Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Axiom five: Dark Matter

1. Dark Matter are Gluons without information, magnetism, or rotation.
1.1 Dark Matter densities form lattices, clumps, and other non-uniform shapes.

2. Dark Matter exists outside magnetic fields only.
2.1 When a magnetic field comes into contact with Dark Matter it excites the Gluons with information.
2.2 This simple magnetic excitation causes three Gluons to form triplets and start rotating.
2.3 This single triplet in rotation is a Baryon creating magnetism, electricity, electromagnetism and density oscillations.

3.1 Dark Matter is repelled by Magnetic Fields.
3.1.1 Dark Matter cannot exist within a magnetic field.
3.2 Dark Matter insulates / compresses electric current in open space.
3.3 Dark Matter has no effect on electromagnetism.

Monday, February 1, 2016

NASA finally agrees the sun is a magnetic object.

Many of us have come to this conclusion years ago. Yet NASA is now agreeing with our discoveries. Mine, Suspicious0bservers, Doolan, and so many others have already come to this conclusion and moved forward. We were correct but dismissed.


Also this proves the Zeeman Effect. It goes forth to the disproof of gravity, blackholes, wormholes, timetravel and other paradoxes created by gravity.

Spiral Galaxies are magnetic objects. These are long lived rotating objects.
Elliptical Galaxies are thermonuclear objects. These are short lived. Their lifespan is twice the halflife of the elements within the stars.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Aether By Jean de Climont

Dear Sir,
The wrong direction was given two centuries ago to the electrical current. 
A similar error occurred with the magnetic field of electrons presently postulated with a dipole topology within the standard model, although there is no experimental evidence. 

The electron magnetic field has in fact the inverse topology: it has not a dipole structure but a rotational structure. The main consequence is the necessity of an aether.

This alternative view of electron magnetic field topology is presented in a new video. The video may be seen from the producer home page: 


You will find 550 dissidents scientists proposing alternative theories based upon an Aether in the World wide dissident scientists list new issue 2016 now including more than 8000 names with many more emails and web addresses together with more information on critics and alternative theories. (Note that the coversheet is dated 2014 although the contents is 2016)
As a consequence of this increase of dissidents found in the Internet I have updated the book "The failure of pure science"
Happy New Year,

Magnetic Hypothesis by Fenton Doolan.


“The Magnetic Nature of the Solar System”  

I have recently updated my alternative model of the operation of our solar system based on my observations of an unusual magnetic phenomena.

During the September school holidays in 2013 I spent a lot of time on the internet researching Einstein's theory of General Relativity in particular his ideas about space-time.

As I have become more interested I've researched more and more. I came across the following Youtube clip which explains an unusual magnetic phenomena.  ( 3 mins )
( or Google search: Amazing discovery with magnets Youtube )

When I saw this clip I became aware of a possible mechanism which may explain why the moon orbits the earth.

Using this mechanism I have built up a model for the Earth and the Sun based on my observations regarding the magnets.  I have developed the following hypotheses from these observations.

The reason the moon orbits the Earth is not due to a gravitational attraction between the two and no it's not due to a curvature in space-time.

HYPOTHESIS 1: The moon orbits the Earth due to a magnetic attraction.

I believe the Earth is acting like an inverter magnet. The movement of molten rock/iron/nickel inside the Earth and its solid iron core act like the large central magnet.

These movements of molten metals create electrical currents inside the Earth which induce the Earth’s magnetic field.

Fig 1  A typical representation of the Earth’s magnetic field.

In Fig 1 The centre of the Earth is presented as acting like a bar magnet. No allowance has been given to the magnetic material (magnetite) in the Earth’s continental crust or the ocean floors (oceanic crust).
Deposits of iron oxide (magnetite) under the Earth's surface (continental crust) and on the world’s seafloors ( due to seafloor spreading from mid-ocean ridges) are acting like the small satellite magnets in the clip.

Fig 2:   Location of large deposits of  iron oxide on the continents of Earth.

Fig 3:  Mid Ocean ridge- magnetic  nature due to magnetite.

( Image Credits Fig 1/2/3 : Google Images )

I believe the magnetic field lines of the sun and planets should produce a shape very similar to concentric circles or ellipses.

