Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Speedy Neutrino?

A new study in the south pole by Berkeley shows a new Neutrino. I had a nice conversation with a Ph.D. on this topic. But I cannot seem to locate the conversation in g+. Which means the cache is dumped after a month. He taught at a school in London. He told me about an experiment like this.

The purpose of the test was to detect Neutrinos. They seem to have detected a new High Energy Neutrino. One with a faster velocity. How is it possible for an object to exceed c. C is the speed limit for a photon, but not the information Neutrino that streams within the object Photon. The information moves faster than the object because it fills the object vibration keeping the object at its variable state. The information tells the object variables how to maintain the object.

This is a simple Muon detection chamber. I have also seen this with alcohol. The contrails are impacts between Muons and Nucleus.

Muons are ejected nuclear material from x-ray and cosmic ray encounters with gluon nucleus. There are three known types of Neutrino; Muon, Electron, and Tau.

The Tau being the most dense is responsible for gluon to gluon connections. The bond that holds the nucleus together. When Tau lacks information passing through it gluons disconnect from each other and become Dark Matter.

The Muon is responsible for generating a magnetic field, the W+/- Boson. The shape of the Muon is that of a rotating bowl magnet. The opposite gluon defines the information transmitted by the Muon.

The Electron is induced by the W+/- Boson. It has multiple purposes. Not only does it communicate internally but it is the only Neutrino to communicate externally by generating and releasing Photons.

The question becomes how much extra energy. High energy correlates to low density.

Now this was a video from 3 years ago, apparently before focus was understood. Explaining the OPERA detector and CERN. They have had issues with measuring velocity over time. This is because they do not account for the Zeeman effect. This model shows how the W+/- field captures information and pulls it to the electron to be converted to information carried by the Z Boson. That capture of the photon by a magnetic field and inducing a electric field is requires because both the photon and electron are too small to randomly collide. There must be an intermediate force. This interaction is known and required for this model.

 This is why they are having clock issues. The multiple gps sattelites pass through different magnetic field densities over the Earth. They use atomic clocks now but there is still an error because of crosscheck over distance. Until I am assured that they have fixed the Earth's magnetic field error in their clock. Information passing through a magnetic field is affected by that magnetic field.