Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sparking the Moon

The large craters on the moon are generated by plasma pulses. At
Billy Yelverton runs plasma experiments.
At minute 4:41 a spark of material is ejected from the analog of the moon. Bright too.

This shows how the large circular craters with a central cone are formed. The plasma strike super heats and ejects material and when the charge returns it pulls material up the center freezing instantaneously. These strikes all occur perpendicular to the surface. The walls of these craters are much taller then the surface. As if melted, pushed up out of the crater and instantaneously frozen. These plasma strikes never produce regolyth.

We may not see the actual plasma due to the vacuum of space, but we do see the result.

Whereas, meteor impacts always show bright white regolyth in an elliptical pattern from the point of impact.

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