex neural network. A neural network's primary purpose is to take tremendous amounts of information and convert it into useful actions.