Monday, August 31, 2015

A Higgs Field for every Boson.

It is a requirement for every Boson to communicate with Dark Energy Rulesets. Every Boson must provide information about itself to the next Ruleset. This model requires a field for each boson and oscillator. The current Higgs is only found in the voltage range for the 125 to 127 GeV. So we will find 5 more at varying voltages. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Order of Operations of the Electron

The Electron is responsible for I/O of the Baryon. It has an order of operation. It is responsible for emmision of information. The electron is a membrane of information that rotates and vibrates.

From the induced Z Boson it loads vibration information for the photon. By preloading this information the electron vibration releases an acoustic vibration called a Phonon. This vibration is perpendicular to the direction of the electron at the preload phase. This is a longitudinal oscillation.

Then the photon vibration is emitted in the direction opposite of the Z Boson. The oscillation Photon is a lateral vibration.

Because the Photon is a electromagnetic vibration, the perpendicular vibration is the Magnon. The Magnon is released with the Photon. The Magnon is a longitudinal oscillation. The Magnon is magnetic.

So we can now account for all the vibrations and their order of output of information. Now it is time to build all the partial differential equations since we now have all the variables identified.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Revised Ehergy Equation.

The paper The Variables Involved in Baryonic Motion needs revision.

I need to add the two new oscillators and the pressurization of Dark Matter.

The Current Density is equal to the previous density plus changes in the magnetic field, electric field, temperature, oscillation (phonon and magnon), times Planck's Constant.

The Oscillators: Photon, Phonon, Magnon

The electron is responsible for emitting 3 oscillators.

First is a Photon. Much is known about this waveform. How the electron emits it and its behavior.

The Phonon is a preloading oscillation that occurs while the electron is loading the photon. This is a density oscillation.

The Magnon is a magnetic oscillation we observe this in space and on magnetic effects. This is type expansion and contraction of the W+/- Boson field at the junction point of the electron and the W+/- and Z Bosons. It travels much faster than the Phonon. It is responsible lighting on/off effect.

Remarkably the Phonon and Magnon are new discoveries in field sciences. They fit perfectly in this model.
Here we see the three interacting in space

Basic Disproof of Gravity

This model requires observational proof for theory justification. Gravity lack this.

We have the basic Disproof of Gravity.
Disproof of Mass in Physics.
Those are in the same paper.

Or the video.

Then there are the observations from the Space Station.

A density will always move to meet its similar densities within a density medium. It uses electricity, magnetism, heat and oscillation to change its density.

A density is defined in "The Structure of a Baryon".

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fire Rainbows, the Filimentary Birkeland Current.

We now have seen this over North Carolina. A beautiful rope cloud ending in beautiful filaments. But there are more that show the same structure. Filaments. Current is passing through those filaments exciting the atoms to different wavelengths.

All three of these images are Fire Rainbows. They show the filamentary nature of Birkeland Currents.

Credit ElectricUniverse
 The Geometry:
Example in space:
 The Sun:
 In the Lab:
Advanced studies

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Washing Machine Energy Generator

Check out this simple wind mill.

The W+/- Boson magnetic flip point.

We have discussed magnetic flip points here in the Primer Fields.

Credit David LaPoint

This is the magnetic flip ring seen in the above video.

The paper above shows another flip ring in the W+/- Boson causing a flip at 19 TeV. This is the inverting of magnetic field to an electric field at the electron. The first sentence shows they are seeing this event but cannot explain it under current Standard Model parameters. These are fields not particles. That is the first mistake. When they make that simple change their model and this model will converge.

We see this in quasars and other magnetic events. This is the standard shape for a body in rapid rotation. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Universetoday

This is a nice site. Its full of space news.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Teaching Electromagnetism and Cool Projects.

Tractor beams?
By using simple videos like this will show students simple projects and observations. These observations will turn into technology when kids get to build them.

Normally we in the electromagnetic community hear little from NASA on topics of solar electricity and magnetic effects. But this is a good site.

A series of videos.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Speedy Neutrino?

A new study in the south pole by Berkeley shows a new Neutrino. I had a nice conversation with a Ph.D. on this topic. But I cannot seem to locate the conversation in g+. Which means the cache is dumped after a month. He taught at a school in London. He told me about an experiment like this.

