Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Models and data

Models do not create raw data, raw data creates models.


For example if your model of climate change includes E=mc^2, then you must include the crazy things created by E=mc^2. Your model will have flat space, gravity, zero point dimensions, observers, time travel, symmetry... You lose known effects like Electricity and magnetism, temperature, spectra, three dimensional density, asymmetry...

If your model is not based on observable data, but derived data then there will be huge errors. We see these errors in ballistics, buoyancy, wave dynamics.

Here is an observable. CME hit the earth and compress the magnetosphere (W+/- Boson). The magnetosphere compresses the earth. At that point a perpendicular electric discharge (Z Boson) deep in the earth is released into the atmosphere. Heat is generated at the event site.

All of this is observable in general. The specific information to complete the general theory is how intense does the CME need to be to produce a 7 or 8 magnitude earthquake. We have all the tools in space and on the ground to conduct this experiment.

This general model includes density, electricity, magnetism, temperature. This model show the basics of baryonic motion.
δDn= δDp +(∆δM+∆δE+∆δT)
This model is fully explained in my published papers on the right side of the blog.

Aaron Guerami
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