Friday, November 2, 2012

Android tools for space weather and earthquakes

I have two android tools that have made understanding the basics of the relationship of space weather and earthquakes.

By using the NASA Space Weather app and the Earthquake Alert app one can observe CMEs leave the sun and impact the earth. From flares to the impact of the magnetosphere, more data is being added all the time.

The Earthquake Alert app also tells the depth of the impact of the electrical discharge rupturing the tectonic plate. 

I use these tools along with Google Alerts "Coronal Mass Ejections", to give myself about 2 days lead time to a major seizure. I have written before that these major seizure occur at the same time +/- speed and distance from the impact.

Thankyou for building these tools.


Karla said...

Hi Aaron, I responded to your comment on my blog the other day. Thank you for dropping by. I tried to post this comment to you yesterday, but I'm not sure it was received or not. Anyways, I just wanted to be sure you knew i responded and I hope you have a great holiday weekend.

Aaron said...


Thanks for dropping by. I don't know of another posting. I have had many seizures because of the frequency of solar storms. It takes time to recover. I know my comment on your site was complete and did not need response to. But thanks anyway. I never express feelings over the net, but I knew your's was a safe place.