The purpose of the test was to detect Neutrinos. They seem to have detected a new High Energy Neutrino. One with a faster velocity. How is it possible for an object to exceed c. C is the speed limit for a photon, but not the information Neutrino that streams within the object Photon. The information moves faster than the object because it fills the object vibration keeping the object at its variable state. The information tells the object variables how to maintain the object.

This is a simple Muon detection chamber. I have also seen this with alcohol. The contrails are impacts between Muons and Nucleus.

Muons are ejected nuclear material from x-ray and cosmic ray encounters with gluon nucleus. There are three known types of Neutrino; Muon, Electron, and Tau.

The Tau being the most dense is responsible for gluon to gluon connections. The bond that holds the nucleus together. When Tau lacks information passing through it gluons disconnect from each other and become Dark Matter.

The Muon is responsible for generating a magnetic field, the W+/- Boson. The shape of the Muon is that of a rotating bowl magnet. The opposite gluon defines the information transmitted by the Muon.

The Electron is induced by the W+/- Boson. It has multiple purposes. Not only does it communicate internally but it is the only Neutrino to communicate externally by generating and releasing Photons.

The question becomes how much extra energy. High energy correlates to low density.

Now this was a video from 3 years ago, apparently before focus was understood. Explaining the OPERA detector and CERN. They have had issues with measuring velocity over time. This is because they do not account for the Zeeman effect. This model shows how the W+/- field captures information and pulls it to the electron to be converted to information carried by the Z Boson. That capture of the photon by a magnetic field and inducing a electric field is requires because both the photon and electron are too small to randomly collide. There must be an intermediate force. This interaction is known and required for this model.

 This is why they are having clock issues. The multiple gps sattelites pass through different magnetic field densities over the Earth. They use atomic clocks now but there is still an error because of crosscheck over distance. Until I am assured that they have fixed the Earth's magnetic field error in their clock. Information passing through a magnetic field is affected by that magnetic field.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Solar Activity and Earthquakes

I made mention of this phenomena in several posting. This man, Ben has really pushed the envelope. His work is amazing.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mechanical Methods for Energy Generation.

First and foremost. Archimedes. The most brilliant person in antiquity. He brings you density, and death rays.
But lets look at that "Eureka" moment. If you don't know the story, Archimedes was enjoying a bath when he realize the concept of density. It was said he ran through the streets of Syracuse naked.

What he realized was a foundation of this model.

The Archimedes Screw.

Why can't we put Emily here incharge of moving water from the east coast to the west coast. She knows how to move water over an incline.

Or how about Ashley. This one is very well done.

The Bell Siphon. By Steve

Now channel the water through a path of generators. Build a small Hydroelectric Generator.

By using the Archimedes screw in conjunction with the Bell Siphon you will generate a rather decent amount of electricity.

This is given to you freely. Build it. Sell them to others. See if you can get it so the screw is powered by the ectricity generated. Just a crank to start or a battery. Show your versions on Ybattery. Please send a link to the video. I want to know your progress.

Then there is this the Leopold Wheel. This in not simple for the energy generated.

Try printing one with a 3d printer. Clunky but Cool.
By the fact this hesitates in the video shows it is producing a net energy generation. Not enough to power a circuit. But interesting.

Synopsis of Tesla Free

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lava Lamps

This is a simple chemical lava lamp. Grownup supervision required.

Here is a density based one. One that is described in this model

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Moon's Polar Changes

This nice person made a signifant observation.

Now this makes this video correct.

 The above pictures are electrical impacts. Solar lightning.
Below is a 30 day view of the Moon

Solar Flares and Earthquakes.

Finally, a real solution to the conjecture in this model that electromagnetism is the cause of most earthquakes. It is easy to see the relationship. Those other earthquakes are fracking. His model is highly detailed. And shows a high correlation of solar magnetic events and Earthquakes.

Credit Suspici0bserver
This is the paper referred.

Stars Changing Position in Galaxy over Short Period Of Time

That star change arms within a period of time that we noticed. Oops that should never happen.

credit SDSS

The Electromagnetic Universe on G+ has a video that shows this process.  If it becomes available I will place it here.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Can Physicist even Handle a new Model of Motion.

I just got thrown out of a group by people who demand i explain the whole model in a posting instead of coming here to read it. Everything on this model has online links. If there is a broken or missing link, just let me know. It is not a sign of failure in the model.