These magnetic field lines produce the pushing force which we call ‘gravity’.

On Earth ‘gravity’ I believe is created by the Earth’s magnetic field pushing on our atmosphere.

Objects accelerate towards the surface of the earth due to this ‘pushing force’ produced by the Earth’s magnetic field on the atmosphere.

HYPOTHESIS 2:  The strength of the Earth’s magnetic field steadily increases to a maximum level corresponding to the moon’s orbit around the Earth then decreases in strength as the distance from the moon increases.

Near the surface of the Earth the Earth’s magnetic field is relatively weak due to its interaction with the air of Earth’s atmosphere.

The ‘virtual’ photons which create Earth’s magnetic field are absorbed by the gas molecules making up the Earth’s atmosphere.

I predict the Earth’s magnetic field increases significantly outside the Earth’s atmosphere where ‘virtual’ photon absorption is non-existing.

As the Earth rotates on its axis it produces a rotating magnetic field.

HYPOTHESIS 3: The Earth’s magnetic field (magnetosphere) and the moon’s magnetosphere couple as explained in the Youtube clip.

From my research I realize the moon does not (anymore) have a global magnetic field but does have a magnetosphere on its far side.

Fig 4:  Moon’s magnetic far side

 I believe that the moon has essentially ‘clipped’ onto the Earth’s magnetic field.

The reason why on Earth we only see one side of the moon is not because it rotates on its axis in synchrony with its orbit around the Earth.

We only see one side of the moon due to this coupling effect as shown in the Youtube clip.

My hypothesis would predict that the moon does not spin on its polar axis as it is locked in place due this coupling / inverter magnet effect.

This explains why the rotational period of the moon appears to exactly match its orbital period around the Earth.

From a sidereal view the moon would appear to rotate on its axis but I believe this to be an illusion.

Similarly this explains why the moons of the other planets, predominantly show only one face to their respective planet.

Synchronous rotation and Tidal locking are erroneous explanations for this observable phenomena.

Nikola Tesla’s 1919 article in the ‘Electrical Experimenter’ magazine also suggests that the moon does not spin on its polar axis.  ( )

Simple demonstration which shows that the moon does not need to rotate on its polar axis for only one side to be visible from Earth:

(Tape a ping pong ball to the inside of a hula hoop. Rotate the hula hoop, since the ping pong ball is attached by tape to the hula hoop it can not rotate ‘spin’on its own polar axis. A person standing in the centre of the hula hoop will only see one side of the ping pong ball. The ping pong ball has zero polar axial rotation.)

Comment by Stephen Crothers:

I agree that synchronous rotation and tidal locking are not why the Moon maintains the same face towards Earth. The scientists have offered no rational means by which such a situation could arise and be maintained. It's just another of their many nebulous explanations for things they don't understand. That the Moon moves in the manner of the locked magnet in the film clip is very interesting. Your ideas are promising. ( Stephen Crothers )

Comment by Miles Mathis
I agree with you.  It is a sort of tidal lock, but the lock is caused by the charge field, not the gravity field.  But since the tides are also a charge effect, it isn't strictly wrong to continue to use the tidal lock term.  But I can understand why you prefer to drop it. ( Miles Mathis )

I read on the NASA website that the Earth's magnetic field has been weakening since 1850.

The strength of Earth's magnetic field varies as well; it has been decreasing slightly ever since around 1850. ( NASA Internet Article )

I have also read that the moon is actually moving away from Earth at a rate of
3.8 cm per year over the past 40 years.

I wonder if that is due to mining of iron ore over the last 166 years which is causing the Earth’s magnetic field to decrease in strength ?

HYPOTHESIS 4: Also suggests that the sun acts like a gigantic inverter magnet as well, which the planets are magnetically attracted to. The sun’s sunspots are acting like the satellite magnets in the clip.

Fig 5 Sunspot in photosphere -                                      
magnet satellite magnets in clip.

Fig  6  The suns internal magnet- inner
   in clip.

