Saturday, November 24, 2012

New thought on universe expansion

The theory that the universe is expanding is based on SR and GR.

A more simple thought is that our tools and methods are improving allowing scientist to see more and further. First there was the solar system. Then the Milkyway galaxy. Then other galaxies were found. After that the galactic super clusters.

I am of the notion that our scientist are getting better at seeing great distances. When we send telescopes outside the solar system where photons are collected before hitting the solar winds and the heliosphere, we will have a far better picture of the universe. Also array telescopes seperated on an orbit between Earth and Mars will bring greater focus and reduce error.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CME Video


I like this video because the author starts the mass to density transition.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Android tools for space weather and earthquakes

I have two android tools that have made understanding the basics of the relationship of space weather and earthquakes.

By using the NASA Space Weather app and the Earthquake Alert app one can observe CMEs leave the sun and impact the earth. From flares to the impact of the magnetosphere, more data is being added all the time.

The Earthquake Alert app also tells the depth of the impact of the electrical discharge rupturing the tectonic plate. 

I use these tools along with Google Alerts "Coronal Mass Ejections", to give myself about 2 days lead time to a major seizure. I have written before that these major seizure occur at the same time +/- speed and distance from the impact.

Thankyou for building these tools.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Immediate education solution

All the education needs can be resolved using mobile devices and Youtube. Teachers would develope plans and share them with each other. This way students would be learning the same information each day. Portable structures can house the students during the day. This way we are not relying on damaged books and destroyed infrastructure to get the education system up and running by Monday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Excellent paper on the Sun and Heilo sciences

Gravity is an easy way to dismiss chemistry

To a physist, the dust surrounding the sun coalesed through gravity a little heat and poof a planet is formed. Simple right.

But what happened to chemistry; Bonding of molecules, magnetoelectrodynamics, plasma and so many other issues. Physist rarely incorperate known chemical interactions into their models. Chemistry introduces too many problems into physics models. So it has its own field.

Gravity dismissed Electromagnetism in much the same manner. It is said by mainstream physists that solar weather has little effect on the earth or its inhabitants.

This model describes the interaction of gluon density and how baryons produce bosons to interact with other baryons. This model describes all the interactions required for a baryon to affect the baryons around it.

The rules of this model show a net attempt to attain symmetry but through baryonic interaction symmetry is never attained.

A baryon expresses information about itself by using bosons. The Z Boson transfers electric information to and from electrons.

The W+/- Boson is magnetism. The W+/- has one other interaction with photons. This is called the Zeeman Effect. This effect stops a photon if the W+/- is powerful enough and pulls the photon to the Electron.

The photon expresses information about temperature and spectra. It uses wavelength, frequency and rotation to produce this information. Spectra is everything on the frequency except what the emittor is not and the magnetic fields the photon passed through.

A new problem. CMEs travel through space creating a MACH speed. So much for the vacuum of space!

Do thinkers and scientist need to flee Italy?

So seven scientist were convicted of not predicting an earthquake.

What does that mean? Is is the engineer fault if a driver dives his car off a cliff and destroys a village. Is it the engineer's fault? No. But according to the italian legal system a scientist is liable for the earth's motion. To the point that these scientist were charged with the manslaughter of ~300 people.

It is time to flee italy!

Aaron Guerami

Monday, October 1, 2012

Non-relativistic gluon motion

Medium Induced Gluon Branching

This is a powerful paper that describes gluon motion using non-relativistic tools. It describes this process using many equations with explanations of those equations.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Dark Energy Camera

The Dark Energy Camera (DECam) is a beautiful large format array Near Infrared and visual telescope. The intention of this camera in my opinion is to look for redshift, amongst many other things. It is hoped that observations of this expansion and curvature dynamics of space can prove Dark Energy and its role in physics.

The Standard Vibration Model holds that Dark Energy is the place where the math is done to support the physics. This will be impossible to see since Dark Energy cannot support electrons. What this model shows is the expansion/contraction observations are densitiy differentials between Baryonic Matter and Dark Matter.

The pictures will be beautiful and it will collect incredible new data.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baryon Halo around Milkyway

These are some important articles about a halo of baryons found around the milkyway.

Lee Rannals at

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ALICE shows difficulty with gravity at the subatomic level.

Image: CERN
This comes from an article at Symmetry.

What I want to show is that pictures like these show no evidence of gravity. The massive particles arc in all directions. If gravity was a force, then there would be more consistant arcing towards the earth.

This has been a known problem since QM and again found in the Standard Model. It shows the need for a Grand Unification Theory. This need for a unification shows there are errors of logic in gravity models.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Frame of Reference Issues

This is a paper on frame reference system. It describes in detail some of the major issues in SR and GR.