The model is written in the pages on the right. Everything in the blog supports and extends the thinking in the papers.

Write your comments anywhere. Lets have fun exploring a new model of physics.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

More Major Ideas on Energy Generation

This is kinetic. it is called a Leupold's wheel.

This will generate electricity. The holy grail will be to understand the engine described in the movie, A Field Full of Secrets', 2014. I found it on Netflix.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Baryonic I/O

There are two types of Baryonic vibrations for input, output. The Bosons are emitters. The lepton electron is the only input receiver. All external information passes through the electron to the Z Boson then to the Gluon core. The electron also emits photon and phonon.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tesla Generator

This is a small Tesla Generator. Simple circuit.

Use this to understand generating Voltage. This should generate enough energy to recharge your USB devices.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

3D Magnetic Telescope

Truly mindblowing. The Australians get this.

Credit Cleo Loi.

Monday, July 27, 2015

On planet formation in HL Tau

This paper explains ALMA data.
The paper is short and simple.

Ok, this is a 3d simulation. They are trying to understand type nonspiral rings. Are these protoplanets?

The pictures of this area show other details.

Is am agreeing with the rotation. But this is a magnetic feature. We see the high energy rotation from the jets at the poles. And I don't see that in the equations.

We see this magnetic event in all kinds of formation; Stars, planetary Nebula, Quasars, Spiral Galaxies. This is the common rotating magnet form.

Now understanding that ALMA is submilimeter, it must be understood that blues are high energy and reds are slower energy.

Free Books on Tesla

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Halton Arp Brilliant Work

Halton Arp was a renowned astronomer until he started questioning theory with real data. Science did what it does to new ideas. Science turned a deaf ear. 

In this video this man discusses Halton Arp's brilliant work on quasars and galaxies.
Redshift of Quasars being ejected by large or parent galaxies. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ancient Stone Carving of Star Map

This comes from Humansarefree

This is a stone with these 100000 year old carvings. It seems they are a map of the sky in 80000 to 10000 year old culture.

The article is far more important than just these pictures. It really tells the story of the pictographs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Using Xrays as part of the Process in Rocket Launch

You cannot Refute Data with Politics

This comes from H. Haseneder

Clean your world. Now.

Ancient Man's Understanding of Magnetism

We have done this before. When we see carving from around the world on one topic.

So, they understood this  shape and meaning. Historical rigor.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Possible Hexaquark

Credit U.S. Naval Research Lab.
Are we already seeing this shape in molecule? So we will see this at the subatomic level as a hexaquark or in this case the correct term would be hexagluon.

Testing on ISS Proves Gravity to be a Magnetic Process

This is a simple and wonderful test that was done on the Space Station. This is more observational disproof of gravity. This shows the process of orbits is controlled by magnetism.

Monday, July 20, 2015

How Temperature Affects Magnetism through Nuclear Dynamics.

This is the logic of how a hot air balloon rises in this model. Atom C is hotter than atom D.

On a single Baryon, a Hydrogen Atom, this is atom D. A Photon emitted from another Baryon C is collected by the W+/- Boson, magnetism of D. This process of stopping a Photon in motion is called the Zeeman effect. The W+/- Boson induces a Z Boson. Between the W+/- and the Z Boson is the Electron. The result of this process is Photons can now hit Electron. Previously Electrons would be to small to hit Photons and Photons are too small to interfere with electrons. Photons are too fast to hit something moving at the speed of electricity. This is the process of collecting the Photon from Baryon C and preparing the information for the Baryon D.

Our Photon has hit the magnetic field and is now converted to electric information. This is carried to the Baryon (atomic core) via the Z Boson. The Z Boson connects to the rotating Baryon at the Tau where the 2 similar Gluons are intertwined and rotating. The example the Tau decreases the length of the Gluons. This causes the Baryon to increase angular rotation momentum. In this example Gluons in Baryon D would now increase the rate of angular momentum. Now Baryon D would show a higher temperature.

Now the Muon on the opposite Gluon emits changes to the W+/- field. This is dependent upon the new angular momentum. 

Halton Arp explains Redshift of Quasars in Galaxies.

So much is just ignored in science. I like him, I actually had read some of his papers years ago, I found a couple of papers in the pile. I never thought I would see him give a lecture. Thankyou Youtube.
Filmed in 2000 we are just now seeing it.