Recent article suggesting that stars have strong internal magnetic fields

Maunder’s Butterfly Diagram

Graph 1:  Maunder’s Butterfly Diagram

One noteworthy observation is the absence of sunspots above 40 degrees in either hemisphere. However, the most important piece of information is that at a beginning of a cycle the sunspots are mostly in the 20 to 40 degree ranges in both hemispheres. As the cycle comes to an end the sunspots mainly occur close to the sun's equator. This means that over time there is a plasma flow going on beneath the sun's surface from the outer portions of both hemispheres towards the equator. This is a very important point in understanding the flow and magnetic activity of the Convective Zone. All solar events are strongly influenced by the solar magnetic cycle, since the magnetic cycle serves as the "energy engine" for all solar activities. The sun's dynamic magnetic field defines the Photosphere's features, the Chromosphere, the Corona, Solar Prominences and CMEs, the Solar Wind and eventually the shape of the Heliosphere. It is noteworthy that the sun's magnetic field and cycle effects our whole solar system.

Inclination of the Planets to the Sun’s equator

Name Inclination
to ecliptic
to Sun's equator
to invariable plane[3]
Terrestrials Mercury 7.01° 3.38° 6.34°
Venus 3.39° 3.86° 2.19°
Earth 0 7.155° 1.57°
Mars 1.85° 5.65° 1.67°
Gas giants Jupiter 1.31° 6.09° 0.32°
Saturn 2.49° 5.51° 0.93°
Uranus 0.77° 6.48° 1.02°
Neptune 1.77° 6.43° 0.72°
Table 1:  Inclination of planets to the Sun’s Equator  ( Credit:  Wikipedia )
There seems to be a relationship between the location of sunspots and the inclination of the planets to the sun’s equator.
I believe that the sun’s magnetic field permeates throughout our solar system with a sombrero like (or torus) effect emanating from the proximity of its equator.

Fig 7:   The Sun’s magnetic torus ( Credit: Google images )

Planet Densities

The planets are ordered by density. It helps show that mass is not the interaction that is involved in planetary motion.

Planet Density (g/cm^3)
Mercury 5.427
Venus 5.204
Earth 5.515
Mars 3.934
Jupiter 1.326
Saturn 0.687
Uranus 1.27
Neptune 1.638
Pluto (dwarf) 1.88

Table 2:  Density of planets in our solar system
The densities of the planets show order. There are 3 main categories of the order.

 Solids        Gas           Ice  

( Reference Aaron Guerami: Aaron’s Reality )
I believe that the planets, all the moons of the solar system and the materials of the rings of Saturn all orbit their associated planet/sun due to two factors

1. inverter magnet effect
2. rotating magnetic fields

These masses are all following the rotating magnetic field lines produced.

Venus has no moons as it does not generate a large magnetic field of its own, thus has been unable to capture any matter.

Venus may have an induced magnetism from the sun. Thus Venus still follows a magnetic field line produced by the sun.
The literature states that Mars does not have global magnetic field but does have a remnant magnetic field ( or clusters of small magnetospheres). I believe these small magnetospheres on Mars do create a very weak global magnetic field surrounding Mars. Hence Mars has two very small moons orbiting it.

The following article seems to support this idea about how global magnetic fields are formed.

HYPOTHESIS 5: I believe our solar system operates on a magnetic basis or alternatively an electro-magnetic basis.

The sun’s rotation on its axis generates a rotating magnetic field (Parker Spiral) that results in planetary motion around the sun.

Fig 8:  Parker Spiral  (  Credit:  Google images )

My hypotheses do not require the existence of a ‘cosmological constant’ as suggested by Einstein to counteract the effects of gravity.

HYPOTHESIS 6:  The unaccounted variation of 43 arc seconds per century for the Precession of Perihelion of Mercury is caused by random variations in sunspot activity over the century.

Fig 9:  Mercury’s Precession of Perihelion ( Credit: Google images )

From my research,  it seems that Einstein knew that the unaccounted variation of the Precession of Perihelion of Mercury was 43 arc centuries per century. So he was able to adjust his value of pi.