A Logical Analysis of Albert Einstein's Mirror-Light-Clock Gedankin

Congratulations to Curt Youngs. And keep up the good work.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Addendum to the higgs

In the previous posting I listed several math and logic examples of the disproof of mass. But here is something everyone who saw the collision pattern of all the results of CERN or other supercolliders. This should be obvious.

Why is it that 'massive' particles like Quarks do not arc towards the earth? They don't.

If 100% of your data shows this issue, then a 5 sigma deviation about higgs is useless.

Aaron Guerami

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So you found the Higgs???

Nobel prizes for everyone! Congratulations you managed to see the the entire magnetic field from 1 volt to 300+ Teravolts.

Have you solved the Basic Dimensional Analysis problem for mass? Mass is a one dimentional measure of an object's weight. Gravity is a two dimensional data structure that holds mass and distance. A Matrix cannot ever equal a vector * a vector, or a vector * a scalar. So I have serious problems with the concept of mass.

Let's evaluate a real object and what mathematically occurs when you reduce the natural three dimensional traits to the one dimensional concept of mass. When reducing the object from three dimensions to two, you lose x,y,z, size of the object. You lose I,j,k position of the object. You lose temperature data. You lose E/M data. You lose spectral identification data. You have effectively disregarded vital information about the object just to have mass. More importantly you have no manner of retaining that information or using it.

I know some recent reports proved that gold travelling through the particle accellators pass through the double slit test as waves not particles. I believe that was done at the LHC. I could be wrong as to where the test was done. But that alone kills the particle concept.

Now let's again look at that funny concept of gravity. The larger mass will always attract the less massive object at a rate of... So if an apple hits the ground something more massive then the earth is the only thing that can reverse the apple's direction.

Marketing in physics. I know we all need to get paid. Do the math. Don't just say we found the "GOD" particle. Show me the math that proves you found many particles in the Higg's range and how the attach.

Another thing. Particle accellerators are showing what happens after traumatic collisions of proton beams. This is a decay model. It does nothing to show interactions of bosons prior to the collision.

Archemedes disproved gravity by running naked yelling Eureka. It was not gravity that he discovered it was density!!! Using density you get to keep all your amazing data about an object. So good luck with the god thing. One more thing. Gravity requires omnisence,omnipresence, and omnipotence. Gravity requires that distance data travel instantanously from object to object. That exceeds the speed of light.

The Standard Vibration Model as described here is an expression model. There is a vital difference in those two concepts.  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lunar Lightning Strikes

I have noticed and have blogged before about this.
Spacecraft Clementine produced these pictures of the moon. I notice there are far more craters on the poles then there were on the equators.

There are craters on top of craters. This model asserts these are polar lightning from the sun. Almost all of these craters are approximately circular in nature. This would not be the case with solid rock hitting the moon. There are interesting craters that have higher reflective ejecta patterns. But these are few.

These are high energy lightning strikes. From the sun.

Other planetoids and asteroids show a similar issue. Large circular craters at the poles and elliptical gouges with with high alblito.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Order of Operations in Reality

I have thought on this subject for some time. The question I asked for some time now is which boson might have priority in the equations of density, movement, and energy influncing a baryon?

After much reflection, the equations cannot have an order of operations for the influence of bosons upon a baryon. The equation for motion reads the current position of a baryon is equal to the previous position plus the changes in temperature, magnetism, electricity upon the baryon. This shows that the order of operations occur within the Dark Energy Ruleset at the same time.

This allows the order of operations to be one dimentional in aspect for the ruleset to evaluate two dimensional structures. Read, Calculate, Write.

It is the Bosons themselves that express order of operations. The W+/- Boson attracts or repels both the Z Boson and the Photon to the Electron. These are all secondary derived interactions. It is at this point that the Electron divides informaton up to be expressed by the expression bosons.

It is worth a note that a Gluon cannot occupy the same ruleset as the other bosons. The W+/-, Z and Photon are all converted by the electron before being introduced to the Baryon's Gluons.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Information Transformation through the W+/- Boson

The W+/- Boson's object shape is a torus where information travels. The points approaching zero from both the positive and negative aspects of the torus result in information transformation. One area of information transformation occurs at the electron. The other occurs at the midpoint of the other gluon. The W+/- Boson can transfer information in both directions, but only one direction at a time. When W+/- Bosons interact, it takes an extreme magnetic field to change the direction of the flow of information. A change in the direction of rotation of the emitting baryon will also cause a reversal of charge.

