Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Axiom Four of the Standard Vibration Model: General Modular Energy Equation

The new Energy Equation is modular. It is designed to allow users to manipulate equations within the Energy model to adjust for new logic or observations.

E_curr = D_prev + (ΔW+ΔZ+Δγ+ΔA+Δm)*h-H0

E is energy
D is Nuclear Density
W is W+/- magnetism
Z is Z Boson electricity
γ is photon heat
A is the acoustic Phonon
m is the magnons
Δ is change.
h is Planck's Constant.
H0 is the Higgs Boson.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Andromeda and Taurus Flare Stars.

A Cosmic Ray Burst was reported Sept 11 2015 from the Andromeda Galaxy. This is a flaring of a new star from the galactic core.

Credit Suspicious0bservers

On the 12th Taurus did the same thing.
Credit Suspicious0bservers

If the giant telescopes were to look at the Galactic Cores of these objects we would see new stars orbiting the core.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Third Axiom of the Standard Vibration Model: Time

1. Time is local to each object in rotation.
2. Time is the rotation or dissipation of energy through R
3. Each object in rotation is required to manage and store it's own time.
4. Each object shows a history of interactions over its rotation history.
5. Interaction between objects within R can slow or stop the rotation of an object.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Second Axiom of the Standard Vibration Model: Matter

There is one type of vibration that has been found in the supercolliders that is all types of Matter. The Gluon.

Object Definitions
1: The Gluon is a data structure.
1a. When the Gluon holds Null data this is Dark Matter.
1b. When the Gluon vibrates nuclear data this is Baryonic Matter.

2. In Stasis. (Only for simplicity of understanding geometry) Three Glouns forms a triangle. We have the basis of trigonometry. Where the Gluons connect the excess length of Gluons are Quarks, balled up as unused length of Gluons. Quarks hold Null data.

2a. Rotation. 3 Gluons in rotation form a Baryon. Immediately we have advanced trigonometry. The Gluon rotation forms a cone.
2a1. Almost all Baryons rotate left, while a rare unstable version rotates right. This is found as Antimatter.

2b. Neutrinos support the 3 Gluon shape.
2b1. Tau. Tau connects 2 Gluons together at each of the three angles. This is a ring magnet. It increases or decreases the length of Gluons based on received information. Tau also maintains the vibration and rotation  of the Glouns.
2b2. Muon. The Muon is a bowl magnet on the opposite Gluon that emits the Baryon's W+/- Boson (Magnetism).
2b3. Electron: The Electron is the Input/Output device for the Baryon. The Electron is responsible for emitting the oscillators and returning information from oscillators through the Z Boson to the Gluons. The Electron is a Membrane magnet.

2c. The Oscillators:
2c1. The Photon. The Photon is a lateral vibration that transmits heat, spectra, frequency, wavelength, distance traveled.
2c2. The Phonon. The is the acoustic preload vibration of the Photon. Its the vibration let off longitudinally while the photon is being loaded into the Electron from the Z Boson.
2c3. The Magnon. The Magnon is the electromagnetic vibration that vibrates longitudinally while the Electron releases the lateral vibration Photon.

2d: The Bosons.
2d1. The Bosons are Emitted by the Gluon rotation.
2d2. W+/- is magnetism. It has a torus shape from the Muon to the Electron.
2d3. The Z Boson is electricity. The Z Boson is induced by the W+/- Boson to communicate information from other Baryon's vibrations. The geometry is that of a Birkeland current.

From 1 object Gluon, we now have derived all the forces and fields.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

First Axiom of the Standard Vibration Model: Dark Energy

Abstract: Dark Energy is the Aether that is Space.

Object Definitions:
  1. Dark Energy is described as a Rulesest. Symbol R
  2. R is discrete.
  3. A Rulesest R has a length of 1 Planck's Length in the x,y,z directions.  R is a 3 dimensional cube.
  4.  R is rigid.
  5.  R is where the mathematics of physics is done. Each force or field passing through the R provides data about the force or field. This is done through one of the Higgs fields.
  6.  Each force or field entering a R which interacts with other forces and fields the mathematics of the rules of those interactions are managed by the R .
  7. Regardless of interactions the forces or field loose their initial data given to the R as entropy and pass through to the next R.
  8. R does not store data on previous interactions.
Axiom: Dark Energy Rulesets are physical space where the mathematics of physics is done.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Magnetic Levitation

These a fun toys. Beware those large magnets can crush small fingers. So be careful.
But have fun.

