Friday, February 25, 2011

Order of operations, 1st iteration

Dark Energy shows an order of operations in Boson mechanics, energy, and information systems.

I have had a back of napkin, epiphany. There is an order of operations involved in physics interactions.

Gluon -> Gluon = density
Gluon -> Z Boson = electrodynamics
Z Boson -> electron = plasmadynamics
Electron -> photon = photo-electric effect
Electron -> W+/- Boson = magnetodynamics
W+/- boson -> photon = Zeeman Effect
Photon -> electron = thermodynamics, the Compton Effect
W+/- boson -> electron = magnetodynamics

It is the effects caused by asymptotes that show this logical behavior. This allows for the effect to occur. The inverse of a vortex is a torus. This shows a relation in the model to describe the inverse nature of magnetism and electricity.

I found a nice site with definitions. The Laws List