Monday, November 16, 2009

The Electric Universe Theory

The Electric Universe

I don't think it is a good idea to embed this video. It is large. It is a superb video. The Electric Universe theory can be found at

For cosmologist, ignore it at your own peril. If the model you are working on does not identify and solve these problems then the model is incorrect.

What is being described in this model is the interaction between the Z Boson and the W+/- Boson. At the point of interaction between the Z and W+/- Bosons creates a unstable oscillating lepton called Electron. This lepton not only produces electricity, but it is responsible for the emission of the Photon Boson. This lepton is the point of read/write of memes or information from one Baryon to another.

Z Bosons connect to the nearest and strongest W+/-Boson. It does not necessarily connect to its own W+/- Boson. This process is ionization.

The unstable lepton vibrates in two ways. They are the same vibration. The continuum of vibration is asymptotic at the neutral or zero. The attractive vibration of the lepton is a positive charge. The opposite or negative charge vibration is expressive.

Ill add to this later. I have to think more on it.
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