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Higgs Field for every Boson.

It is a requirement for every Boson to communicate with Dark Energy Rulesets. Every Boson must provide information about itself to the next Ruleset. This model requires a field for each boson and oscillator. The current Higgs is only found in the voltage range for the 125 to 127 GeV. So we will find 5 more at varying voltages. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Order of Operations of the Electron

The Electron is responsible for I/O of the Baryon. It has an order of operation. It is responsible for emmision of information. The electron is a membrane of information that rotates and vibrates.

From the induced Z Boson it loads vibration information for the photon. By preloading this information the electron vibration releases an acoustic vibration called a Phonon. This vibration is perpendicular to the direction of the electron at the preload phase. This is a longitudinal oscillation.

Then the photon vibration is emitted in the direction opposite of the Z Boson. The oscillation Photon is a lateral vibration.

Because the Photon is a electromagnetic vibration, the perpendicular vibration is the Magnon. The Magnon is released with the Photon. The Magnon is a longitudinal oscillation. The Magnon is magnetic.

So we can now account for all the vibrations and their order of output of information. Now it is time to build all the partial differential equations since we now have all the variables identified.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Revised Ehergy Equation.

The paper The Variables Involved in Baryonic Motion needs revision.

I need to add the two new oscillators and the pressurization of Dark Matter.

The Current Density is equal to the previous density plus changes in the magnetic field, electric field, temperature, oscillation (phonon and magnon), times Planck's Constant.

The Oscillators: Photon, Phonon, Magnon

The electron is responsible for emitting 3 oscillators.

First is a Photon. Much is known about this waveform. How the electron emits it and its behavior.

The Phonon is a preloading oscillation that occurs while the electron is loading the photon. This is a density oscillation.

The Magnon is a magnetic oscillation we observe this in space and on magnetic effects. This is type expansion and contraction of the W+/- Boson field at the junction point of the electron and the W+/- and Z Bosons. It travels much faster than the Phonon. It is responsible lighting on/off effect.

Remarkably the Phonon and Magnon are new discoveries in field sciences. They fit perfectly in this model.
Here we see the three interacting in space

Basic Disproof of Gravity

This model requires observational proof for theory justification. Gravity lack this.

We have the basic Disproof of Gravity.
Disproof of Mass in Physics.
Those are in the same paper.

Or the video.

Then there are the observations from the Space Station.

A density will always move to meet its similar densities within a density medium. It uses electricity, magnetism, heat and oscillation to change its density.

A density is defined in "The Structure of a Baryon".

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fire Rainbows, the Filimentary Birkeland Current.

We now have seen this over North Carolina. A beautiful rope cloud ending in beautiful filaments. But there are more that show the same structure. Filaments. Current is passing through those filaments exciting the atoms to different wavelengths.

All three of these images are Fire Rainbows. They show the filamentary nature of Birkeland Currents.

Credit ElectricUniverse
 The Geometry:
Example in space:
 The Sun:
 In the Lab:
Advanced studies

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Washing Machine Energy Generator

Check out this simple wind mill.

The W+/- Boson magnetic flip point.

We have discussed magnetic flip points here in the Primer Fields.

Credit David LaPoint

This is the magnetic flip ring seen in the above video.

The paper above shows another flip ring in the W+/- Boson causing a flip at 19 TeV. This is the inverting of magnetic field to an electric field at the electron. The first sentence shows they are seeing this event but cannot explain it under current Standard Model parameters. These are fields not particles. That is the first mistake. When they make that simple change their model and this model will converge.

We see this in quasars and other magnetic events. This is the standard shape for a body in rapid rotation. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Universetoday

This is a nice site. Its full of space news.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Teaching Electromagnetism and Cool Projects.

Tractor beams?
By using simple videos like this will show students simple projects and observations. These observations will turn into technology when kids get to build them.

Normally we in the electromagnetic community hear little from NASA on topics of solar electricity and magnetic effects. But this is a good site.

A series of videos.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Speedy Neutrino?

A new study in the south pole by Berkeley shows a new Neutrino. I had a nice conversation with a Ph.D. on this topic. But I cannot seem to locate the conversation in g+. Which means the cache is dumped after a month. He taught at a school in London. He told me about an experiment like this.