I have concluded much like him, the power of electricity and magnetism within our universe. I have concluded that galaxies eject stars. Using both magnetic and thermonuclear energy. I have shown the same electric connections between rotating objects. I agree with him on so many topics.

Also because he is using mass in his calculation he comes to an incorrect conclusion about Dark Energy or space. When you use nuclear density, space needs a volumetric property to operate. He starts to talk about density. Most Electromagnetic models lack a solid thermonuclear action. This model accounts for this and keeps the Standard Model solution.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dark Matter Bridge found in Local Galactic Cluster

Planes of Satellite Galaxies and the Cosmic Web

This came to me via Electromagnetic Universe

In the Standard Vibration Model the Dark Matter Bridge is described and supported by this model. Although it was never referred to as a Bridge. In this model this is referred to as pressurized Dark Matter. Under pressure from Baryonic Magnetic fields, Dark Matter converts to Gluons with information in a stable state of 3 Gluons in rotation. This is Baryogensis and is seen as Hydrogen, Helium and other light gasses bubbles in the edges of the magnetic field. Where Dark Matter and Baryonic Matter interact.

M87 is a small galactic supercluster that is responsible for creating the local cluster. The spiral galaxies were spun off when M87 was young and rotating. Now we don't see spiral rotation in M87. We see a high energy jet. This is also where M87 is expelling material. These galaxies coming from this jet will be elliptical. The will crash into one another until some form develops.

Elliptical galaxies do not live as long as spirals, spirals rotate and can/do create stars from both the elliptic and poles. Where as elliptical galaxies do not rotate. They cannot reform new stars.

Dark Matter interacts with magnetic fields. Thus Dark Matter can only exist outside magnetic fields.when a magnetic field reduces in amplitude, Dark Matter will push Baryonic Matter out of the way. This accounts for the teardrop shape of the sun's Heliosphere. The bowshock of the magnetic field in the direction the sun is moving and the compressing tail of Dark Matter filling in space.

Now M87 old Magnetic field extends past all the galaxies in the local group. Where M87 travels it takes the group. M87 magnetic field is reducing. It can no longer rotate. So it is burping elliptical galaxies. This burping is thermonuclear. Essentially those ejections are a mushroom shape. Elliptical galaxies do not rotate so they become Dark Galaxies quickly. There is a reduction in magnetic rotation that keeps those stars from rotating as rapidly. Thus Dark Matter enters the Galaxy and continues to reduce the speed and vibration of atoms. Stars dim from a lack of active magnetic rotation.

The Electric filament we see is the connection of all those high energy galaxies. We see these filaments in other large pic like COBE. The Cosmic Background shows huge superclusters connected by electric filaments. It is like neuron connection. M87 still is receiving information from all the galaxies of its group. M87 is a small cluster in a larger cluster. Our local group M87 and all the galaxies of that group are under the motion of the larger group magnetic field. Like the sun in the our galaxy, galaxies move around and are affected by the magnetic fields of the larger clusters.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Collective Consciousness, what is it?

We know this. This question is utilization of that energy.
We know "Change your thinking, change your life"
We know "Like attracts"
Those are obvious.
The next questions are

"How do I change/affect the Collective Consciousness?"
Understanding that the Mind is just a I/O system. It is Electromagnetic and works within an Aether. Physical manifestations of nuclear and temperature also fit. Dark Matter, Unaware Gluons, lacking information, not rotating, no magnetic force is required for baryogensis. It is just another aspect of electromagnetism.

Collective Consciousness works like memory or a brain. It is memory of other Minds at now. So I can remember another Mind's memory at point now. I can remember the point and position, worse, I remember their emotions and vision attached to that emotion. Mostly war, pain, suffering, just horrible things I have seen. I also see football matches, babies born, just excitement. This is Collective Consciousness.

"How do I change instantaneous action of objects utilizing vibration?"
This is an action. This is a correct statement in physics. So it is possible and being done.

So until someone can understand the other stuff here. The next questions and solutions are fantasy and magic. So those who wish to become Jedi must learn all the Math and Totally New Physics. Otherwise it is meaningless.

