Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dark Matter Bridge found in Local Galactic Cluster

Planes of Satellite Galaxies and the Cosmic Web

This came to me via Electromagnetic Universe

In the Standard Vibration Model the Dark Matter Bridge is described and supported by this model. Although it was never referred to as a Bridge. In this model this is referred to as pressurized Dark Matter. Under pressure from Baryonic Magnetic fields, Dark Matter converts to Gluons with information in a stable state of 3 Gluons in rotation. This is Baryogensis and is seen as Hydrogen, Helium and other light gasses bubbles in the edges of the magnetic field. Where Dark Matter and Baryonic Matter interact.

M87 is a small galactic supercluster that is responsible for creating the local cluster. The spiral galaxies were spun off when M87 was young and rotating. Now we don't see spiral rotation in M87. We see a high energy jet. This is also where M87 is expelling material. These galaxies coming from this jet will be elliptical. The will crash into one another until some form develops.

Elliptical galaxies do not live as long as spirals, spirals rotate and can/do create stars from both the elliptic and poles. Where as elliptical galaxies do not rotate. They cannot reform new stars.

Dark Matter interacts with magnetic fields. Thus Dark Matter can only exist outside magnetic fields.when a magnetic field reduces in amplitude, Dark Matter will push Baryonic Matter out of the way. This accounts for the teardrop shape of the sun's Heliosphere. The bowshock of the magnetic field in the direction the sun is moving and the compressing tail of Dark Matter filling in space.

Now M87 old Magnetic field extends past all the galaxies in the local group. Where M87 travels it takes the group. M87 magnetic field is reducing. It can no longer rotate. So it is burping elliptical galaxies. This burping is thermonuclear. Essentially those ejections are a mushroom shape. Elliptical galaxies do not rotate so they become Dark Galaxies quickly. There is a reduction in magnetic rotation that keeps those stars from rotating as rapidly. Thus Dark Matter enters the Galaxy and continues to reduce the speed and vibration of atoms. Stars dim from a lack of active magnetic rotation.

The Electric filament we see is the connection of all those high energy galaxies. We see these filaments in other large pic like COBE. The Cosmic Background shows huge superclusters connected by electric filaments. It is like neuron connection. M87 still is receiving information from all the galaxies of its group. M87 is a small cluster in a larger cluster. Our local group M87 and all the galaxies of that group are under the motion of the larger group magnetic field. Like the sun in the our galaxy, galaxies move around and are affected by the magnetic fields of the larger clusters.
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