The purpose of the test was to detect Neutrinos. They seem to have detected a new High Energy Neutrino. One with a faster velocity. How is it possible for an object to exceed c. C is the speed limit for a photon, but not the information Neutrino that streams within the object Photon. The information moves faster than the object because it fills the object vibration keeping the object at its variable state. The information tells the object variables how to maintain the object.

This is a simple Muon detection chamber. I have also seen this with alcohol. The contrails are impacts between Muons and Nucleus.

Muons are ejected nuclear material from x-ray and cosmic ray encounters with gluon nucleus. There are three known types of Neutrino; Muon, Electron, and Tau.

The Tau being the most dense is responsible for gluon to gluon connections. The bond that holds the nucleus together. When Tau lacks information passing through it gluons disconnect from each other and become Dark Matter.

The Muon is responsible for generating a magnetic field, the W+/- Boson. The shape of the Muon is that of a rotating bowl magnet. The opposite gluon defines the information transmitted by the Muon.

The Electron is induced by the W+/- Boson. It has multiple purposes. Not only does it communicate internally but it is the only Neutrino to communicate externally by generating and releasing Photons.

The question becomes how much extra energy. High energy correlates to low density.

Now this was a video from 3 years ago, apparently before focus was understood. Explaining the OPERA detector and CERN. They have had issues with measuring velocity over time. This is because they do not account for the Zeeman effect. This model shows how the W+/- field captures information and pulls it to the electron to be converted to information carried by the Z Boson. That capture of the photon by a magnetic field and inducing a electric field is requires because both the photon and electron are too small to randomly collide. There must be an intermediate force. This interaction is known and required for this model.

 This is why they are having clock issues. The multiple gps sattelites pass through different magnetic field densities over the Earth. They use atomic clocks now but there is still an error because of crosscheck over distance. Until I am assured that they have fixed the Earth's magnetic field error in their clock. Information passing through a magnetic field is affected by that magnetic field.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Solar Activity and Earthquakes

I made mention of this phenomena in several posting. This man, Ben has really pushed the envelope. His work is amazing.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mechanical Methods for Energy Generation.

First and foremost. Archimedes. The most brilliant person in antiquity. He brings you density, and death rays.
But lets look at that "Eureka" moment. If you don't know the story, Archimedes was enjoying a bath when he realize the concept of density. It was said he ran through the streets of Syracuse naked.

What he realized was a foundation of this model.

The Archimedes Screw.

Why can't we put Emily here incharge of moving water from the east coast to the west coast. She knows how to move water over an incline.

Or how about Ashley. This one is very well done.

The Bell Siphon. By Steve

Now channel the water through a path of generators. Build a small Hydroelectric Generator.

By using the Archimedes screw in conjunction with the Bell Siphon you will generate a rather decent amount of electricity.

This is given to you freely. Build it. Sell them to others. See if you can get it so the screw is powered by the ectricity generated. Just a crank to start or a battery. Show your versions on Ybattery. Please send a link to the video. I want to know your progress.

Then there is this the Leopold Wheel. This in not simple for the energy generated.

Try printing one with a 3d printer. Clunky but Cool.
By the fact this hesitates in the video shows it is producing a net energy generation. Not enough to power a circuit. But interesting.

Synopsis of Tesla Free

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lava Lamps

This is a simple chemical lava lamp. Grownup supervision required.

Here is a density based one. One that is described in this model

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Moon's Polar Changes

This nice person made a signifant observation.

Now this makes this video correct.

 The above pictures are electrical impacts. Solar lightning.
Below is a 30 day view of the Moon

Solar Flares and Earthquakes.

Finally, a real solution to the conjecture in this model that electromagnetism is the cause of most earthquakes. It is easy to see the relationship. Those other earthquakes are fracking. His model is highly detailed. And shows a high correlation of solar magnetic events and Earthquakes.

Credit Suspici0bserver
This is the paper referred.

Stars Changing Position in Galaxy over Short Period Of Time

That star change arms within a period of time that we noticed. Oops that should never happen.

credit SDSS

The Electromagnetic Universe on G+ has a video that shows this process.  If it becomes available I will place it here.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Can Physicist even Handle a new Model of Motion.

I just got thrown out of a group by people who demand i explain the whole model in a posting instead of coming here to read it. Everything on this model has online links. If there is a broken or missing link, just let me know. It is not a sign of failure in the model.

The model is written in the pages on the right. Everything in the blog supports and extends the thinking in the papers.

Write your comments anywhere. Lets have fun exploring a new model of physics.