Comment by Stephen Crothers on pi:

If you go to Einstein's book, 'Relativity: The Special and the General Theory', to Section III, the part titled 'The Possibility of a"Finite" and yet "Unbounded" Universe, Einstein argues that pi is not even a constant. His argument betrays that he did not even understand elementary geometry. He gives the following equation to make pi variable:

pi = [sin(r/R)]/(r/R)

where R he says is the radius of the world sphere and r the radius in a spherical surface. He talks of flat beings confined to the spherical surface in order to get his expression above. Einstein is talking drivel. A spherical surface does not have a (world) radius because it is a surface. Einstein's r is merely a segment of a geodesic in the surface. His expression for pi is consequently patently false. Einstein didn't even know the meaning of pi. He might just as well try to claim that Euler's number is also variable. It isn't.  ( Stephen Crothers )

In essence my hypotheses does not require the force of gravity.

Gravity I believe is a fictitious force which has for centuries dominated our collective psyches, created to allay humanities unconscious fears of the unexplainable effects of magnetism and its associated historical links to the occult.

The phenomena known as Gravitational lensing should be actually termed Magnetic lensing.

(In the paper referenced below - Manipulating Light with a Magnetic Field, Bart A. van Tiggelen and Geert L. J. A. Rikken show that light is bent through a very small angle in a strong magnetic field inside a non-scattering, homogeneous media.)

Gravitational red-shift should be termed Magnetic red-shift ( or commonly known as the Zeeman effect ).

Einstein’s space-time fabric may actually be the magnetic field ( ‘virtual’ photon field)  produced by the sun that permeates like an ‘ether’ throughout our solar system.

I predict that the planets bend the magnetic field emanating from the sun and consequently partially couple their magnetic fields with the sun’s magnetic field.

HYPOTHESIS 7:  Pluto’s largest moon Charon is tidally locked due to it having a magnetosphere on its far side (same as our moon) which has coupled with Pluto’s global magnetic field.

Pluto’s four smaller moons are not tidally locked as they do not have any significant magnetospheres.

Orbit of Pluto’s moons  ( Animation created from New Horizons data )

Comment by Stephen Crothers

Charon and the other moons are interesting. If a magnetic field is detected for Charon then your theory would be significantly reinforced. Certainly Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is incapable of accounting for such motions. It cannot account, in principle, for the very existence of N > 1 bodies, and so it is meaningless.  (Stephen Crothers)

HYPOTHESIS 8: Black holes don’t exist. (As proven by Stephen Crothers) Dark Energy Stars are left after supernovae explosions as suggested by Professor Laughlin ( Nobel Laureate) and Professor Chapline.

These Dark Energy Stars are the mysterious Dark Matter of our universe. They form a type of  ‘magnetic well’.

HYPOTHESIS 9: I predict that the internal structure (composition) of the planets and stars (suns) are responsible for the magnetic or alternatively electro-magnetic force of attraction between these heavenly bodies.

As such I believe the Einstein’s ‘Strong Equivalence Principle’ will be invalidated by the ongoing study of the ternary system of a pulsar with two stars orbiting it.

My ideas I believe would be consistent with the Quantum Mechanical Model.
As such I would suggest that this magnetic model can also be applied at a Quantum level.

I would also suggest that in our universe there exists only 3 dimensions.

Comment by Stephen Crothers

I agree that only three spatial dimensions exist. The claim by Minkowski, and subsequently Einstein and his followers, that time is on the same footing as the three spatial dimensions, forming thereby a 4-dimensional space-time continuum, is false. This is perhaps most easily seen in the fact that the spatial dimensions are measured in units of distance, such as metres, whereas time is measure in altogether different units of duration, such as seconds. In order to make time appear to be on the same footing as the three spatial dimensions, Minkowski et. al. multiplied time by a speed, the speed of light c thus, d = ct. Then by setting c = 1, the so-called 'relativistic unit', in pro-numerals d = t. This now looks like time and space are combined. However, simple dimensional analysis on the symbols gives [d] = L, [t] = T. If the coefficient of t is taken into account then [ct] = (L/T)T = L. If the unit coefficient c = 1 is taken into account, [c] = [1] = L/T. Thus, c = 1 is a speed of 1 unit of L per unit time T, the unit of distance being the distance that light travels in 1 unit of time. The 4-dimensional space-time continuum is farce.  ( Stephen Crothers )

Einstein would not have known that our moon has a magnetic nature as he died in 1955. When moon rocks were bought back by the Apollo 11 mission in 1969  and analyzed, it is my understanding that scientists were shocked to find out they all were magnetic.