I know people will not enter my space. I buffer my area around me because of my epilepsy. Ignorant people flee my physical space. I do this with only love and compassion. I can control this like amplitude. So it works just like any other wave. You can extend waves of compassion over people. They will either have an attraction to this or be repulsed. After a while the vibration is such that fewer and fewer are repulsed. I.e. social networks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hexaquark, Pentaquark, Quadquark, and Dark Matter

Ok, Pentaquark. Because of the high energy required to generate and the rapid time the dissolve to constitutant parts. We see this in Quadquark in this model. Hexaquark are next but they will be more stable at high energy.

I want to quit  the term quark for the proper term Gluon. To explain the structure of the Baryon in the papers on the right. This paper explains the relevance of the Gluon and the near lack of relevance of the quark. The number of Gluon Determines the State. A quark is just excess Gluon length intertwined with another Gluon. This we the beginning of geometry in space.

It is the Gluon the stores information as vibration between two quarks. The Tau extends and retracts the quarks to increase or decrease length of gluon thus angle within the cone of the baryons core.

We have one strange anomaly that this model accounts for. One Gluon Two Quarks. This is Dark Matter. This one Gluon is different than other states because it lacks information traveling within it.

1 Gluon = Dark Matter No energy state
2  Gluon = Dark  Matter Chain.
3 Gluon = Baryon, normal energy state. Conical rotation
4 Gluon = Quad, High pressure fragile unstable system. Plane pressurization found in Dense Dark Matter Structures.
5 Gluon = Penta, Ultra High energy fragile unstable system.
6 Gluon = Hexagluon Ultra High Energy Stable System.
We already see this shape in LePlant Bowl Magnet
8. Gluon = Octalgluon ultra dense dark matter state. Cube pressurization found in Dense Dark Matter flat plane Structures.
12. Gluon = Full cubic structure.

In the other states Gluon are rotating, magnetism is being produced, electricity is being induced, temperature is being emitted.

What are the ratios between baryons and these objects?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Induction of a Electric Force.

A magnetic field will always induce electric force or electron orbit motion. Z bosons are excited by magnetic W+/- bosons. 

NASA fire these idiots.

NASA wants to build a time travel machine. They want to spend money learning to travel in time. We don't know how to travel in space. Baby steps. They are spending money on this. It my tax dollars building a time travel machine. Come on. Lets fix the International Space Station. Then go from there.

I would do a better job running NASA.

General Relativity can be disproven. Objects of mass are 1 dimensional. The plane of Hilbert Space is 2d. I live in 3d plus time. It fails simple mathematics. Design a 3d video game. Learn the concept of matrix operations.

If your model of physics results in time travel then there is a fundamental math error.

Gravity needs to be redone into the differences of densities within a medium. Using the known Corialis Effects and Zeeman Effects.

We cannot get to LEO but there is money in the budget for this. Come on. This is BS. I've just had it. This is crap. For this amount of money we need a 7 day a week drone LEO transport system. I can do a better job running NASA. If this is high on their agenda. Lets start firing people until we get a constant support of ISS and solar missions. Missions to the moon are most important. A base around the moon is necessary to go to the inner planets. A base in geosynchronous orbit to build larger ships for outer planet exploration. Under my leadership 5 years.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tau, Muon, Electron

I have described these vibrations before.

Tau is the Gluon length regulator. Where two Gluons meet form a Quark.  The Tau's rotation around the Gluons forms as a choke ring. The Gluon side has active information the Quark side lacks information.

The Muon is the rotation point between the midpoint of the rotation of the opposite Gluon. 2 same Gluons 1 opposite. This emits the W+/- boson. The shape is of a rotating bowl magnet with a whole in the bottom.

The Electron is the flip point between photon and Z, Z and Z. Z and w+/-. Wow.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Next Solar Minimium

Looks like the data on this Climate Change is quite conclusive.
ITS GOING TO SLEEP.  WTF My brain just exploded. Lot of rethinking to do.
This will add to the demand for energy.

The Next War Over Energy

Social Networking will in the most part will be necessary for keeping a check on war, lies, corruption... I said in a forum of that with my radio shack TRS-80 and the modem. Compuserv. Twisted pair.

We as a society, world society, need to agree that killing is wrong. No games. There is no new game. People are dead because of lies. People who had no idea they could be killed from the sky. Just poof, half their children are splattered in the kitchen. That is the sociopathic nightmare of war. W did not think of all the families in Iraq with the Bring it on.

