Friday, March 11, 2016

Strange Clouds Hypothesis

We are seeing strange clouds. Many people call them chemtrails. The Airforce is blamed by some.

A hypothesis has been brought forth by
1. The sun is going to solar minimum.
2. This causes the earth's magnetosphere to lose power also.
3. Cosmic rays can penetrate the magnetosphere to a lower level.
4. Cosmic rays rupture co2 and h2o to their constituent elements.

That is what produces chemtrails that are at such a high altitude.
This is why there is so many being seen recently.
Cosmic rays are bad for humans.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Arizona State University picked to build spacecraft to monitor CME and meteor strikes

Disproof of Graviity :New LHC results suggest there's a flaw in the standard model of physics

This is a great article.
By Fiona MacDonald.

"Right now, the standard model is the best explanation we have for how the Universe works and how it's held together. But there are big gaps - most noticeably, the fact that the model doesn't actually account for gravity"

It goes on to explain other errors that physics cannot account for. This model does account for these issues. Why things are organized in threes. Density instead of gravity. How to manage motion without gravity.

It is nice to see type LHC working on these problems.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Axiom Seven: Data Input photon

The electron acts as the baryon's I/O. The axiom 6 describes the output of the electron.

 The photon vibration is smaller the width than the electron and would statistically never hit an electron. In order to hit the electron a photon is captured by a W+/- Boson (magnetic torus) and bent and slowed or stops rotating until the photon hits an electron or an electron is induced by the W+/- Boson. There the electron reads the data and sends it to the gluons via the Z Boson. There it changes the status of the baryon. The Zeeman effect shows this principle.

This process shows the properties of the photon in motion and capture, including how photons bend in direction and deliver data like emitting element information, magnetic lensing and magnetic redshift, spectra, heat.

When a photon hits a polished mirror, metal or glass, it reflects. The reason for this is polishing process causes all electrons to move to the rear layer. A photon never hits an electron on a polished surface. This is how reflective telescopes operate.

Where as other surfaces like paint absorb the photon and release information about itself. But the painted surface, by absorbing the photon change the baryons characteristics. A photon transmits heat along with other data. Polished surfaces reflect these photons/heat. Glass focuses this heat.