Friday, November 20, 2009

Numerous Contrails today

Today over West Palm Beach there were more than the usual number of contrails in the sky. They were at extreme distance to each other. Rarely do I ever see contrails here in West Palm Beach. Planes usually fly over or under the altitude at which water freezes.

The temperature according to the Weather Channel was
Clear of clouds
30.00 pressure and stable
Humidity 64
Dew point 67
Heat Index 82F
Ceiling 2300 feet
visibility 10 miles

My question is this. Was this a solar event that caused the extreme difference in altitude of the contrails? It appeared to extend the altitude at which contrails to more than usual. The trails were blowing at a rapid speed and perpendicular to the direction. I could see several trails spreading apart but never actually interacting with each other. They were at very different altitudes.

It was as if the area in which contrails expanded quickly and stayed expanded for only a few minutes. During that time 7 contrails existed from different planes going in different directions including one that was perpendicular to the other 6. The contrails started to blow away, dissipate. No new contrails in the sky, though planes are obviously flying over. The one trail that was going in the direction of the winds did not dissipate in the same manner as the other 6.

The event ended when a cloud expanded from low altitude on the horizon and met with the bottom area where the contrails formed. This singular cloud formed a discharge event, allowing the electrical energy to dissipate.

hypothesis: After the singular cloud extended from the ceiling at 2300 ft to the bottom of the contrail altitude, the energy in the contrail level discharged. The contrail area returned to its normal area. After this discharge the sky started producing lots of low level clouds across all of the sky. Within 15 minutes of the discharge the sky was full of low level clouds. I wish I had a camera with me. I should always carry my phone.

I think this was a magnetic event that pushed the altitude for contrails down to a low altitude. when the singular cloud met the altitude for contrails, it provided an area of conductivity that discharged the electricity in the magnetic event.

I also wish I had access to better local weather data. I really wish we could put cameras at schools with full weather labs. The kids can control the local cameras and weather gathering data systems. We should have these at all the schools.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Electric Universe Theory

The Electric Universe

I don't think it is a good idea to embed this video. It is large. It is a superb video. The Electric Universe theory can be found at

For cosmologist, ignore it at your own peril. If the model you are working on does not identify and solve these problems then the model is incorrect.

What is being described in this model is the interaction between the Z Boson and the W+/- Boson. At the point of interaction between the Z and W+/- Bosons creates a unstable oscillating lepton called Electron. This lepton not only produces electricity, but it is responsible for the emission of the Photon Boson. This lepton is the point of read/write of memes or information from one Baryon to another.

Z Bosons connect to the nearest and strongest W+/-Boson. It does not necessarily connect to its own W+/- Boson. This process is ionization.

The unstable lepton vibrates in two ways. They are the same vibration. The continuum of vibration is asymptotic at the neutral or zero. The attractive vibration of the lepton is a positive charge. The opposite or negative charge vibration is expressive.

Ill add to this later. I have to think more on it.