This has been going on since The invasion of Iraq. I think the need to invade Afghanistan stems from heroin. We now have a stable illegal heroin supply. This illegal supply of heroin is needed for the demand in the north east of America. The illegal part is necessary to keep the money off the books. The illegal heroin money funds future wars while civilians show a debt. Those future wars will be over cutting down forests to rape the  Earth for Gold and the Artic ice.

You cannot imagine the golden oil they found in the Artic . Heavy water, Tritrinium. These are both more efficient than uranium in producing energy. All profit. There will be wars here to protect rich peoples ice mining operations. Your NAVY kids will be sunk to the bottom of the Artic Ocean. The Ultrarich will fight vigorously and viciously to protect their assets. The value of ice is so great, that the 8 major countries have split up the Artic Ice Sheet for country ownership, to lessen the immediate need for war over boundaries. All that energy is radioactive. But they don't care.

The same Ultrawealthy are in control.

To bypass this. Individual tesla USB chargers are needed. Please read and make. I no longer have the capacity to build these 10 dollar tesla coil powers raspberry pi USB chargers. High school physics classes can make these with simple parts and no chance of shock. They will learn electronics and building their own energy systems. They will build their own Aether based USB charging station.

If you build simple Tesla Devices, not the big towers, but receivers. Then big towers for larger coverage. The Wars of Energy fail. This should be at the highschool level. The way their parents and grandparents have managed energy has been a complete failure.

 The children will take it away from adults. Examples of this are already causing failures in the Ultrarich. The cost of information dropped to way beyond the ability to support some of the older superwealthy. News is free and far more accurate, more sources. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Electron Beam magnetic field not result of electric motion.

This paper comes from Jean de Climont.

Dear Sir,

In the current theoretical approach, there are two potential causes of magnetic fields: the translation of electrons of Maxwell's equations and the magnetic moment of electrons used in the explanation of magnetism of materials. This situation is not in conformity with the principle of causal specific uniqueness applicable to elementary phenomena, and with the Ockham's simplicity principle as well.
I am pleased to send you a report presenting an experience that should settle the question.

Electron beams magnetic field is not the result of electron motion but the result of the intrinsic magnetic moment.

 Yours very sincerely,

Thank you for your paper. This is an important experiment the author has produced. Thanks for taking the time to send it to me.

Aaron Guerami

Protect the Earth's Magnetic Field

I would like to build an array of nuclear powered electromagnets just outside the Magnetosphere. It should always point to the sun. Adding protection to Earth's Magnetosphere.

We will lose this fight with the sun if we don't start accepting new concepts. The sun will burn off light elements like oxygen in major flares. We already see this and have tools to watch it happen.

Now we need tools to enhance the magnetic field.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Motion of the Poles

I have used this mans work at

Photon, Entropy and the Higgs Boson

This is a discussion of how a photon loses energy over distance. Entropy is required by the universe. In this model the Planck's length is the distance a Dark Energy Ruleset in x,y,or z.

For every Planck's Length a photon wavelength travels 1 Higgs boson worth of energy is reduced from the frequency of the photon. This accounts for redshift.

This amount of energy is needed to communicate with the Ruleset. Without the required energy, the photon dissipates.

This previous posting covers more information.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

Planetary Motion Around the Sun, through the Galaxy

There are several of  these models on Youtube. This one is in Russian and English.

That is planetary motion through the galaxy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More issues with the Moon

Look at this. This is the monthly rotation of the moon.

It is not rotating it is wobbling.
This is a magnetic effect.

Our Friend the Moon

Our nearest neighbor is one of the objects we know almost nothing about. It has craters that are round and the same color as the moon where as impact craters are oblique and eject bright regolith. Type round craters are electrical discharges they also are around the poles. Impact craters occur everywhere on the moon.

All that Apollo work and we cannot re build a Saturn rocket. Or return. NASA HAS FAILED AND NEEDS ME AS ITS NEW MANAGER.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ohio State University

Ohio State researchers working on similar model. I don't know their model in depth. OSU RESEARCH

This work is amazing but only is one part of many.

A Person Describing my Paper 'A Disproof of Gravity'

I want to thank the person in this video for taking the time to read the paper and finding the meaning I was trying to describe.

Thanks Aaron

This guy is fun

Monday, June 29, 2015

Electricity in Gas create stars.

Stars form in Electrified gas connections...

Credit ESA

This is not the standard line in physics. The standard propaganda is gravity. But this model disproves this inept logic.