I know my hypotheses go against contemporary physics ideology but I think sometimes in Science we tend to ignore the obvious and invariable try to over complicate theories and ideas.

Comment by Wal Thornhill (EU)
I’m pleased to see you thinking seriously about gravity and magnetism. They are very similar dipole phenomena, which means that gravity doesn’t merely attract but can produce a balanced system.  ( Wal Thornhill )

I believe Einstein was correct when he stated:
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ( Albert Einstein )
Thanks for reading,


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jim Murray's explanation and experiments of Tesla's work

These are long videos, but well worth the watch. So break out the popcorn, pencils and paper. Lots of paper.
credit : thefreethoughtproject

Credit :

The site has a video where he describes all the math involved.

Credit : emediapress

Eric Dollars on Harmonics

Youtube Eric Dollars he has 21 videos there. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Finally NASA is working on an Electromagnetic drive.

This is an improved step in science. And it is a second generation device. Dr. Tesla would have been proud. Now are getting away from Einstein's fictious math to real experiments. Funny, CERN uses only electromagnetism while trying to prove gr and sr. Silly, at least NASA is calling it an EM engine.

Thanks to +Truth Seeker  at google+ for providing the links.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Disproof of Mass

Objects require certain rules that must be obeyed.

First the object must exist.
Second mass is defined as the result of force / acceleration.
Third mass is defined as a 1 dimensional point in space. It is a scalar.
With that there is observational proof that mass does not exist. The Gravitons does not exist. It has never been found. It would have been one of the first forces discovered.

This 4 minute video shows that an object with weight that exists has no acceleration when forces are applied.

This video shows extreme force being placed upon the iron rod yet there are many points in the video where the acceleration is zero. Since dividing by zero is undefined, all the points in time where the force on the object creates no movement in the object.

This means mass can be undefined. Mass that is undefined does not exist.

Objects move according to density. Here we see a badmittion shuttlecock in motion in a vacuum. Notice it changes direction over time.

It is not possible to have a result that is undefined, or does not exist in the vibrations found at the supercolliders. Thus all equations using mass fail.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Inverter Magnets by Ariana Doolan

Wonderful description and presentation of this phoneme. She and her father have described this inverter magnetic principle correctly. The failure to find the Gravitons show a lack of attractive gravity. This is an electromagnetic principle. I am glad to see young people expanding there horizons of physics. Great Job.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why Mass is Useless

Mass as defined is a one dimensional point measuring weight.

That tells the user nothing useful. Is it 3 oz of Iron or 3 oz of lithium. You give up everything useful about a substance for it weight. That is like basing your health on weight. Dr. note patient is 184 lbs. That is all the doctor wants to know. Yep it is a healthy 184 lbs human. Useless.

Now those genisus have used a mirror trick to say it still is mass but it is only measured in eV. That is electron voltage people. That is saying it weighs 30 volts. Bananas. These people get trillions of dollars measured in volts to prove its voltage. Read any paper in the last 5 years and every mass reference is in eV.

So what is it weight or voltage. It can't be both of them cause mass is 1 dimensional. But then there are the real nutjobs who point to an object point and say it massless. That means no point. What is the point of that.

When you can corner one of these physicists and ask them these simple questions their response is "We do this to keep it simple", or "Ask Newton". He is dead. Ne is not the point. If you are a physicist and you want to KISS "Keep It Simple Stupid" then go into plumbing or ditch digging. They make more money than you and they make sense when they talk.

When you dismiss all the variables of an object for just one you loose the point of physics. Electricity uses 3 variables. Magnetism inverts those three variables. Photons use the variables to transmit heat. Phonon use 3 variables to oscillate density. Magnons use 3 variables to oscillate longitudinal magnetic waves. And gluons use all the variables to determine density.

That is why mass should never be used in physics. It needs to be dismissed like the flat earth, or the earthcentric universe. It is pointless to discuss an element by its weight. That is nonsensical.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Axiom Four of the Standard Vibration Model: General Modular Energy Equation

The new Energy Equation is modular. It is designed to allow users to manipulate equations within the Energy model to adjust for new logic or observations.