The lateral wave of the W+/- Boson is the strength of which its information can extend along the torus. This exertion of the lateral wave is only affected by the properties of the emitting baryon plus the change of other magnetic fields minus the resistance of dark matter plus collected information by the electron. The lateral wave of the W+/- Boson is the distance at which this information can travel most efficiently. The strength of the lateral wave is the corresponding inverse resistance data transfered by the baryon through the Z Boson to the electron.

The longitudinal wave is where the data flows through the W+/- Boson. Data travelling from the midpoint of the other gluon to the electron creates a wave along the lateral wave. The longitudinal wave never exceeds the max point of the lateral wave. The effect of which is the accordian like shape of the magnetic field. The data flows down the longitudinal aspect of the W+/- Boson. This data is the current and the capacitance information of the emitting baryon. A rupture of the W+/- Boson will occur if the longitudinal wave data exceeds the lateral wave data.

The rotation of this data presents the shape of the W+/- Boson object. The information travelling down the W+/- Boson is always perpendicular in location and inverse in data with the corresponding Z Boson vortex. The torus is the inverse of the vortex in motion.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It is Quite Obvious my Seizures are directly connected to solar flares

I would normally say the Oscars caused them, but I was already alerted by Google of the impending CMEs. I flopped like a fish for about an hour before I recovered from the event.

I am getting a new therapy for day to day living with seizures. Neuropsycologist use neuroplasty to help with many neurological issues. I have seen some remarkable things in me. I am no longer ataxic, I have some fine motor skills, I can think more productively... Oh yeah, I am having fewer petit seizures. I feel better then I have in years. Remarkable for only 2 months treatment.

Mysterious Magnetosphere tail solved

From MIT: Mysterious Electron Acceleration Explained.

This is an attempt to model the complexities of the tail of the magnetosphere ant the rubberband like auoras. They are taking data collected from several sattelites for analysis.

This will be interesting.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Massive Densities of Galactic Cores will cause New Elements!

The massive densities of galactic cores has no choice but to crush elements that we consider dense into new elements. This model predicts that the element table must expand by factors. We will see the results of this in our supercoliders when we can contain the collisions of current dense element tests. Some radioactive decay will occur as elemental H,He,Li...

By using multidirectional precise timed collisions in a magnetic sealed chamber with the target pellet of dense radioactive material stabalized by Z boson, photons and pressure waves will allow the user to define the stability of the new element.

We have already done this in the great elemental discovey era. This model demands and predicts ~8^10 increase in our elemental table. It could be much higher.

The 8 is a strange number but it is the valence number of each shell.

And we still should examine the spiral shape of the elemental table as defined in a previos posting on this blog.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Death of the Concept of the Black Hole

Black Hole Ejecting Massive Wind

The pictures from the Chandra Telescope are forcing the reexamination of the amazing winds in our galaxy. Dust from the galactic center shows that the Superdense core is using radiation to emit particles from the core along the Galactic plane. We also see hyperactive jets emitting from the poles of the galactic core.

This galaxy is an amazing display of the scalabilty of the Standard Vibration Model to go from baryonic information to galactic scale.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Heroic Legomen and Legowomen.

This comes from a comment about the Lego balloon.

Legosats launch from helium balloons. They can rise to a maximum ceiling of the density of the craft/atmosphere. At that point the legosat should store the helium to be used as thrust. Fill much he and use ionizer to provide thrust. Use a exectable chemical engine for the initial thrusting. Saving your he for fine stationkeep. Then it should detach from the balloon. Immediatly drop away from the balloon and its legosat attachments. (These will be different in every system and launch so be weary of that balloon). In order to move Legoman Balloonist from 33km to 300+km LEO, you would need thrust. You need to use the Hohmann Transfer to attain the new orbit. Then stationkeeping. To go to GSO is a whole different Legoman. Start small.

Legoman systems should allow many excellent detection deviced;video, temp, magetic, radiowaves with extending antenna. Many excellent systems can provide supurb monitoring. Like a firesat system. Looking for forest fires.
Please notify local FAA AND NASA OF ANY PLANNED LAUNCHES!!! Minisat opensource platform Space Mission Analysis And Design should be on your desk with every page taped to the next. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Defeat SOPA

It is ignorance that a to even come up. The people drafting this remind me of Germany 1935. You must restricted to what they want you to know.

Besides. Really. Do you think we would allow this?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Assassination is Illegal, Immoral, and Just Aweful.

You do have the right to ever use assassination as a tool. We are a civilization. If some country or person breakes the laws. They should be delt with according to law. Through arrest and judicial proceedure!