 The Standard Vibration Model requires this behavior of the Z Boson (electricity).

World record stargazing

Go Australia

 Friday 21 August 2015 Mt. Stromlo Observatory will be leading Australia in attempting two Guinness World Records - Most People Stargazing at a Single Site (Mt. Stromlo) and Most People Stargazing Across Multiple Sites in a Country (Australia)

My Birthday present will be the pics you present. 


Saturday, June 27, 2015

More Black holes ejecting stars

SGR 1745



We see stars being ejected over time.

Friday, June 26, 2015

4 minutes to the power of magnetism

Power of magnetism

Poor Iron Bar. At least it is cleaner now. And flatter. Did you notice the teardrop shape, the tail was pointing down. Oops to gravity.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Supersymmetry Dies an Asymmetric Death

Finally chaos

It seems this Standard Vibraction Model holds up to chaos. It is a requirement for this model to handle changes that produce wobbling effects as seen here.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The W Boson More Geometry

The last time I discussed the W+/- Boson I described it as a torus. Well I have been thinking on this and that is not entirely true. When the Gluons start rotating they emit the first vibrations. A pair of fields. Each one rotating in the opposite direction. One torus (W+)above the equator for the north pole, and one (W-)for the south pole.

The stronger the Gluons nuclear forces the greater the amplitude, the greater the field. The field is affected by all variables external that affect the energy equation for the Standard Vibration Model.(Not the same model as Einstein's)

Then at the poles there is a flip from a tori to bowl rotations. This is where high energy is emitted. We see this in everything from atoms to spiral galaxies.

I like to show pictures of real examples. This time I will try some equations.

The equation for the dual tori is

x(θ,ฯ) = ([R] amplitude of the field + radius cosθ[resistance]) cos ฯ[voltage]
y(θ,ฯ) = ([R] amplitude of the field + radius cosθ[resistance]) sin ฯ[voltage]
z(θ,ฯ) = radius sin θ[resistance] + distance to equator on an outside arc. Not a direct line.

By adding a scalar to the z axis we can move the w+ field up and the w-field down. These two fields interact at the equator creating electrical storms. Now the voltage needs a direction of rotation.

I need more time to integrate the bowl magnetic effects. Because there is a flip point in the shape.

Here we see the two torus and the two bowl magnets of the rotating nuclear baryonic core.

The bowl magnets are two cones emitting from the poles.

x(u,v) = v * cos(u)
y(u,v) = v * sin(u)
z(u,v) = v

By using Le Plant's Primer Theory we observe these effects. It is obvious they are magnetic episodes that cumulate into these shapes. We see the flip rings where charge flips. Vibrations accelerate through these flip rings and become x-rays and gamma rays.

The main variables also include elements in motion viewed by spectra. Differences in information from one end to another, frequency, wavelength, temp, rotation.

This is 4b ly across.  Its a Quasar. We see this shape at the atomic level. Protons and neutrons have similar rotational geometries.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Electrical impacts cause circular craters, impact craters are bright

I have noticed and have blogged before about this.
Spacecraft Clementine produced these pictures of the moon. I notice there are far more craters on the poles then there were on the equators.

There are craters on top of craters. This model asserts these are polar lightning from the sun. Almost all of these craters are approximately circular in nature. This would not be the case with solid rock hitting the moon. There are interesting craters that have higher reflective ejecta patterns. But these are few.

These are high energy lightning strikes. From the sun.

Other planetoids and asteroids show a similar issue. Large circular craters at the poles and elliptical gouges with with high alblito.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Density Disprove gravity with a Game of Badminton

Gravity fails to fall at similar rates of densities. For example the tip of the shuttlecock is being dragged to the Earth. It has a greater density then the feathers and the medium surrounding.

Chronophotographies of shuttlecocks after an impact with a racket, showing the time evolution of the angle between the shuttlecock orientation and its velocity. The shuttlecock’s initial velocity in (a) is 18.6 m/s and in (b) is 10.4 m/s. Credit: Cohen, et al. CC-BY-3.0

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gravity is Magnetism

Nice site. Gravity is Magnetism

The professionals are catching the magnetic field. They are just beginning to understand what has been discussed here.

It is nice to see the egg crack.  If they add the pages on the right here and some of the major posts they will see they need a medium, nuclear density, heat (photon and phonon) .