E_curr = D_prev + (ΔW+ΔZ+Δγ+ΔA+Δm)*h-H0

E is energy
D is Nuclear Density
W is W+/- magnetism
Z is Z Boson electricity
γ is photon heat
A is the acoustic Phonon
m is the magnons
Δ is change.
h is Planck's Constant.
H0 is the Higgs Boson.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Andromeda and Taurus Flare Stars.

A Cosmic Ray Burst was reported Sept 11 2015 from the Andromeda Galaxy. This is a flaring of a new star from the galactic core.

Credit Suspicious0bservers

On the 12th Taurus did the same thing.
Credit Suspicious0bservers

If the giant telescopes were to look at the Galactic Cores of these objects we would see new stars orbiting the core.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Third Axiom of the Standard Vibration Model: Time

1. Time is local to each object in rotation.
2. Time is the rotation or dissipation of energy through R
3. Each object in rotation is required to manage and store it's own time.
4. Each object shows a history of interactions over its rotation history.
5. Interaction between objects within R can slow or stop the rotation of an object.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Second Axiom of the Standard Vibration Model: Matter

There is one type of vibration that has been found in the supercolliders that is all types of Matter. The Gluon.

Object Definitions
1: The Gluon is a data structure.
1a. When the Gluon holds Null data this is Dark Matter.
1b. When the Gluon vibrates nuclear data this is Baryonic Matter.

2. In Stasis. (Only for simplicity of understanding geometry) Three Glouns forms a triangle. We have the basis of trigonometry. Where the Gluons connect the excess length of Gluons are Quarks, balled up as unused length of Gluons. Quarks hold Null data.

2a. Rotation. 3 Gluons in rotation form a Baryon. Immediately we have advanced trigonometry. The Gluon rotation forms a cone.
2a1. Almost all Baryons rotate left, while a rare unstable version rotates right. This is found as Antimatter.

2b. Neutrinos support the 3 Gluon shape.
2b1. Tau. Tau connects 2 Gluons together at each of the three angles. This is a ring magnet. It increases or decreases the length of Gluons based on received information. Tau also maintains the vibration and rotation  of the Glouns.
2b2. Muon. The Muon is a bowl magnet on the opposite Gluon that emits the Baryon's W+/- Boson (Magnetism).
2b3. Electron: The Electron is the Input/Output device for the Baryon. The Electron is responsible for emitting the oscillators and returning information from oscillators through the Z Boson to the Gluons. The Electron is a Membrane magnet.

2c. The Oscillators:
2c1. The Photon. The Photon is a lateral vibration that transmits heat, spectra, frequency, wavelength, distance traveled.
2c2. The Phonon. The is the acoustic preload vibration of the Photon. Its the vibration let off longitudinally while the photon is being loaded into the Electron from the Z Boson.
2c3. The Magnon. The Magnon is the electromagnetic vibration that vibrates longitudinally while the Electron releases the lateral vibration Photon.

2d: The Bosons.
2d1. The Bosons are Emitted by the Gluon rotation.
2d2. W+/- is magnetism. It has a torus shape from the Muon to the Electron.
2d3. The Z Boson is electricity. The Z Boson is induced by the W+/- Boson to communicate information from other Baryon's vibrations. The geometry is that of a Birkeland current.

From 1 object Gluon, we now have derived all the forces and fields.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

First Axiom of the Standard Vibration Model: Dark Energy

Abstract: Dark Energy is the Aether that is Space.

Object Definitions:
  1. Dark Energy is described as a Rulesest. Symbol R
  2. R is discrete.
  3. A Rulesest R has a length of 1 Planck's Length in the x,y,z directions.  R is a 3 dimensional cube.
  4.  R is rigid.
  5.  R is where the mathematics of physics is done. Each force or field passing through the R provides data about the force or field. This is done through one of the Higgs fields.
  6.  Each force or field entering a R which interacts with other forces and fields the mathematics of the rules of those interactions are managed by the R .
  7. Regardless of interactions the forces or field loose their initial data given to the R as entropy and pass through to the next R.
  8. R does not store data on previous interactions.
Axiom: Dark Energy Rulesets are physical space where the mathematics of physics is done.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Magnetic Levitation

These a fun toys. Beware those large magnets can crush small fingers. So be careful.
But have fun.

