Monday, July 20, 2015

Halton Arp explains Redshift of Quasars in Galaxies.

So much is just ignored in science. I like him, I actually had read some of his papers years ago, I found a couple of papers in the pile. I never thought I would see him give a lecture. Thankyou Youtube.
Filmed in 2000 we are just now seeing it.

I have concluded much like him, the power of electricity and magnetism within our universe. I have concluded that galaxies eject stars. Using both magnetic and thermonuclear energy. I have shown the same electric connections between rotating objects. I agree with him on so many topics.

Also because he is using mass in his calculation he comes to an incorrect conclusion about Dark Energy or space. When you use nuclear density, space needs a volumetric property to operate. He starts to talk about density. Most Electromagnetic models lack a solid thermonuclear action. This model accounts for this and keeps the Standard Model solution.
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