Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ancient Stone Carving of Star Map

This comes from Humansarefree

This is a stone with these 100000 year old carvings. It seems they are a map of the sky in 80000 to 10000 year old culture.

The article is far more important than just these pictures. It really tells the story of the pictographs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Using Xrays as part of the Process in Rocket Launch

You cannot Refute Data with Politics

This comes from H. Haseneder

Clean your world. Now.

Ancient Man's Understanding of Magnetism

We have done this before. When we see carving from around the world on one topic.

So, they understood this  shape and meaning. Historical rigor.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Possible Hexaquark

Credit U.S. Naval Research Lab.
Are we already seeing this shape in molecule? So we will see this at the subatomic level as a hexaquark or in this case the correct term would be hexagluon.

Addendum:  The Tetraquark has not been reproduced by other labs. It is highly unlikely that this shape exists naturally in subatomic physics. Composite Baryons can form this shape. 3/26/2016

Testing on ISS Proves Gravity to be a Magnetic Process

This is a simple and wonderful test that was done on the Space Station. This is more observational disproof of gravity. This shows the process of orbits is controlled by magnetism.

Monday, July 20, 2015

How Temperature Affects Magnetism through Nuclear Dynamics.

This is the logic of how a hot air balloon rises in this model. Atom C is hotter than atom D.

On a single Baryon, a Hydrogen Atom, this is atom D. A Photon emitted from another Baryon C is collected by the W+/- Boson, magnetism of D. This process of stopping a Photon in motion is called the Zeeman effect. The W+/- Boson induces a Z Boson. Between the W+/- and the Z Boson is the Electron. The result of this process is Photons can now hit Electron. Previously Electrons would be to small to hit Photons and Photons are too small to interfere with electrons. Photons are too fast to hit something moving at the speed of electricity. This is the process of collecting the Photon from Baryon C and preparing the information for the Baryon D.

Our Photon has hit the magnetic field and is now converted to electric information. This is carried to the Baryon (atomic core) via the Z Boson. The Z Boson connects to the rotating Baryon at the Tau where the 2 similar Gluons are intertwined and rotating. The example the Tau decreases the length of the Gluons. This causes the Baryon to increase angular rotation momentum. In this example Gluons in Baryon D would now increase the rate of angular momentum. Now Baryon D would show a higher temperature.

Now the Muon on the opposite Gluon emits changes to the W+/- field. This is dependent upon the new angular momentum. 

Halton Arp explains Redshift of Quasars in Galaxies.

So much is just ignored in science. I like him, I actually had read some of his papers years ago, I found a couple of papers in the pile. I never thought I would see him give a lecture. Thankyou Youtube.
Filmed in 2000 we are just now seeing it.

I have concluded much like him, the power of electricity and magnetism within our universe. I have concluded that galaxies eject stars. Using both magnetic and thermonuclear energy. I have shown the same electric connections between rotating objects. I agree with him on so many topics.

Also because he is using mass in his calculation he comes to an incorrect conclusion about Dark Energy or space. When you use nuclear density, space needs a volumetric property to operate. He starts to talk about density. Most Electromagnetic models lack a solid thermonuclear action. This model accounts for this and keeps the Standard Model solution.