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Higgs Field for every Boson.

It is a requirement for every Boson to communicate with Dark Energy Rulesets. Every Boson must provide information about itself to the next Ruleset. This model requires a field for each boson and oscillator. The current Higgs is only found in the voltage range for the 125 to 127 GeV. So we will find 5 more at varying voltages. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Order of Operations of the Electron

The Electron is responsible for I/O of the Baryon. It has an order of operation. It is responsible for emmision of information. The electron is a membrane of information that rotates and vibrates.

From the induced Z Boson it loads vibration information for the photon. By preloading this information the electron vibration releases an acoustic vibration called a Phonon. This vibration is perpendicular to the direction of the electron at the preload phase. This is a longitudinal oscillation.

Then the photon vibration is emitted in the direction opposite of the Z Boson. The oscillation Photon is a lateral vibration.

Because the Photon is a electromagnetic vibration, the perpendicular vibration is the Magnon. The Magnon is released with the Photon. The Magnon is a longitudinal oscillation. The Magnon is magnetic.

So we can now account for all the vibrations and their order of output of information. Now it is time to build all the partial differential equations since we now have all the variables identified.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Revised Ehergy Equation.

The paper The Variables Involved in Baryonic Motion needs revision.

I need to add the two new oscillators and the pressurization of Dark Matter.

The Current Density is equal to the previous density plus changes in the magnetic field, electric field, temperature, oscillation (phonon and magnon), times Planck's Constant.

The Oscillators: Photon, Phonon, Magnon

The electron is responsible for emitting 3 oscillators.

First is a Photon. Much is known about this waveform. How the electron emits it and its behavior.

The Phonon is a preloading oscillation that occurs while the electron is loading the photon. This is a density oscillation.

The Magnon is a magnetic oscillation we observe this in space and on magnetic effects. This is type expansion and contraction of the W+/- Boson field at the junction point of the electron and the W+/- and Z Bosons. It travels much faster than the Phonon. It is responsible lighting on/off effect.

Remarkably the Phonon and Magnon are new discoveries in field sciences. They fit perfectly in this model.
Here we see the three interacting in space

Basic Disproof of Gravity

This model requires observational proof for theory justification. Gravity lack this.

We have the basic Disproof of Gravity.
Disproof of Mass in Physics.
Those are in the same paper.

Or the video.

Then there are the observations from the Space Station.

A density will always move to meet its similar densities within a density medium. It uses electricity, magnetism, heat and oscillation to change its density.

A density is defined in "The Structure of a Baryon".

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fire Rainbows, the Filimentary Birkeland Current.

We now have seen this over North Carolina. A beautiful rope cloud ending in beautiful filaments. But there are more that show the same structure. Filaments. Current is passing through those filaments exciting the atoms to different wavelengths.

All three of these images are Fire Rainbows. They show the filamentary nature of Birkeland Currents.

Credit ElectricUniverse
 The Geometry:
Example in space:
 The Sun:
 In the Lab:
Advanced studies

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Washing Machine Energy Generator

Check out this simple wind mill.

The W+/- Boson magnetic flip point.

We have discussed magnetic flip points here in the Primer Fields.

Credit David LaPoint

This is the magnetic flip ring seen in the above video.

The paper above shows another flip ring in the W+/- Boson causing a flip at 19 TeV. This is the inverting of magnetic field to an electric field at the electron. The first sentence shows they are seeing this event but cannot explain it under current Standard Model parameters. These are fields not particles. That is the first mistake. When they make that simple change their model and this model will converge.

We see this in quasars and other magnetic events. This is the standard shape for a body in rapid rotation. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Universetoday

This is a nice site. Its full of space news.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Teaching Electromagnetism and Cool Projects.

Tractor beams?
By using simple videos like this will show students simple projects and observations. These observations will turn into technology when kids get to build them.

Normally we in the electromagnetic community hear little from NASA on topics of solar electricity and magnetic effects. But this is a good site.

A series of videos.