There is much more to what the model needs than electromagnetism.

Also density is involved in rate of fall.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dirty water batteries

Keeping plasma states active

The people at Try Alpha Energy have built a plasma system that holds its state longer than ever before. 5000 times.

Next big future : Tri Alpha Energy 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Superconductivity at Room Temperature

Crystal structures

Articles about superconductivity and its understanding.

A friend sent me some articles on superconductivity.


Electrons move like photons in a solid

Cooling process


So from the above articles Applied Physicists at Scandia National Labs have found if use a electric field, electrons will travel in a predictable pattern through the oscillations. They now have a material that works well under room temperature and low voltage.

So Phonons is where atoms or molecules vibrate against each other. These are full structures in oscillations.

Credit Wikipedia
There is a 3d discussion at Wiki. There are equations and more diagrams.

“The real achievement in our work,” said Ihlefeld, “is that we’ve demonstrated a means to control the amount of heat passing through a material at room temperature by simply applying a voltage across it. We’ve shown that we can actively regulate how well heat — phonons — conducts through the material.”

Photo : Randy Montoy

 The article on spin show that scientist are microwaving electrons to decrease their spin and increase the time before they lose their energy through normal entropy. Now they can store information for a 5000 percent increase. 

Electrons move at the same speed as a photon in a solid. That makes sense and is very much inline with this model. Although I have never discussed it before. My knowledge was not up to what i thought would support the model.

So in conclusion. All this recent work on superconductivity will produce processors, memory and other crystal structures for many uses in society. 

Thanks to these scientist for their years of hard work and little recognition.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

For the Love of Planck, let go of Gravity

Black holes do not eject material from the elliptic in any case in SR or GR. We see direct evidence and historical evidence!!! They have a nice set of pictures in composite show galaxies ejecting stars.

Chandra finds evidence for serial black hole eruptions in NGC 581

They have great pictures.

The Best Space Weather Channel

I have seizures about 2.5 days post a solar flare or CME.  Sattelites would go to safe mode. Then geomagnetic events would occur. Massive earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis...


I may not have a major seizure this time because the class of eruption is only M. We will see. Thanks for all the hard , and consistent work.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Scientist build model of sun's temperauture.

French scientist have built a model explaining the strange temperatures of the Sun. Uses magnetism, ooooooo spooky
Author Bob Yirka.

Trio create model to explain solar heat and corona.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lets reevaluate SR and GR.

The Alias Effect
By Miles Mathis

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Earth's other Moon.

Yes we have another moon an it was discovered and described and hidden in 1993.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Densities of Jovian Moons

I have shown the planets are ordered by density. Supporting data. Where would I find that? Moons of large planets.

Jovian System consists of 67 confirmed moons
They follow the same pattern with the exception of the 4 tiny inner objects.
More dense objects are closer to the main object. This is due to the displacement of Dark Matter by electromagnetic fields caused by the rotating planet.
The data is on wiki Jovian moons.
I just has a seizure.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Understanding Object Oriented Physic and Information

The Standard Vibration Models an Object Oriented Physics model.

This means each object stores its own information. An object can be a single boson or a collection of objects as in the Baryon. Each Baryon emits information about itself in the form of Bosons.

There are 4 types of Bosons. Each type of Boson is a different form of vibration.

Photon transmits Heat, Spectra, Distance, Frequency, Wavelength, Magnetic fields it has traveled through.

W+/- Boson is magnetism, the far field. Electromagnetism at a distance. Transmits Amperage, Voltage, Resistance.

Z Boson is electricity. This is Electromagnetism in a vortex.   Its information is inverse of that of the magnetic field plus it carries information to and from the gluons to the electron layer.

Gluons rotating in rapid rates form the nucleus ad described in this model or as being observed as a soup. This is the nuclear core.

All of physics is one baryon communicating to another using these objects.

They age clearly defined in the blog.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Quantum foam down the drain.

Well another serious theory that went down the drain. Quantum mechanics doesn't work because of an existence issue. Something about a cat. So all derivative models fail for the same reason and many more. But that is the obvious one. Quit hurting cats. Maybe then the holographic universe won't fail

Brian Koberlein

So. We are looking at the failure of multiple models including gravity, special relativity, general relativity, quantum mechanics, and holographic universe. Not leaving too many left