Monday, January 3, 2011

Certain Types of Epilepsy and Solar Flares

I have many types of seizures. I am lucky, I do not have a focus of where the seizures always begin. My seizure happen all over my brain.

The worst types of seizures I have occur when observed massive solar flares explode from the sun and hit the earth. Those flares compress the magnetosphere. These compression have already been shown to cause earthquakes on the earth.


With this compression of the earth's magnetosphere pushes the electrical fields in the neural network from their neurons. This shuts down the brain. The body reacts by sending signals back to the medulla oblongata. This low level neural network is more robust. With every autonomic contraction the body is trying to send low level input data back to the brain. This slow recovery is necessary.

Experimental test
A Faraday cage helmet would do a better job the all the medications available. Inside the Faraday cage I would like magnetic field detectors and eeg systems.

I know:
If an input device like the tongue is bitten, then the overwhelming information directly affects the brain causing the seizure to strengthen and repeat. If I have a dual bite guard in my mouth, I tend not to bite my tongue and care givers can have access to put ativan through the breathing hole.. Thus reducing the recovery time.  
Here is the first study that I found that confirms this

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